Community Built Through the Arts

Tweet One very effective way to build community in the classroom is through the arts.  You may be an arts teacher or a general ed teacher, a special ed teacher, a musician, an arist or not.  It doesn’t matter!  If you have a group of students in your room then using the arts to build […]

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Creating a Safe Learning Environment

Tweet Why is it important to create a sense of community in your classroom?  Easy – it helps with everything, all year.  When students feel like they are part of a community, they are more apt to participate in activities, contribute to discussions and work hard.  They take pride in what they do, because they […]

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A Sense of Community

Tweet The sense of community can be an essential piece to a successful classroom.  Nearly all teachers strive to create community in their classrooms in the first weeks of school and try to keep that feel throughout the year.  But how? I’ve talked to many teachers about this topic and we all seem to agree […]

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New Website is Almost Ready

Tweet I am so excited about the new website I am building through WordPress.  YAY!  It’s almost ready to launch and the only thing that will hold it back a few days/weeks will be connecting it to our actual domain name of  If you want a sneaky peak, here is where the new website […]

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TIC – A New Beginning

Tweet This may ramble a little – just need to get some thoughts out… For a leadership class I am currently enrolled in, I am to assess the environment I hope to change. Right now, I am in the middle of doing some reading and developing a survey. This is not easy. I feel like […]

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