Blueberries and Arts Integration

Tweet Blueberry pancakes – I made those just yesterday morning.  Blueberry muffins – that will be today.  I love them, my kids love them, my husband and my mom too.  They are in season and we just can’t get enough!  A while ago, I read this quote from another blogger. I fold fitness into my […]

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I had a piece of cardboard…

Tweet How can a piece of cardboard become an inspiration for students?  Read on… I finally got the big package in the mail: a large book that I can use to teach some reading strategies and skills to small groups. It looked like a good fine in the Scholastic catalog, so I used some of […]

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You Just Can't Skip the Process

Tweet A windy road, A straight shot. Hills and valleys, Easy peasy… Regardless of how we get there – it’s a process! Have you ever been in a situation where you knew where you wanted to go, you just had to get there?  Maybe you needed to complete a task and there were a dozen […]

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Providing for Creativity in Students

Tweet Every year at this time, our fourth grade team starts to prepare our students for their “Fourth Grade Celebration.”  It is not a graduation, but rather a time when the students and teachers create a performance that celebrates their time at the Cashman Elementary School as they prepare for middle school. Our theme this […]

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Cranes for Japan

Tweet Over the last two weeks or so, my students had been making paper cranes for Japan as part of a the Students Rebuild project.  Here is the article my students wrote about the project. Have you heard about the disasters in Japan? Here in Amesbury, Massachusetts, the students at the Cashman Elementary School are […]

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TRICing Kids

Tweet We are here to TRIC kids.  At least I know I am.  I’m a teacher and I do it all the time.  Yes, I TRIC them and I’m proud of it! A few years ago I was talking with one of the (many) administrators I have worked with in my 12 years and he […]

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Tweet I had to “go”, so I put down my paintbrush, excused myself from the table and found the bathroom.   It was small, but cute, and of course it was all painted.  We were, after all on a Teacher Field Trip in a pottery shop, painting pottery to be fired and brought home.  The mural […]

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School Struggling & Shut-Down Learners: The Other Side of the Creative Coin

Tweet Ever since I first heard of Dr. Selznick’s book, The Shut-Down Learner, I have been in contact with this amazing educator!   Reading it has changed my perspective on many of my students.  @DrSelz has devoted his career to helping children who struggle in school  find their way to success and realize their potential.  Here, […]

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I Remember You

Tweet Heard this song before?  It’s one of my all time favorites: hard, passionate, rockin’, beautiful; it hits me to the core every time I hear it bringing me back to a time when guitar solos ruled the radio.  It had no less of an effect on me the other day when it came on […]

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