Join other caring, creative teachers at the 2nd annual VTAR where you will learn new arts integrated ideas and activities to use in your classroom!

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What is a Virtual Teacher Art Retreat?

Online Teacher-Centered professional development for ALL educators that inspires you with new arts integrated ideas and lessons for your classroom.

checkmarkTeacher-Led Workshops in Arts Integration Ideas for your classroom and school.

checkmarkAn active Retreater Community to connect with like-minded educators.

checkmarkOn-Demand access to everything from any device for 12 months!

checkmarkEarn 10 PD Hours or opt-in for 1 Grad Credit!

This isn’t your typical online conference, this is a RETREAT!

We’ve been hosting Retreats for Teachers at The Inspired Classroom for 11 years and we know just what you need to Get Inspired so you can Be Inspiring to your students.

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Who Should Attend the Virtual Teacher Art Retreat?

This Retreat is for ALL caring, creative educators who believe in the power of the arts in learning!

  ✔️ General Education Teachers

✔️ Special Education Teachers

✔️ Arts Teachers (ALL art forms!)

✔️ Teaching Artists

✔️ Arts Integration Specialists

✔️ Special Services

✔️ Pre-K through 12 Teachers

✔️ Administrators and Education Leaders

✔️ YOU

One of the best parts of participating in the teacher art retreat is the renewed excitement I have for getting back in the classroom to initiate all the new learnings I have encountered here.

Dara M.

The retreat is a time to get rejuvenated and prepared to get back to school.

Mary K.

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The Benefits of a Virtual Retreat


Join the FREE Community!


All are welcome to join our FREE Retreater Community!

In the weeks leading up to the Retreat Event, we will host FREE mini-workshops and challenges.  This is a place to share ideas and get excited for the main event.

(This Retreater Community is open to ALL – for FREE!)

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Online, Engaging Workshops

Register for the 2 Days of Retreat Workshops and Teacher-Centered PD from the comfort of your home!

Monday, July 26 and Tuesday, July 27, from 9:00 am -12:00 pm EST

These online workshops all focus on building a foundation for a new school year, arts-integration and SEAL – Social-Emotional Artistic Learning.


Earn 10 PD Hours!

If you register for the Retreat Workshops, you will get a certificate worth 10 PD hours for the workshops and time in the community!

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 Get the Bonuses!


We are going to spoil you! 

There will be fun challenges, little surprises, and mini-workshops inside the Retreater Community, so join early! 

If you register for the Retreat Workshops, you’ll also get:

  • Handouts for all the Retreat Workshops
  • A Special Digital Swag Bag
  • Plus you’ll be entered into win one of many prizes!

On-Demand Access for an Entire Year!

Can’t make it live for the Retreat Workshops? No problem. 

If you register, you’ll have access to all the Retreat Workshops and bonuses for an entire year after the retreat.

Watch them as many times as you want and download all the resources and swag when it’s convenient for you.


Super Affordable!

Join the Retreater Community for FREE!

Upgrade and register for ALL the Retreat Workshops, 12 months on-demand access to the resources, 10 PD hours and all the bonuses and surprises (remember we like to spoil teachers)!

You only pay $127



Grad Credit Available!

The Inspired Classroom is partnered with Adams State University and is able to offer ONE graduate credit for the work you do at this event.

You will need to participate in all the workshops and fun challenges, discussions and bonus sessions inside the Retreater Community.  Plus, you’ll need to write up a reflection and plan of action for the new school year.

Everything you need will be inside the Virtual Retreat experience and Elizabeth will walk you through every step!   

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All our Workshops are Taught and Presented by Educators and Artists!


Rock Out Loud with Songwriting

Rock Out Loud with Songwriting

Linda Johnson

Songwriting can be a creative tool that integrates academic content with music. In this session, we will compose an original song using loops and midi instruments in SoundTrap.  We will learn the sequence of a simple songwriting process and how to use this activity to create a learning environment that engages students in a creative process that ties directly into their academic studies.

