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The 3 Secrets to Integrating the ARTs with SEL

Learn how to integrate the arts with social-emotional learning using strategies that will

empower YOU to effectively reach and teach your students!

In this webinar, you will learn:

The most practical and effective ways to integrate the arts into your students’ social-emotional learning.


How to start implementing SEAL – Social-Emotional Artistic Learning.


Two SEAL strategies that are teacher favorites!


SEAL activity ideas you can use right away.


Why YOU are the most important part of your classroom!

Our Students are Struggling

They are coming to us with so many social-emotional needs and until we address them, head on, their learning will suffer.

Arts Integration is a naturally engaging approach to learning and it certainly can reach people’s emotions whether they are creating, performing, responding or connecting to an art.

Now it’s Up to YOU!

You can empower your own teaching with integrated strategies that specifically target social-emotional competencies such as self-awareness, self-management, showing empathy, building relationships, being socially aware and making good decisions.

It’s time to learn how to explicitly utilize Social-Emotional Artistic Learning techniques to reach and teach your students!

This Webinar is a

Must Attend if…

You have students who are struggling with their social-emotional development.

You know the arts are a powerful tool for learning.

You want your students to develop their SEL competencies and engage in their academic learning.

You are ready to empower yourself to reach and teach your students through Social-Emotional Artistic Learning!

A Personal Invitation . . .

I’ve been working with arts integration from the moment I became a teacher!

Now, 20+ years later, I know that the arts are one of the most effective ways to engage students in their learning, helping them to own the content, understand concepts and practice skills.

Problem is, for the past few years, my students have been struggling more and more.  Not just with their academics, but with their social and emotional development.

It has been through the ARTs and Social-Emotional Artistic Learning that I have been able to reach and teach my students, working with them and helping improve their social-emotional skills one SEAL strategy at a time!

I can’t wait to share them with you!

See you then in the webinar,