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“Be the Teacher

Your Students NEED…

. . .and the teacher you want to be!”

Discover the method that empowers YOU to calm classroom behaviors, build community and ease teacher burnout without requiring you to implement an entire program that takes up precious class time. 

(This is for real!  And you get to be creative too!)

“This course has led me back to my true self and has given my teaching a much needed boost.”

Jennifer G

5th Grade Teacher

“SEAL is an excellent way to incorporate social emotional learning into your classroom without adding another ‘curriculum.’ It adapts to your students and your classroom environment.”

Johanna Ellis

K Teacher

Your students (and YOU) deserve the best environment to learn!

And yet . . .

➡️ You’re concerned about students who are anxious and disconnected.  

➡️ You struggle with behavior issues that lead to less time on learning.  

➡️ You feel the stress and overwhelm of teaching and find it challenging to maintain your own mindfulness and sanity.  

➡️ You want a classroom that genuinely cultivates a community of supportive and encouraging learners.

🌟You need proven strategies that build a CARING and CREATIVE learning environment!🌟

SEAL doesn’t just give you quick ideas to use, it:

Establishes creative routines that keep your classroom learning in flow!

Helps you manage classroom behaviors before they even happen! 

Prevents BIG emotions by fostering strong bonds between you and your students AND peer-to-peer!

Creates a vibrant, captivating learning space by infusing the benefits of the ARTS into your teaching toolkit.

And… it does all of this while it empowers YOU to take charge of your own well-being in the classroom and beyond!

Just look 👀 where SEAL: Social-Emotional Artistic Learning has been featured!

Have you been here?

For the last few years, have you noticed that students are coming to class with BIG emotions?  You have students that are shutting down or acting up 2-3 times a week and are unable to do the work you know they are capable of. 😫📝

It’s not that your students don’t want to learn… 

It’s that if your students are stressed out, triggered, or coping with trauma…they can’t learn. 🚫📚

You’re left feeling like you’re always reacting to the issues that come up in class and can’t seem to prevent them from happening in the first place. 😔🙅‍♂️

And even when you know something is wrong with a student, you’re afraid of unleashing Pandora’s box in the middle of class. 😬📦


The #1 Mistake Worn Out Teachers Keep Making

When the behaviors and BIG emotions continue, you might just tell your students to calm down or take a breath and then end up yelling students’ names across the room.

(But this doesn’t give you the result you wanted.)

And then comes Mistake #2…

In an attempt to help your students, you take the time each week to teach from the SEL program your district has given you. (After all, this must be the answer, right?)

So, you deliver lessons in isolation and wonder if what you’re presenting is even sinking in. . . 

But that’s like giving a kid a YouTube video to watch when they want to learn how to ride a bike!

The kid wants to ride a bike!

Thing is – You’ll spend a LOT of time teaching,

but your students just won’t be able to apply what they’re “learning!”

Teaching social-emotional skills through typical SEL programs just doesn’t work

…at least not by itself.

So many worn out teachers recognize that what they are currently doing is just not working.  Not to mention, this is robbing teachers of the time on learning everyone is so worried about! 

In fact, until you start changing how you do things, these issues are not going to go away.  #realtalk  

And after 7 years of implementing the creative SEL strategies from SEAL into my own classroom and helping 100s of teachers do the same, it’s as clear and simple as this:

Your students need to learn these skills through the creative, hands-on experiences YOU provide for them!

 Your classroom NEEDS to be a place where students experience what it means to learn in a calm, caring and creative classroom. 

How else do you expect them to internalize and apply these skills that will help them in learning and life?

You see, when you keep trying a kindness activity here and there, or keep pressing play for students to watch a video about resilience, your students never really LEARN how to use these important skills! 

But… when YOU learn and master the skills of to how embed and integrate creative social-emotional strategies into your classroom, you transform how you teach and how your students learn!

SEAL: Social-Emotional Artistic Learning has helped 100s of teachers use creative SEL strategies and now it’s YOUR TURN!

