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Be the Teacher Your Students NEED…

Be a SEAL Teacher


Empower Yourself to Reach & teach

your Socially-Emotionally challenged students

with care and creativity

Your students (and YOU) deserve the best environment to learn.

Are you concerned about students who are anxious and disconnected? 

Do you struggle with behavior issues that lead to less time on learning? 

Do you feel the stress and overwhelm of teaching and find it challenging to maintain your own mindfulness and sanity?   

Do you want a classroom that genuinely cultivates a community of supportive and encouraging learners?


You need proven strategies that build a caring and creative learning environment!

I get it!  I live this!  I’m a teacher too!

Since I’ve invested time in SEAL, my students and I are happier in the classroom.  You can be too!

You probably don’t need any convincing… 

Students learn best when their social-emotional needs are met.

And you probably already know that the ARTs can help address MANY of these social-emotional needs.

In my years of implementing arts integration and SEAL strategies into my classroom and teaching other teachers what it truly means to be a SEAL Teacher, I have discovered ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING:

The ability to reach & teach your students  starts with YOU!



You Can Provide a SEAL Classroom Environment Where


Relationships within a classroom matter.  If students come to school feeling like there is no one there for them, they will be at a disadvantage.  However, if there is a sense of community among all people in the classroom, students WANT to go to school and THRIVE there!



In your SEAL classroom, students are accepted and acknowledged for their unique talents as an expression of their individuality.  Outside-the-box thinking is valued and encouraged while you still teach your students all the content they need to know. These are the qualities that students can use to learn more about themselves, others and the world around them.



Arts Integrated learning is engaging.  In your SEAL classroom, the arts are allowed to be an integral part of the day.  Students are captivated by their learning process as they work hands-on with the content you give them.  



Through explicit teaching and practice of the social-emotional competencies integrated with the arts, students are able to develop these skills in meaningful ways.  Ideas that are hard to explain, like what it means to be part of a community or how to empathize with a classmate, can be better understood through artistic creation, appreciation and expression.



We all know students only learn best when they are ready: calm, focused and feeling safe.  You can consistently provide this for them through SEAL!


 This complete, teacher-centered course shows you how to

integrate the arts into social-emotional learning

while empowering you

to reach & teach your students.

I’ve taken all I’ve learned in my 20+ years of arts integration experience in my role as a teacher, author and consultant and channeled it into a collection of mindshifts and strategies for other teachers through SEAL so you too can become empowered and feel the success, excitement and pride in how you reach and teach your students the social-emotional skills they need.



“This course has led me back to my true self and has given my teaching a much needed boost.”

SEAL Teacher, 2018

You’ll learn many SEAL strategies that integrate the 4 major art forms (visual art, music, dance and drama) with all of CASEL’s SEL competencies.

AND, you’ll discover new ways to build on your unique teaching style in order to reach and teach your students.


A massive repertoire of SEAL methods that you will embed in your everyday classroom as well as lesson ideas you will pull out when your students need it most.


SEAL Teacher Training is the first professional development of its kind that…


No other course lays out a foundation of arts integrated learning that explicitly teaches social-emotional learning like SEAL Teacher Training.  SEAL T2 is the complete package taking you through each art form and applying integrative strategies for every SEL competency.



Unlike a program that scripts what you do in your classroom, SEAL Teacher Training builds on your unique qualities as a teacher, allowing you to grow your craft as you learn, experience and implement new SEAL strategies and tools.



The only way to make true and lasting change happen in your classroom is through YOU.  In SEAL Teacher Training you will get all the skills, strategies and techniques you need to reach and teach your students.  This course focuses on YOU because that is where effective change will happen!

 With SEAL Teacher Training, you can accomplish all of this! 

Why? Because we focus on the teacher first in these 3 Waves or phases of the training.

Wave 1 – SEAL Teacher Mindset (taking care of you and reestablishing your role in the classroom)

Wave 2 – SEAL Teacher Methods (discovering the 4 ways to implement SEAL strategies, activities and lessons)

Wave 3 – SEAL Integrations (learning the many ways all the arts can integrate meaningfully with all the SEL competencies)

Here’s What You Get When You Sign up for this JOURNEY!

Unit 1 - The Foundations for Every SEAL Teacher

Before we get knee deep into the mindset and methods of a SEAL teacher, we will take a look at what SEAL is and what the social-emotional competencies are.  Learning about SEAL and how the arts interplay with the social-emotional competencies will be the first step in developing the methods you’ll use in your teaching.

