What’s the Tweet?

Why Twitter?
Twitter is an amazing way to get in contact with great educators. There are thousands of educators from around the world on Twitter. It’s like the largest, professional teacher lounge. Everyone is kind and motivating. You’ve GOT to try it. Not convinced yet? Check THIS out or THIS.

Do you tweet? Excellent, join us for the live discussion using your Twitter handle.

Not a tweep yet? No worries, we’ll get you started!

To join our discussion here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get a Twitter account. www.twitter.com
  2. On the night of the twitter chat, go to www.tweetchat.com and make sure you are signed in using your Twitter name and password.
  3. In the top cell, type in “edulead” This is called a hashtag and it will be attached to all your tweets so that what you tweet is attached to our stream of comments.
  4. When the chat begins, you can read and respond to what others say or “retweet” what they wrote if you agreed with them. We will surely walk you through the chat at the beginning.


This Blog was a FEATURED edBLOG in September!  Yay!!  Check out the official Tweet:

The Inspired Classroom is on Twitter (and Facebook too!)  There is always a lot of action on these social media networks.  Here you can see some of the resources that come out of both.

Arts Integration Chats on Twitter

Here is an archive of Twitter chats dedicated to discussing Arts Integration with fellow Tweeps! Click on the link to see the transcripts of these insightful and helpful chats.

AEP (Arts Education Partnership), a national organization, is embracing the practice of succinct communication through a Twitter Chat.  On Thursday, August 9th at 1:00 pm as we started to define arts integration in 25 words or less.  Moderators: @creativityassoc, @aep_arts, and @eliza_peterson

#artsed chat Feb. 3, 2011 7 pm EST topic How the arts are connected to 21c Learning

#ntchat August 25, 2010 with guest moderator Elizabeth Peterson (@eliza_peterson)

#artsed chat August 12, 2010

#edchat September 14, 2010 “If the Arts are essential for complete education, where are they reflected?”

#musedchat July 19, 2010 This is a post by @ that summarizes the chat on “Teaching Music Across the Curriculum”.

Great Tweets that Lead to Posts

Here are some posts that have come across our screen due to awesome tweets or other means.  We think these are worth your read!

Review of Elizabeth’s book Inspired by Listening by @butwait.

The announcement post that The Inspired Classroom blog was the featured edBlog of the week in September 2010 by @mrplough07.

Read this article about Winner and Hetland’s study on “How the Arts Deepen Students’ Thinking”. Interesting comments at the end.

Twice, Paige V. Baggett @PvBaggett wrote response posts to ones written by Elizabeth.  Here is a listing of the posts hosted here and her responses: