An SEL program that takes up class time is

NOT what your teachers need.

You need to teach social-emotional skills in real and creative ways!

It’s time to Teach SEAL! 

teach SEAL

Why SEAL?  Why Now?

Your students are struggling with their social-emotional well being . . . and the pandemic is making things worse. 

SEAL is a proactive approach to explicitly teach social-emotional skills through the arts. 

It couples the naturally differentiating, highly engaging and emotionally charged power of the arts with the high need of developing students’ social-emotional competencies.

How is SEAL so effective?

Teachers are your best resources for implementing social-emotional learning and SEAL strategies.

Educator training in SEAL focuses first on the teacher: engaging him or her in the many possibilities of how to integrate SEAL into his or her classroom. Our first conversation is on “How to be a SEAL Teacher” through care, connection and creativity. From there, teachers will learn strategies that will work for them, their teaching style, their schedule and, most importantly, their particular group of students. 

Through SEAL, teachers learn the most effective and creative ways to naturally engage their students throughout the school day and help them develop those skills they so desperately need.

    Student coloring emotions

    “SEAL makes me feel calm and happy.”

    ~ Fourth Grade Student

    MS students photos

    “I get to see things from other perspectives.”

    ~ Seventh Grade Student

    What happens when you Teach SEAL?

    You learn how to:

    • Care for your own SEL needs as a caring teacher.
    • Establish arts-based SEL routines in your classroom.
    • Effectively Integrate the National Core Arts Standards with all 5 of CASEL’s SEL competencies.
    • Embed artistic SEAL strategies into your classroom to help students develop SEL skills.
    • Transform your own lessons into SEAL lessons

    When you are empowered with SEAL,

    you make a difference in your students’ lives every day!

    Here are your options for learning how to Teach SEAL!

    SEAL Teacher Certification


    Transform your teaching when you define your role as a certified SEAL teacher and journey through this course. You’ll participate in many hands-on artistic experiences that will evolve your teaching as you dig deep into many SEAL integrations.

    Enroll in this course if you want the full experience of what SEAL can do for your students and for YOU!


    or 6 payments of $87

     What’s Included:

    • Lifetime access to all the video lessons, activities and SEAL strategies that will take you on the full journey to becoming a SEAL Teacher
    • SEAL Teacher Certification course workbook
    • Simple SEAL Integrations Resource
    • 45 PD hours or upgrade to 3 graduate credits
    • Get Certified as a SEAL Teacher

    Plus these bonuses:

    • Access to the SEAL Teacher Community
    • Monthly Q&A Sessions
    • Friendly Friday Handbook
    • Quarterly Guest Expert Workshops in the arts and SEL
    • 11 Video Series: Teach SEAL Remotely


    Send a group of teachers together through either SEAL course and get the chance to opt for additional group sessions and guidance!

    Enroll teachers in this option if you want a united approach to implementing SEAL into your department, school or district!

    Group Rates

    The more you send, the more you save!

    5 What’s Included:

    • Discounts when you enroll more than one person from your school or district into SEAL Teacher Training. (See group rate schedule)
    • 12 months’ access to whichever course you decide to enroll
    • All the resources and bonuses for that course

    Plus these additional opportunities (extra charges apply):

    • Additional Live SEAL Sessions built just for your group of 10 or more
    • Planning and debriefing sessions with an administrator or leadership team to help with effective implementation for your group of 10 or more

    Pricing Scale for SEAL Courses:

    • 5-9 Teachers 5% discount
    • 10 or more Teachers 10% discount

    Please click the link below, fill out the form and we will send you information on how to complete your order.

    Feel free to reach out to with any questions!

    Thank you for your interest in SEAL!

    Here’s what other teachers have to say about taking an online SEAL course!

    I get it!  I live this!  I’m a teacher too!


    You probably don’t need any convincing… 

    Students learn best when their social-emotional needs are met.

    And you probably understand that the ARTs can help address MANY of these social-emotional needs!

    My name’s Elizabeth Peterson. I have over 21 years of implementing arts integration and SEAL strategies into my own classroom and teaching other teachers what it truly means to teach SEAL.

    Now I want to share the power of SEAL with you and your school!

    The key is with the teachers! 

    Through SEAL, teachers learn the most effective and creative ways to naturally engage their students and help them develop those SEL skills.

    When teachers feel empowered with SEAL, they make a difference in their students’ lives every day!



    Click the Image to Download and Print the Information


    SEAL one pager for admin

    What is it about SEAL?

    All your teachers want is for their students – their kids – to be happy and engaged in their curriculum.  And yet, there is so much getting in the way.  From testing pressures and  family issues to disjointed learning and the pandemic, our students are struggling more now than ever before.  As much as your teachers want to help, they just don’t know where to start.

    Through SEAL, teachers will learn the most effective, practical and creative ways to naturally engage their students and help them develop the social-emotional skills they need.  Our SEAL courses take teachers through the 3 Waves that will transform their teaching. 

    🌊 In Wave One we look at the SEAL Teacher Mindset as we focus on both how to build lasting relationships with students and how to care for the teacher’s social-emotional well-being.

    🌊 🌊 In Wave Two we discover the many methods of bringing SEAL into the classroom without layering more on top of what teachers already do.

    Finally in 🌊  🌊  🌊  Wave Three we experience the SEAL Integrations that bring the arts and SEL together!

    Enroll in a SEAL course individually or as a group so that you can bring amazing, creative experiences to your students. 

    Stop wondering what the best course of action is for your teachers and students and give your teachers the best shot they have at helping their kids.

    When teachers feel empowered with SEAL,

    they make a difference in their students’ lives every day!

    SEAL’s Path is CLEAR!

    • Get the Right Mindset – Discover what it means to teach SEAL and explore the power SEAL can have in your classroom.
    • Set up the Methods – There are many ways you can implement SEAL into your teaching that will work for your style, your schedule and your students’ needs!
    • Implement the Integrations that Work – Fully engage your students with activities and lessons that will benefit them the most.

    When teachers feel empowered with SEAL,

    they make a difference in their students’ lives every day!




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