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Linda Johnson is an arts educator with 25 years of teaching experience in K-12 general music, choral music, piano, AP Music Theory, and English I. She is an certified Arts Integration and STEAM specialist and is a Certification Coach and Content Producer for The Institute of Arts Integration and STEAM.  She also provides private music instruction for her studio clients, runs an Edcamp for Arts Educators through Digital Promise, and enjoys presenting both nationally and internationally at conferences in the areas of equity, culturally responsive teaching, music technology, STEAM, and Arts Integration.

Storytelling for Educators

Storytelling for Educators

Dr. Amanda Holdsworth

Storytelling is a key component in successful branding, marketing and public relations campaigns. In this session, we will learn how to effectively tell our stories to raise brand awareness, and will also experience how an award-winning school communicator develops brand campaigns for both personal and professional use.  During our time, we will explore words and visual elements as we work together to uncover your unique stories. We’ll also examine how to utilize the power of storytelling to demonstrate your impact on and successes of the students you’ve helped mold. Case studies and examples will be provided, as will a booklet of templates and key workshop elements.

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Dr. Amanda Holdsworth, APR, is a public relations and brand strategy director with 20 years of experience in school admissions, communications and marketing.  Born in Canada, she is currently based in the U.S. where she serves as CEO of Holdsworth Communications, a strategic communications agency focused on school PR and branding initiatives. Amanda’s work has been featured in CNN Money, Fast Company, Forbes, Inc. and Parents Magazine, and to date, she has earned 24 industry awards for her work in school and non-profit marketing. She is also the founder of School Comms Lab, a membership community providing marketing and social media templates and trainings for schools, districts and educators.


5 Ways to Integrate Music into Literacy

5 Ways to Integrate Music into Literacy

Jessica Perresta

In this session, you’ll get specific examples and ideas for how to integrate music into literacy. The 5 areas Jessica will focus on is poetry and rhyming words, auditory activities, phoneme awareness, memorizing facts, and visual decoding. Throughout each of these areas, you’ll learn how music ties in directly with what the students are learning when it comes to reading, writing, or other areas of literacy. You’ll be given time throughout the presentation as well to think through songs, stories, or activities you’re already familiar with or to go through the list Jessica will provide and how you can apply it into your teaching practice.

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Jessica Peresta graduated from ORU with a Bachelors of Music Education in 2004 and earned the top music educator award. She went on to build a music program from scratch at a low income school in Tulsa, OK, earning the Teacher of the Year and Teacher of Today awards during her second year of teaching. Jessica is now the CEO of The Domestic Musician, LLC where she supports elementary music teachers through her HARMONY membership site, The Elementary Music Teacher podcast, and her book “Make A Note: What You Really Need To Know About Teaching Elementary Music”. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Educational Technology from The University of Arkansas.

eMotion: Integrating Movement and Digital Media

eMotion: Integrating Movement and Digital Media

Taylor Denney

Together we will explore a great warm up you can use with your classes to get your students’ bodies moving and brains ready to learn. We will explore each element of The Brain Dance and reflect on how you can use this with your students. Then we will create stories with our body and finally put everything together in a digital media project that can easily be modified for your content area. In order to get the most out of the workshop, please make sure you have a device to take a video with, and either powerpoint or keynote.

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Taylor Denney has been an educator for over a decade. She has been teaching students, ranging from age two through undergraduates. Taylor has taught in a variety of settings such as inclusion workshops, private/public school districts and private dance studios,. Currently, Taylor is working as a dance specialist in Grand Prairie, Texas. Within the past three years, Taylor has choreographed multiple musical productions with casts of over 500 students. As an Apple Teacher, she is inspired to connect with her students through personalized learning and incorporating technology with engaging real-world experiences. Connect on Twitter @DanceWithDenney

Using Storytelling to Introduce Different Cultures

Using Storytelling to Introduce Different Cultures

Leine-Marie Daini

In this session, we’ll talk on the importance of storytelling for all ages and the way storytelling can be used to explore and appreciate our own culture as well as the cultures of others.

