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Building Relationships: 3 Tips

Many teachers don’t spend enough time building relationships in their classroom for a variety of reasons.  And relationships are the key to having a productive and safe learning environment!

There are simple things you can do throughout your day and all year long to build lasting relationships with your students.  Here are 3 things you should be doing every day to keep building relationships with your students.

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✔️ Implement creative SEL activities without adding more to your plate.

✔️ Create a safe and supportive learning environment where your students can open up, even if you’re teaching online!

✔️ Avoid the most common mistakes teachers make when integrating the arts with SEL so that you can feel calm and confident in your approach.

✔️ Execute a variety of artistic experiences for your students even if you don’t think you are an artist (or musician or dancer or thespian!)

✔️ Start your day off with positivity and purpose so that you can tackle even the toughest of days.

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