Integrating the Arts with Social-Emotional Learning

Empowering Educators with Professional Development that Inspires!

Engage Your Students

Deepen their Learning

Develop their SEL

Elizabeth Peterson SEAL

You are under pressure every day! 

  • So Many Student Needs
  • So Little Time!
  • Social-Emotional Barriers
  • Big Class Sizes
  • BIG Emotions
  • Engaging Your Students
  • Providing Interventions while
  • Challenging Your Learners

And you’re afraid of putting MORE on your plate than necessary!

Get Inspired, Be Inspiring!

Our approach to your professional development is to give you creative social-emotional strategies that integrate into what you already do.  That way you can feel empowered with the new techniques you learn and your students are inspired!

We Focus on Integrating the ARTs with SEL

For the last few years, you’ve experienced the big emotions that your students come to class with.  They mope into class, sink into their seats and simply aren’t ready to learn.  Sometimes they shut down or start acting up.  When you try and help, it often makes things worse and you’ve started to wonder how many more years you can do this!


Welcome to The Inspired Classroom! My name’s Elizabeth Peterson and our focus here is on YOU, the teachers and who are with students every day.


After 25+ years of teaching in the classroom as an arts integration specialist and 7 years of developing the SEAL Method of integrating creativity and the arts with social-emotional skills, I’m excited to invite you into a world of opportunities that will transform your classroom, transform your students and transform yourself through creative social-emotional learning!


So – thank you for being here! That means you know how important it is to teach the whole child.  That includes arts integration and SEAL: Social-Emotional Artistic Learning. I can’t wait for you to see what we have here!



Elizabeth Peterson, SEAL

It’s time to engage and inspire your students in meaningful, creative ways without layering more work on your shoulders!

“Everything I learn from Elizabeth comes alive within my classroom helping me to reach all learners.”

Marianne Nicol-Curry

Early Education Teacher

“These workshops are about going through the process of creating at our own level. We experience the excitement and uncertainty, the thought process, the focus, the challenge, the disappointment, the problem solving and the joy. We go through all that on our own level. And then as teachers, we find a way to bring this to our students.”

Taylor Carroll

K-8 Music Teacher

“I just took a class from another site. It was this big $800 course and I’ve learned nothing compared to what I get out of your workshops and retreats.”

Erin Warren

K-8 Art Teacher

Teacher-Centered PD: Online and On a Budget.

Virtual Teacher Art Retreat

Get Inspired with this Virtual Retreat!

Learn new arts integrated ideas and activities to use in your classroom with this collection of amazing workshops!

Free Workshop for YOU

Self-Care Solutions Workshop

Discover the Self-Care Solutions that Work for YOU in 90 minutes!  You’ll get our 3-Step Framework that creates a customized plan of calm and control for overwhelmed teachers.

SEAL Foundations Course

Build Relationships Workshop

Create a community of engaged learners, cut through those challenging disruptions & empower your kids with a genuine sense of belonging!

How to Get Inspired!

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1. Enroll in the Professional Development that Fits Your Needs

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2. Get Inspired with New Strategies

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3. Inspire Your Students as You Implement What You Learned!

 You have students who aren’t engaged and who aren’t inspired . . .


Not all students are wired the same way.  (You know that.)  They need more hands-on experiences in their learning!  Arts integration is one of the best ways to reach many students through whole body and whole mind learning.


So many students who struggle with content will light up when that content comes alive through an arts integrated lesson!


And here’s the best kept secret about how to inspire your students: 

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First you must inspire yourself!

At The Inspired Classroom, we are all about being teacher-centered.   Since 2005, we have been giving workshops, hosting teacher retreats and designing online courses for teachers.  And we know that the best way for you to inspire your students is to be given the respect you deserve and the resources you need!


So be sure to check out what we have available for you here! 


And GET Inspired, so you can BE Inspiring to your students!

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and learn about how we are empowering caring, creative teachers to teach SEL through the ARTs!