Leine will read one of her favourite African folktale stories as well as one of her own stories!  You will learn some simple tips of how to make reading more engaging as well as a simple activity to go with one of the stories

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Daini is an award-winning children’s author (Ivorian UK awards), and the host of the African Storytelling podcast: Giraffe’s Eggs and other African Tales.  She is also a languages teacher, currently teaching French in a public school. She believes “everyone needs to read stories that are mirrors (so they can see, learn about and appreciate themselves) and windows (so they can see, learn about and appreciate others).” She uses African folktales, myths and legends, to help diversify bookshelves and curriculums.  In her spare time, she enjoys learning out about other cultures and ancient history.  LM Daini was born in France but has roots in Côte D’Ivoire and Benin Republic. She currently resides in London, UK.

Mindfully Making: Sketching as Self Care

Mindfully Making: Sketching as Self Care

Kate Burgess-MacIntosh

Integrating self care and sketching, you will ignite your creativity and begin your self care sketching practice. Seven types of sketching will be introduced with each aligned to a day of a week, a prompt card deck will be explored, and finding your own sketching routine will be discussed. You will leave Mindfully Making with tangible action steps to fuel your self care sketching and creativity, will learn about yourself, and will look at ways to integrate Mindfully Making into the classroom to help students manage big emotions and build developmentally appropriate coping strategies.

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Kate (Mrs. Mac to her kiddos!) is the art teacher in Lowell, Massachusetts, who brings creativity, joy, and enthusiasm to her teaching. After establishing a consistent hot yoga practice, Kate decided to pursue certification to bring yoga and mindfulness to her students and their families and to emphasize teacher self care. Kate seeks to find ways to merge art, mindfulness, and movement to increase joy and decrease stress and anxiety. She lives with her two sons, her husband, and her cat. An adoptive and foster parenting advocate, artist, and a Disney fanatic who loves reading (especially picture books!), she looks forward to bringing self care to her fellow teachers.

Creative Comics Projects for Your Classroom

Creative Comics Projects for Your Classroom

Marek Bennett

Let’s take a hands-on look at the fun and power of cartooning and comics creation!  We will learn basic concepts and techniques to help you and your students create eye-catching, memorable, original comics based on whatever you’re studying, using common school supplies like pencils, paper, & pens.  (Everybody can create comics — You don’t have to have any drawing experience to see your stories come to life on the page!)  With our original demo pages in hand, we’ll also explore some project templates you can adapt for your own classroom, to use as stand-alone lessons or fully integrated units.

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NH-based cartoonist, musician, and educator Marek Bennett leads discovery-based Comics Workshops for all ages throughout New England and the world beyond!  His comics work includes the graphic novel series, The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby, the local history webcomic LIVE FREE AND DRAW!, and travel memoirs like SLOVAKIA: Fall in the Heart of Europe (2013) and Sharjah Sketchbook (2020).  He plays Civil War folk music with The Hardtacks and “hot gonzo primitive folk jive” with The Cold River Ranters.  His website is:

Discover, Devise, Dramatize: Bringing Life to Photographs

Discover, Devise, Dramatize: Bringing Life to Photographs

STephanie McKenney

In this workshop, we will experience theatre and ELA techniques to bring a character in a piece of artwork to life. We will utilize the  “See, Think, Wonder” strategy, emotion wheel, character’s backstory, Living Tableau, and a series of simple, yet powerful movements to create a short monologue that will bring a voice based on a character’s inner thoughts and feelings.

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Stephanie is a K-8 Theatre Arts teacher and production director at the Wetherbee in Lawrence, Massachusetts. She was the young girl with an active imagination, who borrowed the max number of books at the library, had a disposable camera in her hand, and a Discman attached to her hip. Fast forward like a skip in a CD, Stephanie attended a summer at The NY Film Academy that led her to NECCO majoring in Liberal Arts: Theatre Option. She fell in love with theatre.  She’s been an In-School Suspension teacher, taught theatre after school, 2nd grade prior and now theatre!  Stephanie believes the arts, STEAM, PBL, and SEAL philosophies and approaches bring hands-on experiences, problem-solving, and critical thinking that all students need throughout their lives.