What Makes SEAL Different?

It’s NOT a Program – SEAL is built to transform your teaching, not control it.  You won’t get a binder of sequenced lessons, where you read a script and press the play button on a video.  Instead, you will learn flexible creative strategies that will fit your schedule, your style and most importantly, your students’ needs!

It’s Teacher-Centered – Sure, your classroom should be student-centered, but your professional development needs to focus on YOU!  Inside SEAL Teacher Training, you go through many artistic experiences that will help you learn the strategies first-hand so that you can implement them successfully into your classroom!

It’s Arts-Based! – In order for students to be successful in their learning, they need hands-on experiences – even with SEL. 

The ARTS are the most effective way to give students the experiences they need to build social and emotional skills in the classroom.  SEAL provides for arts integrated learning!

Proven Results for Students & Teachers – Not only has SEAL worked for my own students over the past 7 years, but time and again, teacher after teacher exclaims the benefits of becoming a SEAL Teacher!  Be sure to check out the testimonial videos below!

But I Get It!

Thinking about learning a new way of doing thing, you might be thinking . . .

“But my school already has an SEL program.”

Well…. That’s actually a good thing!  Many schools have adopted an SEL program that they want their teachers (YOU) to implement.  But that just means that your district, school and administrator are on board for you to be at the cutting edge of what works to cultivate and maintain your students’ social and emotional well-being in the classroom!

What principal  wouldn’t want you to be the best teacher you can be for your students?  Helping your students transition into their learning effectively and then focusing and engaging on their work?
Wouldn’t your principal love to see your students getting along and working together?

And smiling as they enter your room?

And using creative strategies to help themselves get ready for class?


The reality is that the more you can do to help your students become well-adjusted learners, the better! 

So, now that you see just how vital it is to provide students with these creative strategies that are based in the arts, you might feel a little intimidated by the word ARTS! 

😉 (Don’t worry.  I got you!)

If you’re like most who have come this far, you see the possibilities of giving your students creative experiences that will help them develop their social and emotional skills… but you may wonder,

“What if I’m not creative enough?” 🫤

What activities would I even use?

I can barely draw/sing/act/dance….

What if it doesn’t work for all my students?

And what will my principal say???”

It can sometimes seem so daunting that you just figure maybe this isn’t for you. And I get it. I’ve been training teachers in arts integration since 2005 and I’d like to share with you a little secret:

You can’t let your limitations limit your students.

Think about that one for a moment. If there is even just one student who can use just one single, simple movement strategy to transition into your classroom, wouldn’t you jump at the chance to use it?

#trueconfessiontime I’m no visual artist 🎨. In fact, my best work remains a stick figure. And yet, just because I can’t draw well, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t allow my students to use their visual art skills in my classroom.

There are ways to make this work, even if you are not a master in all (or even any) of the arts.

AND… You can start with the strategies that you like best, first.

(HA! – that was TWO secrets! 🤫)

There are just so many creative SEL strategies that you will learn inside the SEAL method, that you can’t go wrong!

Want to know what teaching with SEAL looks like? 

Press play to take a peek!

I mean just imagine what your principal will see when you open the door and invite them in!  

(Really, let’s imagine it for a moment…)


smiling faces . . . students calming their own big emotions . . . you tending to a student with care and compassion (and patience) . . . students greeting each other . . . peers working together . . . students calmly engaging on work . . . you happy that you’re a teacher!

Well, you don’t have to imagine ANYmore!

Introducing . . .

SEAL Teacher Training

The only professional development course that gives caring, creative teachers like YOU the tools, strategies & mindset so that you can strengthen your students’ social-emotional well-being in creative and artistic ways

that actually work!

With SEAL Teacher Training, you can accomplish all of this! 

Why? Because we have put the pieces together that create a holistic approach to teaching creative SEL through these four elements that fit together like a puzzle.

