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Do you ever struggle with students social-emotional well-being?  Do you want to help them but you keep missing the mark?

Here’s the thing – students can’t develop their social-emotional skills with worksheets, they need hands-on experiences and the ARTs can do just that!

Learn more in this free workshop where you’ll learn The 3 Secrets to Integrating the Arts with Social-Emotional Learning – even online!

Online Courses:

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SEAL Foundations –  This 10 hour professional development program is designed specifically for brave, bold and big-hearted teachers who want to strengthen their students’ social-emotional skills in creative ways – that actually work.  This course has all the essentials of SEAL so that you can get started this week integrating the arts with social-emotional learning.  To learn more and to get an instant savings on the course, go to the SEAL Foundations page.

SEAL Teacher Training –  Become the Teacher Your Students NEED! – This 100% online course is designed for any teacher who wants to make a difference in his or her classroom by focusing on Social-Emotional Artistic Learning.  This course reaches you where you are and takes deep through the four major art forms (visual art, music, dance and theater) and how they integrate naturally with Casel’s social-emotional competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.  For more information, go to the SEAL Teacher Training page.  Non-credit and 3 Graduate Credit options are available!

Arts Integrated Lesson Planning – Go from that feeling of overwhelm and confusion to clarity and success as Elizabeth takes you step by step through the process of creating an arts integrated lesson plan.  This video course is 100% online and self-paced.  Included are 19 lessons in 7 units, PDF guides, templates and everything you need to create masterful, integrated lesson plans that include aligned standards and assessments in an art form and your content areas.  A PD certificate is granted to you at the end for your records.  Go to Arts Integrated Lesson Planning for more information.

Inspired by Listening video course –  In the course, Elizabeth will personally walk you through the entire book, Inspired by Listening, the only book that meaningfully integrates musical listening experiences with other content, especially the language arts.  It’s like taking a personal workshop with the expert.  Purchase the video course  and you will also get a copy of the book!  Go to Inspired by Listening video course for more information.

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Teacher Art Retreats:

For 11 years we hosted annual summer and winter SEAL retreats. After COVID hit, we went virtual! We currently are not hosting any upcoming retreats, however, there are still ways to retreat with us!

1) Enroll in our Virtual Teacher Art Retreat and gain access to the all the amazing workshops! You can engage and enjoy at your leisure.

2) Interested in one of our highly-regarded face-to-face retreats? Learn how you can sign up your group or staff!

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Virtual Teacher Art Retreat – Learn new arts integrated ideas and activities to use in your face-to-face AND remote classroom!  There are 10+ workshops in various art forms. You can earn 10 PD Hours.  Everything is recorded and on-demand for 1 year!  For more information, go to our Virtual Teacher Art Retreat page.

Staff SEAL Retreats – Schedule a SEAL Retreat for your staff or team.  Elizabeth will work with you to book a ready-made retreat or create a unique retreat that will fit your needs.  This is an overnight retreat that includes workshops, materials, 3 meals and lodging for all.  What a way to bond with your colleagues and learn amazing SEAL strategies for your students!  For more information, go to our Staff SEAL Retreat page.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE>> Summer Retreats – 3 Days in August  –  Join educators who are ready to treat themselves to a few days of arts-infused, Teacher-Centered professional development.  Whether you are interested in ARTS INTEGRATION, ART EDUCATION, or just need some time to rejuvenate yourself as a creative person and teacher, this retreat is for YOU!  Every year, new art forms, technique and skills are presented making each retreat unique and inspiring.  Contact Elizabeth to get all updates.  For information about past retreats, visit the Teacher Art Retreat page.  IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN A TEACHER ART RETREAT FOR YOUR GROUP OR STAFF, CLICK “STAFF SEAL RETREATS” ABOVE!

NO LONGER AVAILABLE>> Winter Retreats – These retreats are held overnight one weekend in February and focus on how the arts integrate with SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) Competencies.  Staying true to Teacher-Centered PD, you will learn and participate in a variety of arts that will inspire your teaching.  Enjoy some time away with colleagues while immersing yourself in the arts! IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN A SEAL RETREAT FOR YOUR GROUP OR STAFF, CLICK “STAFF SEAL RETREATS” ABOVE!

