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Welcome to The Inspired Classroom!

My name’s Elizabeth and welcome to The Inspired Classroom!  Our focus here is on YOU, the teachers and parents who are with children everyday.  So – thank you for being here!  That means you know how important it is to teach the whole child.  That includes arts integration, STEAM and SEAL: three things we love to discuss.  Can’t wait for you to see what we have here!

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Learn more about SEAL, Social-Emotional Artistic Learning!

You can get what you need!

At The Inspired Classroom we believe that the teacher needs to be inspired first.  Then, that same teacher will be inspiring to his or her students.  That’s why we focus so much on YOU and on teacher-centered professional development.  
We also believe in arts in learning.  The arts provide us with so many opportunities to learn about ourselves, others and the world around us.  Our means of arts integration is that which is embedded into our everyday practice.  The arts become part of who we are as teachers and how we inspire our students.
SEAL, or Social-Emotional Learning is our main focus here at The Inspired Classroom. Why? Well, as students’ SEL needs become greater and greater, our need to address these skills becomes imperative.  And there is no better way to do that than through the arts. That’s why SEAL exists!
SEAL is a proactive method of integrating the arts with SEL competencies in a way that empowers the teacher (YOU) to reach and teach your students.  Our students need SEAL now more than ever!
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