Keep Your Teachers &

Keep Them Happy!

We offer professional development that inspires your teachers . . .

All while helping them to build relationships and social-emotional skills so that students remain in the classroom, ready to learn!


Fact: Kids don’t always come to school ready to learn.

. . . and that means your teachers can get frustrated and overwhelmed,

. . . making your students more anxious,

. . . and leaving YOU putting out fires.

The goal is to transition your students comfortably into the classroom, keep them there and engage them in their academics.

It’s time to equip your teachers with the strategies, methods and mindset so that they feel ready and able to help all their kids find success in the classroom . . . and keep them out of the office!


through SEAL!

SEAL = Social-Emotional Artistic Learning

The arts are the magic ingredient for making social-emotional learning effective in any classroom.

Why? Because they give your students meaningful experiences and opportunities to

explore their feelings, express themselves, and connect with others.

teach SEAL

SEAL: Social-Emotional Artistic Learning is the only method that gives teachers the tools, strategies mindset

to strengthen their students’ social-emotional well-being

in creative and artistic ways – that actually work!

With SEAL, teachers are:

  • Proactively teaching social-emotional skills through the arts.

  • Embedding these creative experiences into their class time . . . not taking time out of academics!

  • Creating many opportunities for students to be ready for academic learning.

  • Building those ever important relationships that help students want to be in school. 

  • Feeling more prepared and ready to take on the day!
Teachers love SEAL

“This course has led me back to my true self and has given my teaching a much needed boost.”

Jan Soucy

5th Grade Teacher

“I feel like I will be able to reach a majority of the students, who will then be better ‘armed’ to deal with challenges and emotions.”

Caryl A. Brown

Art Teacher

resource fo admin



Our Professional Development program in SEAL is built so that your teachers can dig into it at their own pace!  (keeping any overwhelm at bay)

SEAL Teacher Academy

45 Hours, Self-Paced, Online, Get Certified!, $485/license

Your teachers are your best resource for making real change for your student’s social and emotional well-being.

They will transform their teaching as they define their role as a certified SEAL teacher and journey through this course. 

If you purchase between 3-9 course licenses, you receive a 5% bulk discount.

If you purchase more than nine course licenses, you receive a 10% discount!  

“This course has inspired me as a teacher and an everyday person. The teacher-centered aspect, positive atmosphere, open communication, and ready to use strategies have made me feel more hopeful about teaching in this ever changing and challenging world.”

Deanne Carloni

Orchestra Teacher

“SEAL is an excellent way to incorporate social emotional learning into your classroom without adding another ‘curriculum.’ It adapts to your students and your classroom environment.”

Johanna Ellis

Kindergarten Teacher

What does it look like to Teach SEAL?

Press play to have a peek!

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Peterson,

the creator of SEAL, arts integration specialist, author, veteran (and current) teacher since 1999 . . . and I see these behaviors every day!

As a current classroom teacher, I can truly empathize with your teachers, share real life stories and give practical resources and strategies that will work.

Helping teachers understand their value and the impact they have in the classroom is close to my heart.  heart

I promise you.  SEAL can do this!

SEAL = Social Emotional Artistic Learning

elizabeth with t shirt

It’s time to face the facts . . . 

Schools have started investing in social-emotional learning curriculum…

but there’s just one problem:

Many programs only skim the surface of what K-12 students need.

You know your students need SEL. Kids need help building resilience so they can cultivate the calm and focus necessary to learn.

And if your school is using an SEL curriculum, you’ve probably made an unfortunate discovery.

So much of it comes up pretty short!

Your teachers have been handed a box of scripted SEL cards to discuss with their class…and the students just stare at them as they ask, “So if your friend is crying, what do you do?” 

Or teachers are supposed to press play on a VHS tape (! yes really !) and watch kids with bad fashion sense role play about empathy…but nobody ever developed empathy by watching a video about empathy. (Who woulda thunk?)

Or you’re school is one of the lucky ones who got access to the digital versions of everything in the SEL program, only to find everything is just so darn hard to navigate!  #praythetechworks 




Teachers don’t want yet ANOTHER thing to pile on top of all the things they already do.

It’s frustrating.

It’s cumbersome.

And (this may be hard to read): It’s annoying.

You have the opportunity to empower your teachers with some amazing strategies that will actually help them AND keep them happy!

With SEAL, teachers learn creative SEL strategies that become part of their everyday routine so that they are giving students the tools they need to learn, develop and strengthen their social-emotional skills,


Kids need an outlet for expressing themselves and their emotions, and the arts are the most effective way to do that.  SEAL gave me a framework that’s flexible to use with all K-12 students. Even my non-verbal autistic students participate in SEAL activities and enjoy it.

The impact of SEAL on my students’ success each year has been huge. My students and I connect on a deeper level because of the artistic learning we do. They also connect with each other, which really does create that ‘caring community of empathetic learners’ that Elizabeth talks about.