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In Person or Virtual – Contact Us if you are interested.

Building Relationships through SEALRelationships are the number one thing teachers should be building in their classrooms: teacher to student and student to student.  With trusting relationships, students are more ready to learn, better able to collaborate and more equipped to self-manage in the classroom.  In this workshop, we will look at two arts integrated ways to build relationships in the classroom while working on CASEL’s other social-emotional competencies including self and social-awareness.  Music and Visual Art will be our focus: two engaging SEAL (Social-Emotional Artistic Learning®) practices that your students will love!


Creative Teacher Self-Care through SEAL – YOU are the most important person in the classroom.  Believe it!  If you are not ready and energized to teach, then there is no way your students are going to learn.  In this workshop, we will look at creative ways to get in the right mindset, so you can do and be your best for your students.  Along the way, we will engage in SEAL (Social-Emotional Artistic Learning®) activities that integrate the SEL competencies with elements of music, visual art, drama and movement – activities you can use in your classroom too!

Integrating the Arts into Your Teaching – This ALL-DAY workshop is for teachers of all grade levels and subject areas. After exploring the many forms of art including drama, music, visual, movement, storytelling and poetry, we will focus on practical applications of these art forms and how they can be used to introduce, teach and reinforce other aspects of the curriculum while keeping to the integrity of the art.

Listening to Music for SEL: Listening to music is something any teacher can do with their students.  Now you can listen to music in your classroom AND help students develop their social-emotional skills as well!  In this 2 1/2 hour workshop, we’ll look at ways to passively and actively listen to music with your students to encourage self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness and build community!  This is a hands-on, interactive workshop, so come ready to listen and participate. (Or sit back and enjoy – no pressure!). Either way, you will leave with practical ideas you can implement right away, using the music you love.

Inspired by Listening for Classroom Teachers: This 2 1/2 hour workshop is designed for classroom teachers who want to integrate music listening experienes into their curriculum in a meaningful way.  You will learn how to use the strategies in Inspired by Listening to motivate and capture the interest of your students, even if you are not a musician!  Regardless of what grade you teach, the material in this workshop will be valuable and adaptable to your individual teaching situation.  You will leave with a wealth of knowledge, ideas and resources to use in your classroom.

Participants will need a copy of Inspired by Listening: Teaching Your Curriculum While Actively Listening to Music.

Inspired by Listening for Music Teachers: Actively listening to music is one of the best ways to teach your students about music theory, history and appreciation. In this specially designed 2 1/2 hour workshop for music teachers, you will learn how to introduce the art of listening to your students as you learn strategies to encourage them to listen actively to music.  Regardless of what grade you teach, the material in this workshop will be valuable and adaptable to your individual teaching situation: general music, choral and instrumental.

Participants will need a copy of Inspired by Listening: Teaching Your Curriculum While Actively Listening to Music.

Music for Every Classroom:   Learn how you can integrate music into your curriculum to motivate and capture the interest of your students, even if you are a not a musician yourself. Including music in meaningful and practical ways doesn’t need to be overwhelming. In this ALL-DAY workshop you will learn a variety of techniques to make music an active presence in your classroom through creation, performance and listening. Ideas for collaboration and teamwork with your school’s and district’s music teacher will also be investigated. A discussion about assessment and the importance of student reflection will end the day.

Teaching Literacy through Music and the Arts –  Music and literacy go hand in hand.  This may not seem apparent at first, but when you dig deeply, it’s amazing how many connections the two really have and how you can use these parallels to motivate and support your students.  In this ALL-DAY workshop, we will explore these natural connections through hands-on experiences.  You will learn valuable techniques that help develop students’ understanding of such literacy skills and strategies as visualization, cause and effect, story structure and the writing process.  We will also look at how other art forms including visual art and drama, can promote literacy in your teaching.

