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A free class with Elizabeth Peterson!

Come learn from a teacher of over 25 years in the classroom how to empower yourself to calm classroom behavior issues (and ease teacher burnout) as you embed creative social emotional strategies into your current content without requiring you to implement an entire program that takes up precious class time.

Inside, the Free Class I’m sharing:

✅ The 3-step framework 100s of teachers use (myself included!) to transform their classrooms (and improve their impact) in 6 weeks or less.
❌ The 5 mistakes to avoid when supporting your students’ social-emotional development. (This will save you so much frustration!)
😬 Why you DON’T need to act like the classroom therapist to have a calm classroom—and what to do instead.
⭐️ How to work with me more closely to create the classroom that brings you joy again!

What are other attendees saying about this FREE CLASS?

“Excellent, lots of good content.”

~Amelia A.

“Great presentation and presenter!”

~Kari J.

“It was good to get some reminders, as well as some new thoughts percolating.”

~Diana M.

“Very positive. I’m interested in the concepts.”

~Kathryn R.

“Glad this topic is being introduced to help students learn skills to monitor their emotions.  Teachers need this training for helping students deal with their emotions in a positive, proactive way.”

~Ella M.

“It felt empowering”

~Laura T.

“Great! I learned a lot”

~Angela P.

“Really enjoyed it .”

~Sam M.

“I really enjoy the class.”

~Etta W.

“I loved the way Elizabeth explained the streams towards holistic approach.”

~Caroline L.

“I liked this free class and I’m going to take the notes I got from the class and implement them into my classroom and with my students.”

~Katie M.

“Great presenter and informative presentation”

~Lisa C.

“It was very good, and I gained many new ideas to use inside my classroom with my students…. The class gave very good examples for our daily class issues and what strategies to use so I can have best classes environment.”

~Hala M.

“My experience was great! Thank you for presenting this free class!”

~Samantha A.

“Loved it! Easy to follow and went by quickly.”

~Rebecca P.


See you then!



Why is Elizabeth the best person to guide you?

Elizabeth with her class!

For years, I stood in the front of my classroom and saw students’ behavior change. From outbursts, to shut downs, to confusion, to lack of focus . . . and it was taking a toll on me as the joy I felt for teaching was dwindling fast.

It was obvious: if I was going to continue to feel good about the job I was doing in the classroom, something needed to change. And that’s when I started started implementing these creative SEL strategies!

They have allowed me and many other teachers to know what it is like to finally be able to feel passionate again about teaching.

I look around and see so many teachers struggling because they don’t like the state of education and they feel powerless in their classrooms.

This canNOT be the norm and this is why SEAL is so important for you right now.

If you’re serious about making a positive impact on your students’ lives, it’s time to take the reigns and join me in this free class!

Teaching shouldn’t suck the life out of you! You have the ability to transform yourself as a teacher.

This is about reconnecting to your passion and to your students. It’s about creating a safe, learning environment that you and your students want to be part of.  It’s about relishing the good days and knowing you can make it through the tough ones.

You can make a lasting impact on the lives of your students, and it starts with building a calm, connected and creative classroom!

Can’t wait to see you inside,


Teach SEAL with me!

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