If building social-emotional competencies is a priority for your district, you won’t find a more effective way to do it than SEAL.”

Stephanie McKenney

K-8 Grade Theatre Arts Teacher

The SEAL Framework

Each SEAL Course follows the same framework.  The framework is made up of 3 phases or Waves.

Wave 1: SEAL Teacher Mindset Shifts

Your teachers are burnt out and they need help. The first thing they need is to understand their evolving role in the climate they currently teach. You know adult SEL is needed. In SEAL, this is embedded in the professional development, not an add on.  When your teachers take a SEAL course, they know we care for their well-being!

Wave 2: SEAL Teacher Methods that WORK 


There’s nothing worse than teachers getting great new ideas for their classroom without understanding how they can make it work. We know that TIME is the biggest obstacle teachers face when it comes to implementing social-emotional learning strategies. That’s why we focus on flexibility through the different creative methods teachers can implement SEAL.

Wave 3: SEAL Integrations that Provide Experiences in the Classroom

Good social-emotional learning is built on experiences and that’s just what SEAL provides through creativity and the arts.

In our SEAL professional development courses, teachers will get (and create) their own library of lessons and activity ideas. They can pick and choose ones that will fit their unique content, teaching style, schedule and, most importantly, the students in front of them.

This is why SEAL works:

You are empowering your teachers with the essential tools they need in today’s challenging classroom!

(without asking them to add more to their schedule.)

Let’s face it, teachers are your most important asset when it comes to student learning.  So, it’s time to invest in them! 

When you get your teachers teaching SEAL, they will have the tools they need to keep kids in the classroom.  So, instead of walking around and putting out fires, you’ll find yourself popping into more classrooms to see the work students are doing!

It’s simple really  – When caring, creative teachers feel empowered, they’re happier and more effective in the classroom. . .

And that means happier, more successful students too. heart

“SEAL affirms how I teach – it ensures one is professionally valid and agile!  SEAL teaches students to explicitly love themselves, each other and the arts!  SEAL also encourages meaningful reflection for educators . . .

Give yourself a refresh – a positive opportunity to integrate the joy of the Arts with the Social Emotional Competencies!”

Gwen Zakreski

Superannuate Educator

What is it about the ARTS?

SEAL combines the emotionally charged power of the arts

+ the high need of developing social-emotional competencies

These 5 competencies are naturally addressed and practiced within SEAL’s artistic learning! 

self awareness
self management
social awareness
relationship skills
responsible decision making

Artistic learning is inherently differentiating, highly engaging, and emotionally charged.

Students engage more in the content.

Students want to stay in the classroom.

Students genuinely invest their energy and effort into their own education.

Additional Opportunities for Schools

As a teacher myself, I believe in providing meaningful, continued support for teachers who take our SEAL courses.  That’s why we provide the following when you enroll your teachers in a SEAL course:

Training Videos that put YOU in control: play, pause, rewind and rewatch whenever it fits into your schedule.



12 months of Access to the Course so your teachers can engage in the trainings and implement the strategies as they go.


Digital and Printable Workbook to guide your teachers through their journey and support their new learning


Simple SEAL Integrations Resource, full of lessons and activities that you can use right away with minimal prep!


Online Community of Teachers who also Teach SEAL and can support your teachers throughout their journey


Monthly Q&A Sessions for Continued Support


Also included in the SEAL Teacher Training Course:

Friendly Friday Handbook

Quarterly Guest Expert Workshops in the Arts and SEL

11 Video Series: Teach SEAL Remotely

Get Certified as a SEAL Teacher

Optional Additions: Live Sessions Built for Your School so that your teachers will be able to collaborate and implement SEAL in a way that works specifically for your school!

We know how important social-emotional learning is for our students. But it’s important for teachers, too. I think we forget to take care of ourselves in this way and over time that can really burn teachers out.  Self-care (for the teacher) is an important part of SEAL. 

What I love about SEAL is how it gives students multiple opportunities to have different sorts of experiences—and how teaching SEAL always feels empowering, motivating, and energizing.”

Mary Beth Stevenson

1st Grade Teacher

How do teachers take a SEAL course?

computer laptop

We set up all your teachers in our easy-to-navigate course.  Any issues?  Your and your teachers can contact us directly!

notebook pencil

Teachers go through the online lessons at their own pace.  You can allot time during PD days for them to work on SEAL.

teach your students

After just the first lesson, teachers will be able to start implementing what they learn and confidently start teaching SEAL!


What kind of teachers should teach with SEAL?

All the strategies and activities inside SEAL are adaptable for all grade levels and content areas.  We firmly believe that arts integration is naturally differentiated for all levels.  It meets you where you are at and challenges you to learn and do more. 

If your teachers are caring, open to creativity and want to make their classroom a safe, learning environment for their students, SEAL is right for them!  And if your teachers are ready for some professional development that will encourage them and support them as they learn more about their evolving role in the classroom, SEAL will give them that! 