In this unit, we will:

  • Explore aspects of SEL and we why need to implement social-emotional learning into our classrooms and schools so desperately.
  • Learn the basics of CASEL’s SEL competencies.
  • Discover why arts integration is a viable and effective way to teach these competencies.
  • Get a general overview of SEAL and its place in your classroom.  
  • Learn about the 3Cs of a SEAL Teacher. (Care, Connection & Creativity)
  • Build relationships with your STARFISH.

Unit 2 - Becoming a SEAL Teacher

Once you have a knowledge-base for SEAL, it’s time to jump into what it means to become a SEAL teacher.  It’s way more than just integrating art projects into your teaching. And it’s just as much about your mindset as it is the methods you will bring to your students.

Change in your classroom starts with YOU!  You are the key to your students’ success. There’s just no other way around it!

In this unit we’ll look closely at:

  • What it means to “take back control” in your classroom.
  • How to promote a SEAL learning environment through your presence.
  • What a SEAL classroom looks like in order to promote care and creativity.  
  • Positive Practices of a SEAL teacher.  
  • SEAL Teacher Self-Care practices.
  • Teacher-Centered Professional Development.  

Unit 3 - SEAL Streams

This is the fun stuff!  There are 4 distinct “Streams” of bringing SEAL into your classroom and we will go over all of them.  Then, you can decide what works best for you! Only use 1 stream or combine streams to work for your class and your schedule.

Remember, SEAL is not a program that you follow.  Rather, it’s a transformation of your teaching. This unit will help you to see the ways you can naturally bring SEAL activities to your students and how they will become part of your classroom culture.

The 4 SEAL Streams:

Stream One – Embed SEAL into Your Day 

First we’ll look at how to embed SEAL strategies into your everyday routines.  You will learn SEAL strategies from each of the 4 major art forms that can seamlessly work their way into your lessons.

Stream Two – Consistent Practice through Friendly Fridays  

This is a teacher favorite!  Whether or not you decide to use this method on a Friday or a Tuesday or any other time that works for you, the purpose is the same: to implement a consistent time for your students to build on their creativity and community through SEAL activities they will do with or for their classmates.

Stream Three – SEAL Lessons  

When you are ready, you can implement a SEAL lesson that will explicitly teach students a particular social-emotional skill while integrating an art form.  These lessons allow students to dig deep into the art form and develop the competency.

Stream Four – SEAL Club  

This is a bonus method of bringing SEAL into your classroom or school!  

Unit 4 - SEAL & Self-Competencies

In order to truly understand the power of SEAL, you must experience it yourself.  I will guide you through different experiences that will help you build your social-emotional learning.  (That’s the teacher-centered part.)  And of course, all the activities can be used in with your students too!

In this and the next 2 units, we will dig deeply into the arts-integrated activities that directly align with each of the 5 social-emotional competencies.

First we’ll take a close look at the competencies that focus on self.  You will get to experience some SEAL activities that will allow you to become more self-aware and give some insight to how you can self-manage with the arts.

Here’s a look at what you’ll do in Unit 4:

  • First you’ll get an overview of the two self-competencies and how they relate to all four art forms
  • Then, you’ll participate in a SEAL activity for each art form that will focus on either self-awareness, self-management or both.

Unit 5 - SEAL & Social-Competencies

This is your chance to jump into some SEAL activities that focus on the competencies of social-awareness and relationship skills.

Once again, we’re going Teacher-Centered here.  You will have the opportunity to work on some experiences that will allow you to discover the relationship between SEAL and the social competencies.  

Here’s a look at what you’ll do in Unit 5:

  • We’ll start off with an overview of how each competency links naturally with each of the art forms.  There are just SO many connections that we can use in our teaching!
  • Then, in the following lessons in this unit we will focus in on how SEAL integrates with the four National Core Arts Standards of Creating, Performing, Responding and Connecting.  (SEAL is a branch of arts integration, after all!)
  • Finally, you will be able to choose from some activity options that will develop these skills.  As usual, these activities are ones you can certainly implement in your own classroom. (We’re ALL about practicality here.)

Unit 6 - SEAL & Responsible Decision Making

Finally, it’s time to see how SEAL can address responsible decision making through creativity and the arts.  These skills are so necessary for all students in school and in life and they can certainly be developed through the arts! 