The Inspiring Teacher

Explore what makes a teacher inspiring in this workshop built for a staff of teachers from a common school. Through arts-based activities, teachers will get off to a great start for their new school year, or revitalize their teaching at any of those crucial points throughout the year when you need to remember the importance of what you do with kids every day.  (2 1/2 hour workshop)

#ARTINT in Your Back Pocket

In this workshop, you will be introduced to four tried and true arts integration strategies that can be utilized anytime throughout the year promoting collaboration, independence and reflection. These are especially great for grades 4 through 8.  (2 1/2 hour workshop)

Build Community through Music

In this workshop, we will experience how listening to, composing and performing music can build a sense of community in your classroom regardless of your comfort level with music. Ideas for content integration will be discussed.  (3 hour workshop)

Studio Days – Create, Reflect, Discover

Studio Days are days teachers can facilitate for their students to experience the creative process through the creation of something original coupled with purposeful reflection. Focusing on this process allows students to discover more about themselves as learners. This session will take you through the process of organizing a Studio Day for your students and give you many content and arts-based lessons to implement. Participants will need a copy of Studio Days in the Classroom.  (2 1/2 hour workshop)

Custom Arts Integration Workshop

Does your staff or team need something specific? We can create a workshop session that fits your needs in arts integration. Name an art form or content area, tell us what challenges you face each day, and we will work to fulfill the needs of your group including STEAM and SEAL.  Please contact Elizabeth at

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Free Mini-Workshops:

Free Mini-Workshops on Facebook  – Join our Inspiring Teachers FB group, watch the archive of Mini-Workshops and earn PD hours! Each workshop is approximately 30 minutes and covers a range of arts integrated topics.  For more information, go to:

Classes and Courses:

These are face-to-face courses that are built to span about 45 hours.  If you are interested in this robust, in-depth experience, please contact us at

Authentic Integration of Music into the Classroom – Music is a great way to reach out to your students, motivate them and teach your curriculum. In this course, we will explore ways to make music part of your classroom culture as you create a safe learning environment for your students. Then we will discuss ways to integrate these musical experiences in creating, performing and listening into all areas of the curriculum including language, movement, math, social studies and other arts. Students will come away with a working portfolio of lessons and activities to implement in their own teaching.
Learning Through the Creative Arts: A Look into the Creative Process –  In this graduate level course, we will explore ways to make the arts part of your classroom culture.  We will discuss ways to integrate meaningful artistic experiences into all areas of the curriculum.  Participants will come away with a working portfolio of lessons and activities to implement into their own teaching.

Other Offerings:

If you are interested in other aspects of art integration including SEAL, please contact Elizabeth.  We can work to design a class or course that will fit the needs of your school or district.

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Elizabeth presents at online conferences yearly on a range of arts integrated topics.  These are a few examples.  If you are interested in booking a live webinar, please contact Elizabeth at


Getting Started with SEAL (Social-Emotional Artistic Learning)

Teachers now, more than ever, need to embed social-emotional learning into their classroom and their curriculum.  In this workshop, we will look at 3 key ways teachers can bring arts integrated methods into their teaching that will help to develop their students’ SEL, create calm in their classroom and help teachers feel more effective in their teaching.

Getting Started with Arts Integration

Arts integration is a great way to reach all students while doing something you enjoy too! Learn more about what true arts integration is and how you can get started infusing the arts into your teaching whether or not you are an “artist.” Includes ideas, resources and activities.

Integrating Music with Literacy to Help Struggling Readers

Tapping into our students love of listening to music can help them become better readers. Learn how music and literacy are innately very similar and how you can take advantage of these similarities to help struggling readers become motivated learners.

Other Offerings:

Our webinar topics also include: “Putting the A in steAm,” “SEL and the ARTS,” “Studio Days in the Classroom,” and “Music at the (common) Core.”

If you are interested in other aspects of art integration in the form of a webinar, please contact Elizabeth.  We can work to design a webinar that will fit the needs of your group, school or district.

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Here are some comments from past workshop and class participants:


Interactive, interesting,

I am able to walk away with many ideas.


The instructor was very knowledgeable of her subject and conveyed her ideas clearly and in an interesting way.  I’ll be able to use what I have learned.

A lot of ideas and ways to incorporate the arts into the curriculum.  A lot of hands-on participation.  Very inspirational!


Elizabeth did a great job of trying to include the age groups and topics being taught of all the class members.