Workshops in SEAL!

Workshops in SEAL!

Elizabeth Peterson

Throughout the Virtual Retreat, you will learn about SEAL: Social-Emotional Artistic Learning!  This approach to holistically integrating the arts with SEL is build to empower you so that you make a difference in your students’ lives every day.  These workshops will occur during the Live Workshop Days and inside the Retreater Community.  Topics include: What is SEAL?  Who is SEAL for?  and Community Builders that Work.


Bonus Sessions

Elizabeth Peterson

In addition to everything else, you will get access to bonus sessions where we will how to effectively modify all the ideas to your teaching situation AND how to advocate for your work in arts integration!

Interested in knowing what’s in the Digital Swag?  Oh – we can’t tell you . . . YET!  But it’s gonna be good!

Meet Your Retreat Host

Elizabeth Peterson

For 11 years, I have been hosting retreats for teachers: on the beach, in the woods and online!

No matter where the retreat is held, there are a few things I want to make sure of:

  • The retreat is teacher-centered, hands-on and arts-based!

  • Teachers are given time to create and try out the experiences!
  • Teachers are treated like the caring, creative professionals that they are!
  • The workshops are led by actual educators and artists who walk the walk!

After all we teachers need to Get Inspired in order to Be Inspiring!

My name is Elizabeth Peterson.  I’m a 21 year teacher, author, the host of and the creator of SEAL: Social-Emotional Artistic Learning.

Join me this summer for another amazing experience with other like-minded educators who understand the value of the arts in learning.  I can’t wait to share this year’s retreat with you!


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Getting Back to Learning . . .

Once again this new school year will bring upon new challenges.  And yet, we still know this to be true:

Our students will need creative experiences that will help them transition back to school and build relationships inside your classroom!

The workshops in this Virtual Retreat will serve you well as they will focus on arts integrated ideas to engage and inspire AND SEAL (Social-Emotional Artistic Learning) focused activities that will help your students’ social and emotional well-being as they make their way back to school.

Join us in this amazing experience!

Here’s what you need to do…


Register for the Virtual Retreat and get excited!

2. Join the Retreater Community

Meet and engage with like-minded educators.

Virtual Teacher Art Retreat

3. Attend the Workshops

Immerse yourself in the Teacher-Centered workshops and activities from the comfort of your own home.

virtual teacher art retreat

You work your butt off.  Don’t deny it!

This school year has been crazy and you are making it through.  And next year is probably NOT going to be a walk in the park.  😬

But here’s the thing – you need some PD that SERVES you.  Well, my friend, you found it!

Our Teacher Retreats are the perfect mix of learning and self-care wrapped up into one amazing experience.

You deserve this kind of professional development.  You’ve earned it!

Register for the Virtual Teacher Art Retreat!

Stacey’s been to a few retreats.  She gets it.

Still have a couple of questions?  Maybe these will help you make your decision.

What materials do I need?

You do not need any special materials for any of these workshops.  In fact, we have worked hard to make sure you can complete all the activities with the materials you have on hand.

About 2 weeks before the Retreat Workshops, you will get a materials list so that you can gather the things you will need from around your home.  That way, you’ll be ready to do the hands-on work as the workshops are going!

(Remember – this is Teacher -Centered PD, so you will have the time and opportunity to participate in the activities!)

Do I have to be a teacher to attend?

Nope.  In fact, over the years we have had such a variety of educators attend our retreats: ocupational therapists, school nurses, librarians, technology specialists, administrators, speech pathologists, paraprofessionals, after school care givers, parents and retirees!

And of course, we’ve had classroom teachers from Pre-K through 12, special ed teachers, PE teachers, and teachers of all the various arts: drama, dance, visual art and music!