Instead of learning a single strategy or set of activities that are nice to have in your classroom, you’ll learn the entire method of bringing SEAL into your classroom.  Just like how you need all the pieces of a puzzle create the whole picture, you’ll learn the collection of elements that, when put together, help you to reach ALL your students!

“This course has inspired me as a teacher and an everyday person. The teacher-centered aspect, positive atmosphere, open communication, and ready to use strategies have made me feel more hopeful about teaching in this ever changing and challenging world.”
Deanne Carloni

Orchestra Teacher

Here’s what other teachers are saying about SEAL Teacher Training:

“I have never felt comfortable with my artistic ability. I would avoid creating art. During this course I thought that I would have to fake it until I could make it. I was continually surprised at how I felt as I was completing each activity. Memories would resurface, both good and bad with the music activity. The meditation and then painting activity brought forth feelings surrounding my cancer that I didn’t realize I was harboring, etc. These experiences allowed me to realize how powerful art experiences would be to my young students. Especially integrated with social emotional learning. I feel so lucky to have taken this course. You’re an amazing teacher, Elizabeth!”
SEAL Teacher 2018

Pre-K Teacher

“Love the flow of new ideas happening and the inner calm that is giving me strength to deal with the tough spots! It’s all coming from the work in this course!”
Stacie Greenland

Art Teacher

“When you take this course, you are treated like an adult.  No busy work.”
Carol Greene

School Nurse

“Signing up for the SEAL course was a first step…in taking a moment to strengthen myself as a teacher but also as a learner. There were moments of feeling awkward and others that felt empowering as I began to partake in activities that helped me become more aware of myself and my own “being.”

Taking the time to focus on my own well-being, putting myself in the shoes of my students and truly working to make connections, be available “in the moment” for my students and strengthen my understanding of social emotional learning has absolutely changed me and my classroom for the better.

Taking this SEAL class and focusing on PD for me – which also helps my students – has been a gift.”

Jill Mailloux


Overall, how well did this course meet your needs?


Extremely Well

How accessible was your instructor?


Extremely Accessible

How much did this course help to transform your teaching?


A Lot/A Great Deal

How applicable are the ideas in this course to your teaching?


Very/Extremely Applicable

Students Love SEAL Too!

Student coloring emotions

“SEAL makes me feel calm and happy.”

~ Fourth Grade Student

MS students photos

“I get to see things from other perspectives.”

~ Seventh Grade Student

Here’s What is Inside the Course

Unit 1 –

The Foundations for Every SEAL Teacher

Too many teachers struggle with what social-emotional learning is and what it should appropriately look like in their classroom.  In this unit, you’ll participate in some creative activities that will ground you in the guiding principles of SEAL and help you connect with your students right from the start!

🌟 Remember, SEAL is not a scripted program that you follow.  Rather, it’s a transformation of your teaching. This course will help you to see the ways you can naturally bring SEAL activities to your students and how they will become part of your classroom culture.

Unit 2 –

Becoming a SEAL Teacher

Ever feel like you’re losing control in your own classroom?  In this unit, your focus is on establishing a safe, creative learning environment that allows all students to feel welcomed and supported so that your students can learn and you can teach!

Unit 3 –

The SEAL Streams

If you’ve ever felt like a scripted curriculum is NOT for you, then you will love this unit!  This is the fun stuff!  You will discover the 4 “Streams” of how you can bring SEAL strategies, activities and lessons into your classroom.  Then, you’ll decide what works best for your current teaching situation so that you can address the needs of your students in a way that fits your content, your schedule and your style of teaching.

🌟 In order to truly understand the power of SEAL, you must experience it yourself!  In the following 3 Units, you’ll be guided through different experiences that will help you build your social-emotional learning.  (That’s the teacher-centered part.)  And of course, all the activities can be used in with your students too!

