Testimonials - The Inspired Classroom

From Teachers

Everything I learn from Elizabeth comes alive within my classroom helping me to reach all learners.

Marianne Nicol-Curry

Early Education Teacher

This is definitely something I will use in my classroom with the lesson plan base to guide me. This is for the layman teacher that doesn’t have a background in music. It allows you to bring music into your program without being a specialist.

Joyce Combe

2nd Grade Teacher

As a language arts teacher, I sometimes forget the “art” part of my curriculum.  This book reminded me that I could incorporate music and the arts into my everyday lessons.”

Teaching the parts of speech in my language arts class can often be a grueling and difficult task.  I’ve used the tools from Inspired by Listening to make grammar exciting again by incorporating music that the kids love.

Jennifer AC Nadeau

7-White Language Arts Teacher

This is an excellent resource that is classroom teacher-friendly even for those without a musical background but who are seeking to integrate a purposeful love for music into their curriculum.

Melissa Brown

5th Grade Teacher

Educational Professionals

Whether you teach social studies, math, English or all three, Inspired by Listening shows you how to integrate music into your curriculum with easy to create lessons for students of all ages. All you need to do is create the mood whether it’s a rainy Friday afternoon, Monday morning, or better still, every day!

Judy DeFilippo

Professor, Simmons College

I am most impressed by the integration of musical and other teaching goals. You have given an excellent example of music, both for its own sake and as a tool for enhancing other skills. The balance, use of age-appropriate activities and modalities, and quality of work is outstanding.

Stephanie Grenadier

Professor, “Arts and Learning” Graduate Program, Endicott College, Beverly, Massachusetts

Your curriculum is very strong. Your evolution of Active Listening is notably credible, with transferable skills beyond the immediate curriculum. You are teaching to the “whole” person by including all the senses.

Enid E. Larsen

Assistant Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies, Endicott College, School of Graduate and Professional Studies, Beverly, Massachusetts

From Parents of Former Students

I am very impressed with the attention spent on listening to and learning music in the classroom. My son likes to select music to listen to and sits in our living room while actively listening. I am amazed at how well he remembers songs.

Kathy S.


This has been a year full of music for my daughter. Your emphasis on music has opened a new world. Your class has definitely increased her appreciation for a variety of music. I do believe she has a better understanding of the complexity of music and will stop to identify a song or a composer. She has enjoyed the way you have brought music into the classroom!

Beth C.