Music at the Core Resources

Tweet Today I am excited to be presenting at the second annual Connectivity Conference hosted by Susan Riley of  Her site has many wonderful resources for teachers who want to begin or continue integrating the arts into their work.  If you haven’t checked them out, please do so! This year’s Arts Integration Connectivity Conference will […]

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Inspired by the Common Core…Wait, What?

Tweet You heard me!  I just implied that the Common Core can be inspiring. I was reading a few things online where the CC was, well, basically being put down and the implications were that teachers see the CC standards and think (sarcastically), “Great!  Something new for me to learn and do.” Woah!  Please, fellow […]

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Working with Arts Standards for Arts Integration

Tweet In my last post, I described the 4 Steps to Creating an Arts Integrated Lesson.  The major thing to remember is that when you are teaching with arts integration, your students are learning as much about the art form as they are about the other content area.  Because of this, the 3rd step is […]

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4 Steps to Creating an Arts Integrated Lesson

Tweet The other day, while presenting to a group of teachers in Michigan via Skype, I was asked, “How can a teacher get started on creating an arts integrated lesson?”  My presentation was on this topic, but there seemed to be a need for more of a step by step approach.  So, for those of […]

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Master Learner

Tweet During an #rscon10 session last week led by @AngelaMaiers, Angela challenged us to “stand up in front of kids not as a master teacher, but as a master learner.”   What a powerful statement.  I immediately tweeted that out as did others. This statement alone is very powerful and it’s an important one for […]

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Happy Teachers, Happy Kids

Tweet The title says it all here.  The question then becomes, “How do you make teachers happy?” Happy Teachers are Driven Teachers I would like to take some time to refer to Daniel Pink, a motivational speaker in the business world.  He is an author, consultant and speaker who speaks mostly of business related issues, […]

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Teach Free and Thrive

Tweet We have all heard this… The what is in the standards … the how is up to you This is why I do what I do every day. I love the freedom in taking the standards I need to cover and making them my own, developing lessons and units that meet the needs of […]

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Freedom in Curriculum Development

Tweet Be a part of the decision making, planning and development process. That is the best way to feel free within the ever growing structure of local, state and even national curricula. I rarely feel constrained by my district’s curriculum. Mainly because we have so much to do that I don’t have time or energy […]

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