Unit 4 –

SEAL & the


When your students feel dysregulated and unable to express their emotions this can cause them to act out.  And let’s face it, sometimes you’re weary of opening Pandora’s Box of emotions.  This unit is filled with arts integrated ideas that address both self-awareness and self-management so that students can learn to manage their own behaviors before they even happen! 

Unit 5 –

SEAL & the

Social Competencies

Your students tend to be more and more disconnected and isolated in recent years.  That’s why in this unit you’ll focus on activities that help students creatively respond to and connect with the people and world around them so that they become active contributors to your classroom community and beyond.

How is SEAL Teacher Training different than others I’ve taken?  “It’s teacher-focused! This course gave me so many resources and ideas that I knew I could start implementing immediately.”

Martha Robichaud

Teaching Artist

Unit 6 –

SEAL & Responsible Decision Making

Often we see students who have difficulty making responsible decisions.  This is a life skill that can be taught and practiced through the creative process!  That’s why we have the activities in Unit 6!

Unit 7 –

Final Steps

It’s time to celebrate!  You have everything you need to be a successful SEAL teacher!   In this final unit, you will get your certificate for 45 PD Hours and make your SEAL Teacher status official.

So, what is this all worth. . .

Listen, I’ve taken my share of workshops and courses since I started teaching back in 1999 and they can get expensive.  Am I right?

SEAL Teacher Training is built to be a graduate level course (and you can even get grad credit if you want, but more about that later).  A 3-credit course can easily cost $2,000.  (I saw some for over $4,000!)  And putting together 45 hours (or 6+ days) of workshops would cost at least $1,080.  (I got these prices by averaging what it currently costs at local colleges and universities.) 

And think about what you get out of those workshops – a few good ideas to try, but they never seem to last.  So, you just put the handout in a file folder and it collects dust.


The thing with SEAL Teacher Training is that it actually TRAINS YOU.  It’s not just about the activities and strategies, it’s about YOU.  Because, let’s face it, your students don’t just need one or two fun activities, they need a teacher who understands them and can adapt to their needs so that they can learn. 

And when you are trained in SEAL, you will be able to use this training for the rest of your career!

The value you get from SEAL Teacher Training is priceless,

but here’s your investment . . .



Save $500 on this page only!

90 Day 😲 Risk Free Guarantee


You do not need any added stress in your life.  In fact, SEAL is built to relieve stress from your life both inside and outside of the classroom.  And so, I’ve extended that into our no stress guarantee.  

Once you enroll in the course, you will have access for a full 90 days.  You can look around, get started and if you’re not blown away by the content and the experiences inside, and you decide this is just not for you, you’ll get a full refund.

Now, if the only thing holding you back from investing in yourself, is a fear of “will this work for me” please look again at what I wrote. 👆

You have a full 90 days where I’m committed to you and if this is not the right fit, just email customer support at and you will get a full refund. 

But that’s not EVERYthing! 

I absolutely LOVE spoiling SEAL Teachers, so there’s more.

Including . . .

Be part of the SEAL Teacher community!

Lifetime access to the SEAL Teacher Facebook Community and Q&A Sessions ($350+)

You’ll have the support you need inside the private SEAL Teacher community where you’ll engage with The Inspired Classroom Team and other teachers who are committed to the same goals as you! 

And each month, we have Q&A sessions for the questions and unique situations that can pop up!  It’s like a mini-workshop every month – for the life of the course.


FREE ticket to 2 LIVE Workshops (every year) ($100+ Value)

Join us each year for the One Word Workshop in January where you will go through the reflective practice to Discover Your One Word for the New Year!

And each August, you can join the Back to School with SEAL Masterclass: a mega-exclusive workshop only for those enrolled in a SEAL course!  You’ll leave feeling psyched for the school year, equipped with the best ways to start a new year with SEAL!


Friendly Friday Handbook ($40 Value)

This 27 page bonus resource has over a dozen activity ideas for a SEAL Teacher’s favorite SEAL strategy: Friendly Friday!  Promote Social-Awareness, Relationship Building and Community in your Classroom and School.

