SEAL Retreats for Educators

We have two options for SEAL retreats: our annual Winter SEAL retreat and SEAL retreats you can schedule for your team or staff.

Social-Emotional Artistic Learning

This is the home page with general information about our SEAL Retreats.
Teaching our students about Wellness and developing their Social and Emotional needs is becoming more and more necessary. The ARTS can be an integral part of this learning for them. During our time, we will explore how a variety of arts can be integrated into what we do with students to promote Wellness and the SEL Competencies.

As always, this PD is Teacher-Centered, meaning we will experience these art forms for ourselves and how they can develop our own Social-Emotional Competencies. After all, our motto remains that we need to GET Inspired in order to BE Inspiring!

Two Ways to Attend the SEAL Retreat!

Come this Winter!

Attend this winter’s annual SEAL Retreat with amazing educators!

Come as a Staff!

Schedule a SEAL Retreat for your team or staff!

Winter Retreat Highlights

SEAL Retreats are OVERNIGHT!
Check-in on a Friday at 5:00pm,. Check-out on Saturday at 4:00pm.
Amazing Location

  • Essex Woods Retreat and Meeting Center, Essex, MA
  • Beautiful location and we have the place all to ourselves
  • Includes lodging in the same building as or steps from our workshops

Meals are Included!
  • Freshly prepared dinner on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday
  • Snacks and drinks throughout the weekend
Focus of the Retreat
  • SEAL!!!  The entire retreat will be focused on Social-Emotional Artistic Learning strategies to be used with students.
  • Hands-On Art Activities!  SEAL takes the best of what true arts integration has to offer.  The arts provide a naturally differentiated approach for all the retreaters.  All the art activities and projects are carefully thought-out and chosen to meet the criteria of SEAL.
  • Educator-Centered!  YOU will experience all ideas and activities presented at each workshop.  This retreat is as much for your SEAL as it will be for your students.
  • Community Building!  As colleagues, you will retreat together, create and bond in new ways.  This is the BEST thing you can do for your students!
  • There’s a large hot tub and sauna to enjoy on Friday night.
  • We will take advantage of the large fire pit outside where we can drum!  (weather permitting)
  • A complete handout will be provided that includes all the activities completed as well as the arts standards and corresponding SEL Competencies touched upon during the retreat.  This is a great resource to use in your classroom!
  • Every retreater will get a special retreater gift upon arrival.
  • You will get access to a special WTAR19 Retreater Playlist so you can enjoy your Friday commute to Essex Woods!
The price includes all workshops, double occupancy lodging, 3 meals, all materials and bonuses.  Each retreater will be awarded 12 professional development hours.  For an additional fee, (and 3 additional hours online), you can earn 1 graduate credit to be used for recertification and/or salary advancement.

Workshops and Instructors

Elizabeth Peterson, C.A.G.S. (Arts, Leadership and Learning) arts integration specialist, elementary teacher and founder of The Inspired Classroom has been designing Teacher-Centered PD for years.  Her philosophy is steeped in the idea that teachers need to be inspired in order to be inspiring to their students.  She will lead the retreat from the beginning to the end, intertwining the ideas of Wellness and the SEL Competencies into all the SEAL activities.

Each year, other teachers and artists join Elizabeth to bring amazing SEAL workshops starting on Friday night.  In the evening, you are invited to enjoy the company of others with a glass of wine and take advantage of the retreat center’s hot tub and sauna.

Dinner is included on Friday evening and breakfast and lunch are prepared for us on Saturday.  Weather permitting we will have a special outdoor drumming circle.

Saturday will be filled with great SEAL experiences that you will want to bring back to your school, classroom or office.  Not to mention, you will get so much out of this for yourself!

We will end our time together as we reflect the SEAL activities that developed both arts skills and social-emotional competencies.  Discussions will be had about how this all plays out in our schools and classrooms: how our experiences with Teacher-Centered PD will feed what we do with our own students.