Last week, we looked at how positive self-talk can help a student’s motivation, attitude and growth mindset.  Today, please welcome a guest blogger to offer ideas of how to utilize motivation posters in your classroom!  ~EMP

You might know that 65% of the population are visual learners. Moreover, numerous investigations have proved that we absorb visual information much faster than text. For teachers, that means we must pay more attention to how we design our classrooms.

Students of all ages are greatly influenced by the things they see, hence, what we put on our walls has a strong impact on the educational process and the development of students’ personalities. Bright and vivid posters with motivational pictures and phrases can improve their desire for learning and help them to get through the tough times. Let’s talk about these helpful aids in more detail.

1. They raise a strong spirit.

Motivational print

Motivation helps to form a positive attitude, improving pupils’ self-esteem and confidence. It enhances their creativity and curiosity, which increases the desire for learning. Motivated children are not afraid to set goals, and moreover, they work hard to achieve them. They have better control over negative emotions and never lose the ability to believe in themselves.

Motivational classroom posters have a great meaning not only for school learning. They form a strong base for successful academic studies, exploring and living life to the fullest. They are not just a great addition to your classroom decor, they are a powerful instrument to raise students’ spirit with the help of you-can-do-it messages that send just the right impulses to the brain. Posters with this type of content provide encouragement and support throughout the day.

2. They build positive relationships

Inspirational poster

Motivational posters can assist students in their social-awareness and relationship skills.  Certain types of quotes stimulate them to be honest and open in expressing their feelings or talking to others.

For example, such quotes like, “Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong,” or, “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other,” inspire students to develop those skills, which have a great significance for adaptability. They also help students to realize that different words can build different relationships and lead to a certain emotional reactions. These posters act as a teaching aid to learning how to be patient, keep control over impulsive behavior and to think before acting.

3. They make educational process more interesting

Educational poster

Educational and motivational posters are great visual aids, which can improve learning!  They present an opportunity to create a clear picture of what the teacher is talking about.

Students will be able to understand materials much better if they see the illustration reflecting the topic. In this way, these aids train the brain, push creativity forward, make students think about problems and establish the base of what they are learning.

Posters help students better comprehend a concept as they keep the idea in mind for a longer time.  Visualized ideas are easier to remember.  And, let’s face it, colorful decor can make any environment more interesting and captivating.


Try to use posters with short and simple motivational phrases, which are the most memorable for the kids. Students of different ages will grasp the meaning of them according to their personal level of development.

Motivational posters are a great way to focus students’ attention on health and tolerance, friendship and kindness, the importance of never giving up and staying enthusiastic: all ideas we want to always keep in the forefront of our students’ minds!


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