Here are the highlights of this unit:

  • We’ll first take a close look at how responsible decision making skills are connected to the creative process, which is a learning process and a natural vehicle to practice these skills!
  • Then, I’ll show you some great examples of how this can play out in your classroom as you assign SEAL and other content projects.
  • We’ll end this unit with a fun digital art activity! (But I can’t give it away to you yet!)

Unit 7 - SEAL Lesson Planning

Of course you can access the SEAL lesson plans available to you through this course, but you can also create them yourself!  In this unit, we’ll look at what makes a SEAL lesson plan different from any other. And then you’ll have the chance to create your own. 

We’ll look at:

  • The two types of SEAL lesson plans.
  • How to create a SEAL lesson.

Unit 8 - Final Steps

It’s time to celebrate!  You have everything you need to be a successful SEAL teacher!   

In this final unit, you will:

  • Make your SEAL teacher status official.
  • Do a couple of other things I just can’t tell you . . . yet!!

And there it is - Your SEAL Teacher Training Journey is complete!

Print out your certificate for your 45 PD Hours, or, if you are a VIP, you can await your transcript for your 3 graduate credits!  AND – remember you have LIFETIME access to everything in the course, so you can always go back to anything you need!


Plus you get these 3 bonuses!


Bonus #1: Arts Integrated Lesson Planning video course

12 month access to this full, complete online course that takes you step by step in how to create a completely aligned arts integrated lesson.

Bonus #2: Private, Members Only Facebook Group of Active Community & Support

Access to the Closed SEAL Teacher Facebook Group where you’ll get support from other SEAL Teachers  and SEAL Teachers in Training who are committed to the same goal as you!

Bonus #3: Monthly Live Q&A Sessions with me for Clarity and Fine-Tuning

Send in your comments and questions and then tune in each month as I address them live in our SEAL Teacher Community.


“I enjoyed the live Facebook sessions that you offered. It helps create a connection to you as the instructor, and to the students in the class.”

Carol Greene

School Nurse, SEAL Teacher, 2019

You have been told to implement SEL in your classroom, but you haven’t been given the best tools yet,


 Perhaps you have already invested time, energy and even money into SEL for your classroom.

You’ve talked to colleagues, shared ideas, read a book and had a few heart-to-hearts with students.

If you are truly committed, maybe you attended workshops that gave great strategies to try, assuring yourself that you’d use them in your classroom.

Probably your school or district has rolled out an SEL initiative that was promising at first, but then faded out, while you remained in the classroom still dealing with frustrating issues.

Or maybe you have an SEL program to implement, but it seems to take too much time away from your teaching.

Here’s why most teachers lose hope when it comes to their students’ SEL needs:

Without an actual focus on the mind-shift in the teacher and an investment in the personalities of the students you have in front of you now, initiatives and programs can lose their momentum – fast!

At first, these initiatives are exciting, but then time constraints and curriculum demands make it hard to sustain the program.

As a busy teacher, you have many responsibilities and you can’t afford to add programs on top of what you already do.

And there is little time in your day to squeeze in more lessons.


You need training that doesn’t add another thing for you to do,

but helps you transform what already you do.

And luckily for you, there is finally an opportunity to change how you look at SEL: through Social-Emotional Artistic Learning!

In all likelihood, you have even dabbled in the foundational strategies of SEAL giving yourself an edge already.

Which means…

You are faced with a golden opportunity to jump right in and learn how to fully integrate the natural power of the arts with social-emotional learning.

That is… make a transformation in your classroom for both you and your students!

Let me remind you about something only a few of us understand…

Even though there are many new programs for SEL, they are not all created equal.

Some will succeed for a time, but then tend to fizzle out.

And the main reason for this is because the emphasis is on the wrong thing!

These programs focus on selling books, binders and posters that will provide teachers materials to use with students, instead of focusing on what matters – YOU!

The key ingredient to successful SEL is you.  The person who

  • Knows your kids best
  • Stands in front of the students day after day
  • Understands that experiences will make an impact on their learning.
  • Appreciates the power of arts in learning!


And that’s why SEAL Teacher Training was created!

So, are you ready to become a SEAL teacher? 

(The kind of teacher your students need.)


SEAL Teacher Training is the only course of its kind!  This teacher-centered course is for those who are excited and committed to reaching and teaching their students about social-emotional learning through the arts.

This is my promise: I’m going to give you my all throughout this journey and I expect you to do the same.

