Free Thinking

…When I look at this list, a structure forms. I see how I can organize my thoughts around this broad topic. This organization didn’t come to me at first, as it often does not for my students. They too need the freedom to explore and make their own connections. I, like my students, was given a mission, a goal, an assignment. I know my destination, but the journey is up to me. Freedom in structure…

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Drum Circle

Tweet One of the best ways to illustrate freedom in structure is in a drum circle. Here, a leader starts by drumming an ostinato or rhythm that is repeated over and over. Then the others in the circle begin to play. Some play alongside the leader, others play their own creations, adding their own creative […]

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Children's Freedom in a Classroom Structure

Tweet It is most important in my teaching for my students to have freedom to think, freedom of movement, and the freedom to be responsible for themselves, their work and their relationships. I want this to happen each day in my classroom as we work through the curriculum, snack, specials, lunch and recess. To achieve […]

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Jazzy DADA

Tweet This month we celebrate POETRY and JAZZ. Here is an activity I would like to share with you that you can use immediately with your students to celebrate jazz, poetry and promote freedom in structure! DADA poetry was first written by artists and poets in Paris France. They clipped words from newspapers, scrambled them […]

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Guest Blogger – Beth Cavalier

Tweet Beth Cavalier grew up in Exeter, NH with her parents and two younger sisters. She graduated from Boston College in 1995 with a degree in Political Science. Working in a private pre-school in Connecticut after graduating inspired her to pursue her teaching certificate in special education at Westfield State College. After working in the […]

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Erosion Blues

Tweet This past week, my students and I had a great experience as we created a makeshift recording studio in our school and recorded an original piece of music: The Erosion Blues. It is a great example of integration, collaboration and freedom in structure. Integration: The blues was meant to be a culminating project for […]

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What is Freedom in Structure?

Tweet Freedom in structure is something we can give our students, our children, ourselves and others. It is laying the foundation and allowing for creativity. As a parent, I know that I’m supposed to set the ground rules for my kids, that children NEED structure, WANT structure. (That’s what all the books and online articles […]

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