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Teachers of the Future

The education system is in a state of change. As modern-day society develops, the educational facilities in place plan to evolve as well; hopefully further away from standardized testing measures and closer towards a more personalised style of learning where students...
Blueberries and Students

Blueberries and Students

Blueberries are in season and they are on my mind.  Actually, they are in my fridge, in my pancakes, and my plan is to make a pie this week with the ones my kids and I will be picking soon. Last week, I wrote about how the arts are like blueberries – fold them...

Technology Every Day

Today, I am happy to bring you Cathy Brophy: a great friend, former colleague and important member of my PLN.  Her approach to being Tech Integrator is that of service to the teachers and in turn to the students.  She wants teachers to find a comfort with technology...

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