Inspire Yourself with the ARTS!

The arts are the key to engaging your students, deepening their learning and helping them develop their social-emotional skills. 


We Focus on Integrating the ARTs with SEL

It’s time to engage and inspire your students in meaningful, creative ways without layering more work on your shoulders!

Are you concerned about your students’ social-emotional needs?  Learn how integrating the ARTs with SEL is the answer!

Watch this free workshop on-demand and learn the 3 Secrets to Integrating the Arts with Social-Emotional Learning – even when teaching online!

Empower yourself to reach & teach your socially-emotionally challenged students by integrating the ARTs with Social-Emotional Learning in this complete, online course to become a SEAL Teacher!

Elizabeth Peterson SEAL

You are under pressure every day! 

(I get it.  I’m a teacher too.)

  • So Many Student Needs
  • So Little Time!
  • Social-Emotional Barriers
  • Big Class Sizes
  • Remote Teaching
  • Engaging Your Students
  • Providing Interventions while Challenging Your Learners

And you’re afraid that bringing in the ARTs will just make more work for you!

Get Inspired, Be Inspiring!

Our approach to arts integration is practical for YOU and meaningful for your students.  That way you can feel empowered with the new techniques you learn and your students are inspired!

“Everything I learn from Elizabeth comes alive within my classroom helping me to reach all learners.”

Marianne Nicol-Curry

Early Education Teacher

“I just took a class from another site. It was this big $800 course and I’ve learned nothing compared to what I get out of your workshops and retreats.”

Erin Warren

K-8 Art Teacher

“These workshops are about going through the process of creating at our own level. We experience the excitement and uncertainty, the thought process, the focus, the challenge, the disappointment, the problem solving and the joy. We go through all that on our own level. And then as teachers, we find a way to bring this to our students.”

Taylor Carroll

K-8 Music Teacher

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Welcome to The Inspired Classroom!

My name’s Elizabeth and welcome to The Inspired Classroom!  Our focus here is on YOU, the teachers and parents who are with children everyday.  So – thank you for being here!  That means you know how important it is to teach the whole child.  That includes arts integration, STEAM and SEAL: three things we love to discuss.  Can’t wait for you to see what we have here!

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