See, here’s the thing: the ARTs touch our learning in so many ways, so educators of ALL walks find value in what it can do for them and for the students they work with!

Can I attend the Virtual Retreat with my colleagues?

Absolutely!  If fact, we encourage you to invite your friends.  This is going to be a blast for all of you!

Please note that each registration is for a single enrollment.  That means one person per registration.  If you’d like to invite a friend or colleague, please enroll separately.

Do I have to be there live on July 26th and 27th?

If you can’t attend the Retreat Workshops on July 26 or 27th, that’s ok!  It’s one of the benefits of having a Virtual Retreat.  Everything will be recorded and available for you for an entire year after the retreat is over.

Not to mention,  there’s so much more to this retreat than the live workshops.  Remember, we have the Retreater Community that will have ongoing discussions, challenges, bonus workshops and prizes too!

This is going to be a blast!

But, I'm so sick of being online!!!

I get it!  Really.  After doing remote teaching for so long, you probably are craving some face-to-face professional developmet.

And I PROMISE, this retreat is NOT going to be like your normal online conference.  Here’s what I mean:

  • The workshops are hands-on!  That means you will actually DO the activities in the workshops.
  • The live workshops are scheduled for only 3 hours of your day so that you can ENJOY the rest of it doing what you want.
  • The Retreater Community is going to be a place to engage sporadically in other activities including bonus workshops and challenges. (Did I mention the prizes??)
  • We are creating special ways for you to make connections with other retreaters.  This is one aspect of the retreat that people always love!!
  • Creative Challenges will be posted inside the Retreater Community.  These are fun ways to stay engaged and learn more arts integrated and SEAL activities.
  • We have lots of surprises in store too.  But I’m not going to give away everything.  Like I said, I love spoiling our Retreaters and I can’t wait to spoil you!

See this is a RETREAT!  You are going to be treated special… again and again. (Get it? Re-Treat!)  That is actually my #1 goal for ANY educator who attends PD through The Inspired Classroom.  And YOU, my friend deserve it!

How is this going to be "hands-on" if this is online?

Each live workshop is created in a way that allows you the chance to DO the activity in real time.  That means that while the presenter is presenting, you also get to create.  A big benefit of attending a Retreat from The Inspired Classroom is that we give you the TIME to try out the activities.  We don’t just throw ideas at you and hope you give them a try, we want you to DO them.

Not to mention, a HUGE part of the retreat is the community.  It’s less about being on the computer and more about connecting with others!

What if I'm not tech savvy?

We are going to make the tech as simple as possible!

We have participants of all ages and tech abilities join in with our online content.  As long as you are ready to participate and learn, you’ll be fine.  

And, of course, if you ever run into any snags, our team is ready to help you out with whatever you need!!

What will I learn?

cAt the Retreat, you will learn numerous arts integrated strategies and activities you can use to build community, encourage engagement and provide deep learning in your classroom.  You will also learn ways to help your students develop their social-emotional skills through a variety of art forms and activities that help build their self-awareness, self-management, empathy and kindness.

These are all skills we will need to continue to focus on as we transition back to learning in the fall.

What if I'm not artistic?

There are no artisitic expectations or skills needed at the Virtual Retreat!  The only thing we require is an open mind and willingness to try.  🙂

See, the thing about the arts is that they are naturally differentiated.  That means they meet you where you are and challenge you at the same time.

Besides that, the Virtual Retreat is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE.  Our Retreater Community is going to be filled with encouraging and supportive educators.  I know this to be true, because it happens every year!

We all understand that we all have our strengths and weaknesses and, let’s face it, we are all here to learn!

Why do you call this a RETREAT?

