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Social-Emotional Artistic Learning –
Integrating the ARTS with SEL

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Included are: 4 SEAL activities, 2 of our most popular SEAL lessons and our best SEAL tool: the emotion wheel.

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    Social-Emotional Artistic Learning

    SEAL takes the best of what the arts can do for our students and integrates them with the social-emotional competencies.  What do we end up with?  Amazing embedded strategies, activities and lessons that help students develop their social-emotional skills in engaging experiences! 

    In this SEAL Starter Kit, you will find:

    • Information about SEAL
    • SEAL’s Relation to the Creative Process
    • 4 SEAL Activities
    • 2 SEAL Lesson Plans
    • The most used SEAL tool: The Emotion Wheel


    I’m all about SEAL. . .

    and not just because I created it!

    Over the last few years we have all been noticing the need to help our students develop their social-emotional skills.  As a teacher and arts integration specialist with over 21 years in the classroom, I KNOW that experiences in the arts can do this. With SEAL, I am able to reach my students through embedded strategies, consistent practice and integrated lessons.

    Using SEAL in my own classroom has saved me from many frustrations and has helped so many of my students learn how to recognize their own emotions, regulate themselves, build relationships and appreciate their peers.

    Join the 100s of teachers who have already downloaded this resource and started to put SEAL into practice in their classrooms!