Do my teachers have to be artists or art teachers in order to Teach SEAL?

Arts integration is not about how skilled you are as an artist, musician, dancer or actor.  Instead, it’s about an open mind to trying new things with your students, giving them the opportunity to learn in new and engaging ways. 

So no, your teachers do not need to be artists in order to teach with SEAL.  The professional development they will get in SEAL will help them to implement creative strategies that will work regardless of their skill.

Some of our SEL work is effective. Will SEAL enhance what we're already doing?

Yes! You can teach SEAL alongside any other SEL program or curriculum. (And it can stand alone as well.) The amazing thing about SEAL is that it’s about training and transforming the teacher and how things run in your classroom. 

You see, we believe that quality SEL instruction begins with the teacher and is integrated into the content they teach.  That happens through the experiences your students have in the classroom.

My teachers are already telling me they have too much to do. How can I possibly ask them to do this too?

The best part about SEAL is that it’s not an extra program or set of lessons that teachers need to add to their day.  SEAL is a method that’s meant to integrate into the day—so there’s no need to “add” anything. SEAL is more about training and transforming your teachers rather than handing them a set of lessons to get through, or piling on extra stuff. 

Of course, the professional development part will take some time, but here’s the thing:  SEAL courses are built to be teacher-centered.  That means your teachers are learning skills that will help them to embed quality and creative social-emotional strategies into their classroom.  In addition, your teachers will have the chance to get creative themselves.  This is hands-on PD where your teachers will be building their own social-emotional skills!

Teachers don’t mind PD as long as they’re getting something out of it.

I don't have a lot of time to facilitate or monitor this.

No worries!  We take care of that for you.

Once we decide on the SEAL course you want your teachers to take, we’ll set up a schedule for them.

Your teachers will then be part of a community of teachers that is available 24 hours for encouragement and support.  Any tech questions can go directly to our team and we’ll take care of them individually!

Your biggest role will be supporting your teachers by giving them the time they need to go through the SEAL course.  Most administrators allow teachers to work during their school’s professional development days or early release times.  Oftentimes, teachers are so engaged in the work that they want to do it in their own space, at their own pace. 

When we speak about the plan for your school or district, we can come up with a plan that will work best for you, for your teachers and ultimately, your students!

How do teachers take the course? Is it taught live? Do we have contact with the instructor? Give me the details please!

The SEAL course is taught completely online.  All of the modules have been pre-recorded, so your teachers can access them whenever they want!  The course is self-paced, so the timeline is flexible. 

When we chat about your customized plan, we can look at live session options as well!  These provide opportunities for your teachers to come together with me, Elizabeth, and discuss the unique needs of your school.  

As teachers are taking the course, questions will inevitably pop up. That’s when they should pop into the online SEAL Teacher Community.   There, they’ll find the support and encouragement they need. And remember, every month I’ll do a live Q&A in there too. 

In addition, all the teachers will have direct email access to myself and my team!

Finally, you’ll have lifetime access to the course and the community.  So anytime a teacher has a question or a need, they can look it up or reach out and ask! 

We want you to be successful with SEAL and we will be there to support you in any way we can be!

Do you accept POs?

YES!  School districts may pay with a purchase order. Simply note that when you fill out the form and we’ll help you arrange for that.

Will teachers receive a certificate for completing the work?

Yes!  Once your teachers complete all the course work, they will be awarded a certificate for the PD hours they have completed.  They receive 45 PD hours for the SEAL Teacher Training course.  In addition, they will get certificates for any live sessions they attend if that becomes part of your customized plan.

I’m interested, but I have more questions.

Just imagine if your whole school or district was on board with SEAL: All of the students and staff having creative and caring experiences!  Oh, what that could do for morale and community-building! 

(I’m trying to imagine it right now and I just keep smiling!😁)

If you’re interested in talking more about getting a customized plan for your school or district, please fill out the form and I (Elizabeth) will get in touch with you directly.

By the end, your teachers will be able to:

all of their students—no matter what their level of social-emotional needs may be. All of your kids will benefit from the SEAL approach!

starfishRecognize when a 50’ tidal wave of emotional distress is brewing…and instead of throwing up their hands in frustration (or ducking for cover!) they’ll feel confident they can face the storm.

starfishStop struggling with behavior issues…and use the time for teaching and learning instead!

starfishIntegrate the arts throughout the day so naturally, it feels like they were born doing it.

starfishFeel good (and HAPPY) about their job again.

starfishLeave work every day with the feeling that they’ve made a difference.

starfishTransform their classroom of randomly-assembled individuals into a connected community that cares and collaborates with each other in creative ways.

There’s just one question left to answer:

How do you want your teachers to feel?

✘ Do you want them sticking to the same ol’, same ol’—keeping that feeling of frustration and on the brink of burn out?

~ OR ~

Do you want your teachers to feel energized, motivated, and empowered to go to work each day—confident they can reach all of their students in creative, meaningful ways?




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