This is WAY more than just a online conference.  We want you to feel taken care of and treated special.  Here’s a reminder of how we will do that:

  • The workshops are hands-on!  That means you will actually DO the activities in the workshops.
  • The live workshops are scheduled for only 3 hours of your day so that you can ENJOY the rest of it doing what you want.
  • The Retreater Community is going to be a place to engage sporadically in other activities including bonus workshops and challenges. (Did I mention the prizes??)
  • We are creating special ways for you to make connections with other retreaters.  This is one aspect of the retreat that people always love!!
  • Creative Challenges will be posted inside the Retreater Community.  These are fun ways to stay engaged and learn more arts integrated and SEAL activities.
  • We have lots of surprises in store too.  But I’m not going to give away everything.  Like I said, I love spoiling our Retreaters and I can’t wait to spoil you!

See this is a RETREAT!  You are going to be treated special… again and again. (Get it? Re-Treat!)  That is actually my #1 goal for ANY educator who attends PD through The Inspired Classroom.  And YOU, my friend deserve it!

How is this Teacher-Centered?

At The Inspired Classroom, we believe that if we want our classrooms to be student-centered, then our professional development needs to be Teacher-Centered!

See, if you are going to learn new and engaging activities to try out with your students, then YOU need to first try them out yourself.  That’s why we build in time to create.

It has everything to do with our motto:

You have Get Inspired in order to Be Inspiring to your students!

Where does the Virtual Retreat take place?

The Retreater Community will be hosted in a Facebook Group.  (You will get access to that on July 5th.)

The Live Retreat Workshops on July 26th and 27th will be done webinar style.  A week before, you will get a link and a password to enter the webinar room.

After the Virtual Retreat is over, all the Workshop Recordings will be available to you on a special page at The Inspired Classroom.


Who teaches the workshops?

All of the workshops are taught by current and former educators and artists.

We love bringing you workshops from people who have used the activities and found success.  This is the kind of PD that is build for and by educators!

Be sure to read the biographies of the presenters above!

Will I have contact with the presenters?

Absolutely!  The presenters will all be inside the Retreater Community with you.  And on the day of the Live Workshops, they will be present to answer any questions you may have.

As your host, I will also be with you every step of the way.  So, if you need anything, just ask!

How will I get my certificate?

On July 28th, a certificate will be sent to you for 10 PD hours.  These hours include the 6 from the Retreat Workshops and the time you will spend inside the Retreater Community watching bonus workshops, participating in challenges and engaging in conversations.

In addition, you can opt to earn 1 graduate credit.  This option will be available this summer and will cost an additional $150.

Can I just be part of the FREE Retreater Community?

Yes.  This year we are opening up the Retreater Community to ANYone who is interested in arts in learning.  Inside, you’ll have access to the weekly challenges and mini-workshops starting July 8th.

Click HERE to sign up for the Free Retreater Community: 

To be part of the Retreat Workshops and earn the 10 PD hours, you need to enroll. 

And when you do, you’ll have access to everything for 12 months, get all the resources and handouts, be eligible for some wonderful prizes, get the digital swag and . . . well, so much more!

Maybe you heard me say it before: We love spoiling our Retreaters!

When and how can I enroll?

Enrollment is open NOW!

only $127! $97!!!

You can enroll by clicking any of the RED buttons on this page!

I can’t wait to see you at the RETREAT!

I still have a question...

If you still have a question, please ask it!  We are happy to answer any and all of your questions because we want you to be sure this is the right fit for YOU!

Use this form to get in contact with us and we will answer you in 24 hours.

  • Would you like to get inspiring stories, ideas and great strategies in arts integration and SEAL (Social-Emotional Artistic Learning)?

Register for the Virtual Teacher Art Retreat!
Terms and Agreements

The Basics:

A paid registration gives you access to the live event and the private community.  You will have unlimited access to the workshops inside the live event from the date of the event until August 1, 2022.  You will have unlimited access to the private community from July 8, 2021 until August 2, 2021.  The private group will then be archived and available for your reference until August 2, 2022.

Each paid registration is good for ONE license and cannot be used for a group of people.  If you want to attend with a colleague or group, each individual must purchase their own registration.

If you cannot make the live event, you can watch the workshops anytime and from any device.  For that reason, there is no refund of money once you purchase your registration.  

Get all the Details