“I enjoyed the live Facebook sessions that you offered. It helps create a connection to you as the instructor, and to the students in the class.”
Carol Greene

School Nurse, SEAL Teacher, 2019

20 Done for you SEAL lessons

20 Integrated SEAL Lessons Bundle ($80 Value)

This amazing resource is full of lessons and activities that you can use right away with minimal prep!  Each lesson combines one art form with one social-emotional competency, leaving you with 20 lessons you can choose from so that you can target the needs of the students right in front of you!


Access to the Vault of Unlisted Playlists ($40 Value)

You’ll be able to effectively soundtrack your classroom with these carefully curated Spotify playlists!  These collections will help motivate students, encourage kindness and community, and build resilience. Use them during class time…or just play them on your commute home after a tough day. (It happens!)


Bonus Unit on SEAL Lesson Planning ($150 Value)

This BONUS Unit on SEAL Lesson Planning takes you through the entire process to create your own SEAL Lessons as well as modifying lessons you already have to make them into SEAL Lessons!  Includes assessment strategies, templates AND a database of lessons created by other SEAL Teachers!

That’s over $700 in bonuses!

Total Value: $2,700+

Life Before You Become a SEAL Teacher:

  • You dread the next outburst in your class.
  • You struggle to find the patience to take on the day.
  • You often feel like a “bad teacher” because of all the misbehaviors in your class.
  • You worry if you are actually making a difference.
  • You know your students need SEL, but what your school is doing is just not working!
  • You wonder if you can do this for another 5, 10, or 15+ years!

Life AFTER You Become a SEAL Teacher:

  • You are proactive in teaching students how to handle difficult situations.
  • You are calm and feel a sense of control again.
  • You feel like the caring professional you’ve always known you are.
  • You KNOW you are making a difference – every day!
  • You are certain your students are getting quality social-emotional learning through meaningful, artistic experiences.
  • You’re confident you can keep teaching for many years to come!

Get started today for just $2,700+



(for a total of 6 payments)

Get our “Who Needs a Pep Talk” resource for Free and Save 15% when you Pay in Full!

Here’s my promise to YOU!

As a teacher who experiences the same struggles you do day in and day out, I promise to help you find that empowerment and inspiration you need so you can reach and teach your students through SEAL.

This course is more than just a bunch of activities to try, it’s a transformation and I want to help guide you into all things SEAL.

Your classroom will continue to grow into a place of care and creativity so that you can TEACH and your students can LEARN.

Elizabeth Peterson SEAL
How is SEAL Teacher Training different than others I have taken?  “It is SO much more personal. I don’t just mean the units we work through. You (Elizabeth) make it so much more personal. You keep in touch with each and every one of us. I don’t know how you do it but you do. I feel like we know each other. You don’t find that with other courses. I know that I can e-mail you and you will respond. I know that I can go on Facebook and there you are, in person and often live.”
Gloria Budz

Middle School Visual Arts Teacher

You Can Take SEAL Teacher Training from Home, from Anywhere in the World, and on Your Schedule!

You can complete this course from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, as long as you have an internet connection.

Plus it’s teacher-centered, so you will have opportunities to create art as well!

The timing of this course if flexible!  Most students are able to finish the course in 10 weeks spending about 2-4 hours each week to complete the assignments.  If you want, you can binge the course and if you need more time, you can take that extra time.

You will have access to the entire course for a LIFETIME.  And remember, you’ll have the SEAL Teacher community and me, your instructor with you every step of the way!

You can work remotely.

SEAL Teacher Training

shows you how to integrate the 

arts into social-emotional learning

while empowering you to reach & teach your students.



Choice #1

Stay frustrated with the behaviors you’re dealing with and the less-than-effective (or non-existant) SEL program your district has mandated that “might” pay off in a few years.

Choice #2

You could invest in YOURSELF, implement SEAL strategies and lessons that work and start seeing a change in your classroom, your teaching and your students in just a few weeks.