So, here’s the deal.  I’m going to give you a “No Barnacles” Risk Free Guarantee.  (No one likes those pesky crustaceans.)

In the first 14 days of the course, you will have access to the first 2 units where you will learn exactly what SEAL is, validate its use in your classroom and learn nearly all the key components to becoming a SEAL teacher.

If you don’t feel confident that being a SEAL teacher is the right fit for you, you can simply reach out to me at, show that you have put in the work thus far, and you will get a full refund.  Full details here >>

Here’s what other teachers are saying about SEAL Teacher Training:

“I have never felt comfortable with my artistic ability. I would avoid creating art. During this course I thought that I would have to fake it until I could make it. I was continually surprised at how I felt as I was completing each activity. Memories would resurface, both good and bad with the music activity. The meditation and then painting activity brought forth feelings surrounding my cancer that I didn’t realize I was harboring, etc. These experiences allowed me to realize how powerful art experiences would be to my young students. Especially integrated with social emotional learning. I feel so lucky to have taken this course. You’re an amazing teacher, Elizabeth!”

SEAL Teacher 2018

Pre-K Teacher

“Love the flow of new ideas happening and the inner calm that is giving me strength to deal with the tough spots! It’s all coming from the work in this course!”

Stacie Greenland

Art Teacher

“When you take this course, you are treated like an adult.  No busy work.”

Carol Greene

School Nurse

“Signing up for the SEAL course was a first step…in taking a moment to strengthen myself as a teacher but also as a learner. There were moments of feeling awkward and others that felt empowering as I began to partake in activities that helped me become more aware of myself and my own “being.”

Taking the time to focus on my own well-being, putting myself in the shoes of my students and truly working to make connections, be available “in the moment” for my students and strengthen my understanding of social emotional learning has absolutely changed me and my classroom for the better.

Taking this SEAL class and focusing on PD for me – which also helps my students – has been a gift.”

Jill Mailloux


Overall, how well did this course meet your needs?


Extremely Well

How accessible was your instructor?


Extremely Accessible

How much did this course help to transform your teaching?


A Lot/A Great Deal

How applicable are the ideas in this course to your teaching?


Very/Extremely Applicable

Here’s my promise to YOU!

As a teacher who experiences the same struggles you do day in and day out, I promise to help you find that empowerment and inspiration you need so you can reach and teach your students. 

This course is more than just a bunch of activities to try, it’s a transformation and I want to help guide you into all things SEAL. 

Your classroom will continue to grow into a place of care and creativity so that you can TEACH and your students can LEARN.

Here’s what you get when you enroll today…

Complete SEAL Teacher Training worth 45 PD hours

(Value: $899)

12 month access to this complete 8 unit training!

Bonus #1: Arts Integrated Lesson Planning video course

(Value: $147)

12 month access to this full, complete  online course.

Bonus #2: Private, Members Only Facebook Group of Active Community & Support

(Value: $97)

Access to the Closed SEAL Teacher Facebook Group where you’ll get support from other SEAL Teachers who are committed to the same goal as you!

Bonus #3: Monthly Live Q&A Sessions with me for Clarity and Fine-Tuning

(Value: $297)

Send in  your comments and questions and then tune in each month as I address them live in our SEAL Teacher Community.

This adds up to $1,540.

But I want you to come on this journey with me so bad, so I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll today for just…


or do the VIP Training and get 3 grad credits for $895!

SEAL Teacher Training is Perfect  for you if…

SEAL is new to you and you are ready to jump in with both feet!  This is the perfect place for you because I will take you through every aspect of SEAL and get you on your way to full implementation into your classroom!  (Exciting, right?)

You’ve done SEAL retreats and/or workshops before.  You have hands-on experience with how SEAL can affect your teaching and your students’ learning.  Now it’s time to dig deep into the mindset and methods of a true SEAL Teacher and get that official title!  (Also, very exciting!)

Other SEL programs have done some good, but you need to find something that truly engages your students in developing their social-emotional skills.  Talking can only get you so far. A few role-plays are great, but they don’t really engage the entire class.  Posters are pretty, but they don’t get students to understand the need to be cooperative. On the flip side, SEAL strategies and activities engage ALL students in hands-on learning through the arts.  This is how social-emotional skills will stick.

You have no problem investing time in your own PD as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest is a meaningful step forward in transforming yourself as a teacher and developing the culture of your classroom.

