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What is SEAL?

We know that Arts Integration is an amazing way to engage our students in authentic learning experiences.  Now, you can learn how to integrate the arts with social-emotional learning when you learn how to teach SEAL!

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    SEAL articles

    SEAL Articles

    Learn more about how the Arts can be integrated with SEL in these informative articles.

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    SEAL Lessons & Tools

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    Music: Key to Happiness

    Music has a great impact on the body and to the soul.   It affect your social and emotional well-being.  Every song you hear can affect you and at times remind you of the different experiences in your life. It can sometimes make or break you. Oftentimes, music can...

    3 Ways to Create a Safe Community for Learning

    Let me READ this article to you! Just click play! Taking the time to build a sense of community in your classroom is paramount to your students' success.  Why?  <<<Spoiler Alert>>> It helps with everything!  All year! When students feel like they are...

    Friendly Hearts

    Hearts don't have to just mean love, certainly not romance.  Hearts can also be a symbol of kindness and friendship.   I love finding new ways to promote kindness and friendship in my classroom for our Friendly Fridays.  While scrolling through Facebook the other day,...

    Teaching Remotely from Home

    This workshop is geared to teachers who are transitioning to teaching remotely from home.  Learn some tips about mindset, how to keep connections with your students, and where you can get FREE resources for your students and yourself! And you can even earn PD for this...

    Soundtracking, Silent Reading & Building Stamina

    Reading stamina has been the focus of my 4th grade class these last few days.  I have been working hard through the guidance of The Daily 5 to instruct my students in my expectations for them to read independently when I need to take small groups of students. Now...

    What makes SEAL not a program?

    Picture it - It's the beginning of the school year and you have just set up your classroom.  (ok... most of your classroom)  and your principal has just called over the intercom that the first staff meeting of the school year is about to begin in 5 minutes. You gather...

    How to Use Music to Calm Your Students

    Playing music in your classroom is a great way to create a sense of calm and focus. What to know how? In this video, I'm going to show you how to Soundtrack your classroom in 6 simple steps. This SEAL strategy is a teacher favorite in my SEAL Teacher Training course...

    Friendly Friday™ Activities for the Winter

    My students LOVE Friendly Fridays™! What are they?  They are a consistent time during our week when we can focus on SEAL (Social-Emotional Artistic Learning).  We create, we share and we work on our social-awareness and relationship skills. Today, I'm sharing 3...