Take the Journey that will Transform Your Teaching!

Get started for just $2,700+


Save an extra $500 on this page only!


Do I have to be an artist in order to teach with SEAL? I’m not sure if I’m qualified.

Utilizing the arts and creativity in your classroom is not about how skilled you are as an artist, musician, dancer or actor.  Instead, it’s about an open mind to trying new things with your students, giving them the opportunity to learn in new and engaging ways.

I'm nervous that I will be seen as a classroom therapist and I'm not qualified for that. (And I'm not sure I want that title.)

The purpose of any social-emotional learning in the classroom should be for two reasons:

1. Transitioning students into the classroom.

2. Helping them to engage and focus on their learning.

With students’ needs growing each year, it’s important that you, as their teacher, are equipped with creative strategies that will help them learn.  SEAL is not therapy, nor is it art therapy.  SEAL is also not a curriculum that you must follow or a script you must read. 

Instead, when you teach with SEAL, you are pulling from the caring, creative parts of you that got you into teaching in the first place and helping put students in a place where they can learn effectively inside the safe, learning environment you’ve created.

My school already has an SEL curriculum. Can I still use SEAL? ...and is it worth it to do both?

Yes! You can teach SEAL alongside any other SEL curriculum. (And it can stand alone as well.) The amazing thing about SEAL is that it’s about transforming how things go in your classroom.  You see, we believe that quality SEL instruction happens with the experiences you have in the classroom.

I feel I work better with a step-by-step program that tells me what to do and what to teach each week. Why don’t you provide that?

SEAL Teacher Training is about equipping and empowering you as a teacher, not telling you what to do. 

YOU know your students better than anyone: what they need and how they learn best.

This course will allow you to discover the strategies that will work for you: your style, your schedule and your students.  It will allow you to embed SEAL into your teaching.  This way, you will make more impact on your students!

Is being "Teacher-Centered" a good thing? I thought we were supposed to be student-centered.

Being student-centered is how your classroom should be.  Your PD, however, should be Teacher-Centered!  

That means the material you are learning is geared towards YOU – your needs as a person and professional.  

After 17 years of hosting workshops, courses and retreats for teachers, we have found that if your professional development is geared towards you, then you will be more likely to use the ideas, activities and lessons in your classroom.

Remember, it’s all about experiences, right?  And so, we want YOU to experience SEAL, so that you’ll bring those experiences to your students.

It goes with our motto at The Inspired Classroom: You need to GET inspired so you can BE inspiring!

How do I take the course? Is it taught live, is there homework? Give me the details please!

The course is taught completely online. All of the lessons have been pre-recorded, so you can watch them whenever (and wherever) you want!

The course is self-paced, so you can take it on your own time—and because it’s online (and nobody can see you), you don’t have to dress up for it! 

As you’re taking the course, questions will inevitably pop up. That’s when you should pop into the SEAL Teacher Community on Facebook. You’ll find the support and encouragement you need. And remember, every month I’ll have a Q&A session in there too.

Don’t forget, you’ll have LIFETIME access to the course and the community once you purchase.  Remember: #nostress

Do you accept POs?

YES!  School districts may pay with a purchase order. Simply contact our support department at and we’ll help you arrange for that.

What if I enroll, but I can’t start or finish the course right away?

Things happen, problems arise, sometimes you just need to go on a surprise vacation.  It’s all good.  We believe in no unnecessary stress.  #nostress

That’s why you have LIFETIME access to go at your own pace.  We are here for you!

Will I receive Professional Development credit for taking this course?

Yes!  Once you complete all the course work, you will be awarded a certificate for 45 PD hours.  Please check with your school administrator to see if this certificate will be accepted.

Can I earn graduate credit for this course?

Yes!  You have the option to earn 3 graduate credits from Adams State University in Colorado.  You can add this option on when you enroll today or decide to do it later.  The investment for 3 grad credits is an additional $400.

