Studio Days (book)

Studio Days in the Classroom

Arts-Based, Student-Centered and Common Core-Aligned

Give your students experiences in the creative process.

Create. Reflect. Discover.

The 3 components of Studio Days:

  1. Students are given ample time to create something original.
  2. Students reflect on the creative process through discussions and questions.
  3. Students begin to discover more about themselves as learners through thoughtful reflection time.

Studio Days provide students of all ages the chance to persevere in a safe, creative environment.  With Studio Days you can give your students creative experiences in music, visual art, movement, storytelling, photography, poetry and more while aligning what you do to the Common Core.  What’s more, your students will start to discover more about themselves as learners through thoughtful reflection.

Elizabeth has provided the theory behind her concept of Studio Days as well as a complete introduction on how to get them started with your students.  Each Studio Day lesson plan has been used in the classroom and includes both the National Arts Standards and Common Core Standards, ways to share creative work, reflection questions for students, extension ideas, and links to additional resources.  Regardless of whether you teach first grade or twelfth grade, Studio Days provide unique, authentic learning experiences for your students.


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What are educators saying about Studio Days?

from Science, Photography and Haiku Studio Day

Elizabeth’s latest book “Studio Days” is a must-read for anyone who is looking to give students true control of their learning and enrich their classroom experience. This book does an outstanding job of outlining one of the hallmarks of any good teaching: getting students to go through and be reflective of their personal learning process. The studio day lessons shared here are authentic to the creative process and make excellent connections beyond the content areas to truly provide students with a meaningful and rich opportunity to explore their unique potential. These lessons can be used in both the “traditional classroom” or as an arts integration classroom with success and the parallels that Elizabeth makes to the Common Core Standards make them even more critical in today’s evolving learning environments. I highly recommend this book to any educator who wants to engage their students in rigorous, creative and process-based learning!”

Susan Riley
Arts Integration Specialist
This book gives a fantastic glimpse into the world of educational progress.   The breadth and depth of every student’s experience is expanded by the techniques explained in this book.


What students can synthesize and express through Studio Days goes far beyond what occurs during a “traditional” lesson, and throughout the process, students interact, engage, express, and learn – everything a teacher strives to achieve!

After experiencing Studio Days, my students said that it was the most fun, interesting, and in-depth learning experience that they have ever had.”

Dara Merz
HS English Teacher

from Movement and Wellness Studio Day

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This book (Studio Days) is easy to navigate.  It is something you can just pick up and use.”
Dee Vachon
2nd Grade Teacher
Elizabeth Peterson’s work represents the collected wisdom of a skilled and compassionate practitioner. While so many of us have longed for learning spaces that support childrens’ creativity and need for reflection, Elizabeth has created those spaces through her Studio Days, and then documented her practice for others to draw on. A classroom teacher herself, Elizabeth has allowed herself be inspired by her students; you’ll be inspired, too, when you’ve got your own copy of Studio Days in hand!”
Shelley Krause
College Counselor & Storyteller

from Drama and Reading with Norman Rockwell

My grade-nine English students were in desperate need of a fresh way to connect meaningfully to the literature we were reading, so I enrolled in Elizabeth Peterson’s Arts Integration course, used some of her Studio Day ideas and luckily found my muse. Music, art, theater, and movement are sometimes treated as “add-on” activities by educators or may be viewed as “filler time” geared toward young children. However, my high school students fully embraced the experience of learning in a subject area and an art form simultaneously. My students read, painted, wrote, sang, blogged, and acted their way through Homer’s The Odyssey, for example, and these students came away really knowing the material by living it. Students created visual art to show their understanding of setting and character, music to show an understanding of conflict and plot, and drama to show understanding of motifs and themes. During the next school year, I plan to integrate the arts into a few more units of study because it was so successful. By planning thoughtful essential questions, activities, assignments, and rubrics, I was able to make arts integration rigorous and age-appropriate for older students. I envision arts integration as one of the many excellent approaches to educating all students.”

Jennifer Daileanes

HS English Teacher

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