Is it bad that…?

Tweet Is it bad that now that our state testing is over I feel like a teacher again?  As my students were testing Tuesday and Wednesday, I was free to do some work.  As I sat at my desk, obliged to ignore any questions the students may have about the content of the test,  I […]

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Get Mad – But Not at the Schools

Tweet Have you seen this yet?  It’s a letter sent to parents by Ellen Best-Laimit, the interim principal of Harley Avenue Primary School in Elwood, N.Y., and four kindergarten teachers stating that due to “more rigorous learning standards,” an end of the year kindergarten play is to be cancelled.  (You may be interested in reading […]

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Helping Students Deal with Test Anxiety

Tweet “Tis the season for summative assessments.  As report cards go out and the holidays approach, it is time for teachers to think about testing kids on their skills.  Here are some thoughts to consider.  ~EMP Summative assessment is just as important as formative assessment, as both are necessary for effective instruction and planning. Although […]

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Developing Learners

Tweet Guest bloggers on The Inspired Classroom and I have often touched upon personal philosophies of education.  These philosophies have ranged from technology to special ed, to education and teaching in general.  My first written philosophy of ed (from about 13 years ago) compared teaching to gardening, and I was brought back to those images […]

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Creating Common Formative Assessments

Tweet In my last post, “Common Formative Assessments Built by PLCs,” I talked about what common formative assessments are as a reflection of my reading Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work – New Insights for Improving Schools (DuFour, DuFour, Eaker, 2008).   But you may be wondering WHY you would do this.  I’d like to explore […]

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Common Formative Assessments Built by PLCs

Tweet PLCs are Professional Learning Communities made up of teachers who work together in a professional environment to discuss student work and help student learning. This year, I joined a book club at my school that is reading Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work – New Insights for Improving Schools (DuFour, DuFour, Eaker, 2008).  Throught […]

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The Grades are IN

Tweet I just finished posting my grades for report cards which will be going out on Wednesday.  What a relief!  But it is often with a hesitant click, that I post those final grades.  Did I put enough time in?  Did I miss anything?  Did I write enough in the comments?  Will the parents agree?  […]

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No Free Rides: Assessment in the Arts

Tweet Rachel Evans, today’s guest blogger, is a passionate artist and teacher.  Her post will prove this.  When it comes to the arts, Rachel knows students need to be held accountable.  Read on for some great insights into arts assessment as well as assessment ideas.  Be sure to follow Rachel on Twitter. ~EMP It’s no […]

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Freedom in Assessment

Tweet Assessment is where I am feeling the least free within the structure we have in our district. Our mandated reading and math assessments are so comprehensive and numerous that to create new, performance based assessments would be counterproductive to student learning. However, my teammates and I enjoying working within the science and social studies […]

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