Ordinary Things

Tweet My plan was to write a post this month having to do with staying positive in the classroom and I might still do that. But as I was watching the finale of The Office last night, the last words spoken by Pam Halpert really stayed with me. There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary […]

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Detach and Choose

Tweet So, what’s the most popular thing to write about this week?  Yep – New Year’s resolutions.  The posts and articles are everywhere and here I am adding to the mix. In class, I am having my students reflect on their pasts and presents in order to visualize what they want for themselves in the […]

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Homework's Audience and Purpose

Tweet It’s a necessary writing strategy: know your audience and purpose.  Well, in my latest educontemplation about homework, I’ve been thinking more and more about audience and purpose when it comes to homework. Purpose – Purpose is what drives a writer.  Are you entertaining, informing, persuading or expressing an idea?  (Your basic 4th grade lesson […]

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Revising Homework

Tweet Over the last few, well, years, I have been really contemplating homework: Why do we give it?  What good is it doing?  What level of quality are we getting back?  Who is taking it seriously? In short, I have come to this sad realization that homework seems to be a more of a hassle […]

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Trust the Process – From Mourning to Light

Tweet I was first introduced to this phrase when I was getting my masters in Arts and Learning from Endicott College.  My inspiring professor, Stephanie Grenadier, put these words (from Shaun McNiff’s book) into motion for me.  She showed me what they meant by allowing me to follow my own creative process through my classes […]

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Imitation – It's Part of the Process

Tweet When you think of the creative process – a learning process – you may think that the person involved needs to be inspired by something and that they are constantly coming up with creative original material.  But that is not always the case, nor should it be.  In fact, I am a firm believer […]

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You Just Can't Skip the Process

Tweet A windy road, A straight shot. Hills and valleys, Easy peasy… Regardless of how we get there – it’s a process! Have you ever been in a situation where you knew where you wanted to go, you just had to get there?  Maybe you needed to complete a task and there were a dozen […]

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Learning through the Creative Process

Tweet My experience with the creative process is quite personal.  I started to experience it when I was getting my master’s degree in Arts and Learning from Endicott College.  It was during those courses in the various art forms that I was able to take the time to work through projects, persevere through mistakes and […]

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…but I’m not an artist…

Tweet I hear this a lot and have often found myself saying it as well. But after years of dabbling in this and that, I’ve stopped. After trying things out, failing and still enjoying myself, I’ve stopped. All it took was the right people allowing me to explore my own creative side, teaching me a […]

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