You are an arts integrator, an arts teacher and/or appreciate the power of arts in learning.  Now it’s time to commit to combining the arts (any and ALL the arts) with social-emotional learning for maximum impact on your teaching and your students’ learning!

You CARE about your students!  You know they have potential to grow into kind, cooperative individuals even though life has been tough on them and you get upset when others talk about these students as “lost-cases.”  You know that’s not true and you’re willing to go the extra mile to make a difference in their lives.

You know the arts provide many opportunities to learn & grow and you’re ready (and even excited!) to bring SEAL into your students’ lives.

You are excited to try some SEAL strategies like Soundtracking and Friendly Fridays because you’ve heard great things from others.  These strategies work! Let’s get them to work for you!


Did you catch yourself nodding to any of these? 

Then it’s time to sign up!  

I can’t wait to see you inside SEAL Teacher Training!

What People Ask before signing up for 

I’m not an artist and this is arts integration, how can I do this?

Arts integration is not about how skilled you are as an artist, musician, dancer or actor.  Instead, it’s about an open mind to trying new things with your students, giving them the opportunity to learn in new and engaging ways.  


Is this teacher-centered business legit?

Absolutely!  After teaching over 50 (and attending over 500) workshops, classes and courses myself, I can confidently say that when the professional development is teacher-centered, it is more effective and long lasting in one’s teaching!


I feel I work better with a step-by-step program that tells me what to do and what to teach each week. Why don’t you provide that?

SEAL Teacher Training is about equipping and empowering you as a teacher, not telling you what to do.  YOU know your students better than anyone: what they need and how they learn best. This course will allow you to discover the strategies that will work for you and the schedule that will allow you to embed SEAL into your teaching.  This way, you will make more impact on your students! 

I only see my students for a short amount of time. How much difference can I really make?

It’s not about the time, it’s about the quality of the relationship you have with your students.   Ask someone right now, and 9 times out of 10, that person can pinpoint 1 or 2 teachers who have made tremendous impact on their lives.  It only took that one teacher to inspire them. That teacher could be YOU! SEAL Teacher Training gives you the tools to do just that for so many students!

I’ve done SEAL retreats and workshops before. What makes this course different?

SEAL Teacher Training is the complete training – we dig deep here, laying the foundation every teacher should have in order to be officially called a SEAL Teacher!  

*Please also note that I work hard to make sure the activities you will do at any retreat, workshop or here are different.

What if I don’t have time to finish the course?

You have access to the course, including all future updates, for 12 months.

12 months is plenty of time to dig in, learn and implement all the of what SEAL Teacher Training has to offer.

Once you have finished your SEAL Teacher Training journey,  you’ll have everything you need to support your students.

If I'm a VIP, how do I earn 3 graduate credits?

You can earn 3 graduate credits for your SEAL Teacher Training!  Isn’t that awesome? YES!  This will help many of you who are interested in salary advancement.  You will go through the same exact course as everyone else, but will need to submit a final lesson plan at the end and will have a final due date so that you are completed by the end of the semester.  The credits are awarded through Adams State University in Colorado.  More details here >>

But what if I hate SEAL once I learn about it?

If you’ve come this far, you are probably the right person to get SEAL Teacher Training.  However, we want to make sure you are not going to hate it.  (Even though we know you’re going to love it! 😉  ) Remember, you will have 14 days from the official start of the course to go through the first 2 units and decide if this is the right fit for you. If not, you can submit your work and ask for a full refund.  Full details here >>

Do you accept POs?

YES!  School districts may pay with a purchase order. Simply contact our support department at and we’ll help you arrange for that.


Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up today?

Of course!  Here’s everything you get:

Complete SEAL Teacher Training worth 45 PD hours

(Value: $899)

12 month access to this complete 8 unit training!

Bonus #1: Arts Integrated Lesson Planning video course

(Value: $147)

12 month access to this full, complete  online course.

Bonus #2: Private, Members Only Facebook Group of Active Community & Support

(Value: $97)

Access to the Closed SEAL Teacher Facebook Group where you’ll get support from other SEAL Teachers who are committed to the same goal as you!

Bonus #3: Monthly Live Q&A Sessions with me for Clarity and Fine-Tuning

(Value: $297)

Send in  your comments and questions and then tune in each month as I address them live in our SEAL Teacher Community.

This adds up to $1,540.

But I want you to come on this journey with me so bad, so I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll today for just…


or do the VIP Training and get 3 grad credits for $895!

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