Once you complete all the course work, you will be sent a transcript from Adams State.

I’m interested in bringing SEAL to my entire school! Is that possible?

Absolutely! SEAL is powerful inside one classroom…imagine if the whole school was on board.  All of the students and staff having creative and caring experiences, thanks to SEAL? Imagine what that would do for morale and community-building! 

(I’m trying to imagine it right now and I just keep smiling!😁)

If you’re interested in bringing SEAL to your school or district, contact our support department at and I (Elizabeth) will get in touch with you directly.

I need help talking to my principal about this!

Maybe it’s for reimbursement.  Maybe it’s so you can get SEAL into your school.  No matter what the reason, sometimes it’s helpful to tell your administrator about the ground-breaking work you are doing!

So, I went ahead and wrote this up for you!  Feel free to copy, paste and send to your principal or whomever is in charge of your PD.


Dear _____,

I’ve learned about an online course that I am sure will help my students with their social-emotional learning. It’s called SEAL Teacher Training. It’s a 45 hour professional development program that’s designed to help teachers implement creative SEL strategies through the arts.

This sounds like a great opportunity! With all the work we are doing in SEL, I know learning this method of bringing in creative and artistic experiences to my students will really make a difference in my classroom.

Here’s some more information about the course:

  • SEAL stands for Social-Emotional Artistic Learning and the SEAL Teacher Training course will certify me as a SEAL teacher as I’ll be bringing this ground-breaking work into my classroom.
  • Everything inside the course can work with what we are already doing for SEL as a school.
  • The course teaches how to embed the strategies so that I’m not taking time away from other content. Instead, these SEAL strategies will help our students be focused and ready for learning.
  • There is a focus on creatively building relationships throughout the school year.
  • All the content of the course aligns with CASEL’s 5 competencies. There are even ready-made lessons that integrate each competency with all the arts.
  • There are no special materials needed to implement the activities aside from what I already have in my classroom.
  • Teachers can earn 45 professional development hours once the course is completed.
  • There’s a great community that’s included with the enrollment and every month, I can submit questions and get support as I continue to implement all the great ideas.
  • There’s even a component to the program that focuses on the well-being of the teacher! I’ll learn more about what SEL is and what my role as the teacher should be when it comes to social-emotional learning.

As you can see, this is a great opportunity! I really want to help my students develop their social-emotional skills and I know that the hands-on, artistic experiences they will have as a result of me taking this course will be great!

You can read more about the SEAL here:

If you have any questions, you can also email Elizabeth, who teaches the course, by emailing her here: They do accept purchase orders as well as credit cards.

Thanks so much for considering this!

​[Your Name]

Why is Elizabeth the best person to guide you?

Elizabeth with her class!

For years, I stood in the front of my classroom and saw students’ behavior change. From outbursts, to shut downs, to confusion, to lack of focus . . . and it was taking a toll on me as the joy I felt for teaching was dwindling fast.

It was obvious: If I was going to continue to feel good about the job I was doing in the classroom, something needed to change. And that’s when I started implementing SEAL.

SEAL has allowed me and 100s of other teachers to know what it is like to finally be able to feel passionate again about teaching.

I look around and see so many teachers struggling because they don’t like the state of education and they feel powerless in their classrooms.

This can NOT be the norm and this is why SEAL is so important for you right now.

If you’re serious about making a positive impact on your students’ lives, invest in yourself and join SEAL Teacher Training.

Teaching shouldn’t suck the life out of you! You have the ability to transform yourself as a teacher.

SEAL is about reconnecting to your passion and to your students. It’s about creating a safe, creative, learning environment that you and your students want to be part of.  It’s about relishing the good days and knowing you can make it through the tough ones.

With the resources and support you get inside the SEAL Teacher Training course, you can make a lasting impact on the lives of your students, and that is something that will always be worth the effort.

Most of all, you will rekindle that joy that comes with making a difference every day.

I can’t wait to help you make this happen!


Teach SEAL with me!




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