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Beethoven Quotes

Beethoven Quotes

It’s December, and that means we celebrate the birth of an amazing man, an amazing composer: Beethoven!  (Birthday – December 16th) Over the years, I have featured many ideas about Beethoven and how listening to and studying his works can integrate with...

Music IS Language

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Ask any musician or music lover and they will agree that music, is in and of itself, a language.  You can be literate in music.   And once this happens whether you become literate...

A Review for ME!

How excited I was when yesterday I saw a wonderful post by Shelley Krause @butwait about my book, Inspired by Listening: Teaching Your Curriculum While Actively Listening to Music.  This book is where is all started years ago when I decided to make music part of my...

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