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Teacher Art Retreat
The Teacher Art Retreat is a three day experience for you to relax and work within the arts. Each workshop is built for you to try new methods and reinvent previous skills, all while integrating different art forms into what you do with students. Participants always remark about how amazingly good they feel during and after the retreat. This is teacher-centered PD - Don't miss out! All educators are welcome.
Price: $275.00

Registration Rates :
3 Graduate Credits
Register for the Teacher Art Retreat and then add this to your cart to register for 3 graduate credits through Adams State University under the instruction of Elizabeth Peterson. This will be a hybrid course where the face-to-face time will be during the retreat (8:00-5:00 each day) and the other hours will be completed online. Students will be required to do readings and activities, reflective work and implementation work using ideas and strategies from the retreat.
Price: $450.00
Inspired by Listening book
This Complete Resource for classroom teachers and music teachers includes information, activities to advance students’ listening skills, ready-to-use lesson plans for both art and core curriculum based lessons, vocabulary usage, project ideas, reproducible worksheets, rubrics and a list of practical resources you can use to implement active listening strategies into your curriculum. Suggestions for teacher collaboration are provided to encourage integration of subject areas. 8 1/2 X 11, perfect bound, 174 pages, ISBN# 0-9638595-5-2
Price: $20.00
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Integrating the Works of Norman Rockwell into Reading Instruction
Integrating the Works of Norman Rockwell into Reading Instruction
Teach your students reading strategies using the wonderful works from a beloved American painter, Norman Rockwell. Students will be drawn in by his realistic and detailed artwork as they practice such skills as drawing conclusions and deciphering fact and opinion. Included are the detailed activities and reproducibles needed to implement these integrated strategies as well as information on how to introduce the paintings into your teaching. (35 pages)
Price: $4.95
Celebrate Ludwig van Beethoven in the Classroom
Celebrate Ludwig van Beethoven in the Classroom
This eResource is built for any teacher who enjoys music, especially that of Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven is one of the world’s most beloved composers of all time. Now, you can integrate the music and the man into other areas of the curriculum. This resource was created using activities and materials used in classrooms by students of all ages. Now it is compiled and ready to be used by you and your students. From reading to math, penmanship to performance, students are sure to enjoy the activities that are embedded in this 24 page arts integration eResource!
Price: $3.95
Studio Days in the Classroom (book)
Studio Days provide students of all ages the chance to persevere in a safe, creative environment. Elizabeth has provided the theory behind her concept of Studio Days as well as a complete introduction on how to get them started with your students. Each Studio Day lesson plan has been used in the classroom and includes both the National Arts Standards and Common Core Standards, ways to share creative work, reflection questions for students, extension ideas, and links to additional resources. Regardless of whether you teach first grade or twelfth grade, Studio Days provide unique, authentic learning experiences for your students. 8 1/2 X 11, perfect bound, 70pgs, ISBN# 978-0-9859051-0-1
Price: $17.00
Independent Project Series - Poetry Project
Independent Project Series - Poetry Project
In this independent project, students will create and study poetry for a period of time. This project is differentiated through work level and reading level and is great for Poetry Month (April) or any time of the year. Use this for individual students or your entire class. Included are teacher instructions for implementation of both appreciation and creation of poetry, explanation of easy, yet creative poetic forms to introduce to your students, reproducibles and engaging activities for students, a rubric for assessment, plus live links to other resources. Part of the Independent Project Series for grades 3-12 (14 pages)
Price: $3.95


  1. Rebeca Bryant says:

    Thank you again Elizabeth for sharing.

  2. Linda Candib says:

    I am part of the connectivity conference. Please send me the Norman Rockell ebook. Thanks.

  3. Hello Elizabeth,
    Just finished your presentation at the Connectivity 2013 online conference and it was wonderful!
    I am sending along my e-mail address per your instructions.
    Thank you so much for a most enjoyable and informative session.
    Pat Hawkridge

  4. Great presentation on Connectivity 13. Thanks for presenting ‘authentic’ music integration, and thanks for the reminder to maintain the integrity of the art form.

  5. Carol Brown says:

    Look forward to getting your Norman Rockwell book. Another presenter today also referenced his work as arts fodder for CCSS ELA & Literacy.

  6. Jeanette Hansen says:

    Thanks for your presentation. I am especially interested in getting your Norman Rockwell e- book especially since I had great success using his painting of Ruby Bridges as part of a literature unit this year.

  7. Thank you all for your kind words and comments! I will be in contact very soon. Please let me know if I can help you out with any resources for your classrooms and schools. ~Elizabeth

  8. I have enjoyed browsing through your website. I am a retired primary school teacher and musician. Now author of children’s books about music.
    The seemingly small selection of stories about music available, for the home and the classroom – inspired me to write my own. Fun fascinating stories about music that educate and entertain children of different ages. What I like to call – old fashioned stories that sneak a musical education in the background.
    I am hoping you may be interested in having a look at the books available on my website. They are different – but have stood the test of being used in the classroom.
    cheers Chrissy

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