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Information About Guest Posting

We no longer take guest posts unless you are yourself in education or have a long standing relationship with us already.


It’s important that we stay true to our fabulous readership.  Our audience consists of mainly teachers and educators who are interested in keeping themselves and their students inspired to learn.


Throughout the years, our focus has been on arts integration and arts education, with a little bit of other educational topics sprinkled in, including technology, literacy, and special events.


Teachers love ideas – practical, meaningful and useful ideas.  The kind they can use almost immediately in their classrooms, so consider how you can provide those ideas in the form of activities, lessons and examples.


Posts should be about 500-800 words.  If you can provide an image to accompany the post, that is ideal.  We allow for an author bio along with one external link and reserve the right to edit all content as seen fit for our site and our readers.


If you would like to submit a guest post, please start by showing your interest and proposing an idea.  We can chat from there.


Looking forward to hearing from the many great writers out there!