SEAL Ambassador

program rewards you for spreading the great

potential of SEAL in your school and beyond!

You’ve already been sharing about SEAL with others, but without any significant recognition. 

That’s about to change!

The SEAL Ambassador program rewards you for spreading the great potential of SEAL in your school and beyond!

Teaching SEAL is rewarding, but going it alone in your school can put a damper on the possibilities and power of SEAL. 

Now, more than ever, we need to share these successes in SEAL with the people we work with!

Who do you know that will want to teach SEAL?

You are invited to take the next step in extending your reach by becoming a SEAL Ambassador.


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1. Fill out an Application

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2. Refer Others to SEAL

teach your students

3. Earn 10% on Successful Enrollments

Imagine inviting your teacher buddies to join you in their own SEAL journey!  Oh the possibilities: collaboration, camaraderie, connection.  And being able to work with someone else who gets it!  


Plus . . . when you successfully refer another to join SEAL, you also get to earn a little (or a lot of) extra cash – just because you spread the potential of SEAL to others – WIN.  WIN.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1:  Fill out an Application!

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Step 2:  Refer Others to SEAL

It’s time to share your excitement about SEAL with your friends, colleagues and administration.

As a SEAL Ambassador, you are invited to use social media and word-of-mouth to promote SEAL and encourage individuals and groups of educators to enroll in a SEAL course.

Who do you know that will want to teach SEAL?






Teaching Artists

Department Heads

Homeschooling Parents

Resources for the SEAL Ambassador

As a SEAL Ambassador, you will share the following links with friends, colleagues and administrators.  You can share the individual links for colleagues who want to enroll in either the SEAL Foundations or SEAL Teacher Training course. 

Or you can share the Group Enrollment link where an administrator can start the process to enroll a group (or team, or staff) into one of the SEAL courses. 

Finally, you can share our Staff SEAL Retreat link!  With this, a group leader can book a special SEAL Retreat for up to 35 educators – Live and In Person!

Feel free to click a link to learn more yourself!

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Links for Individuals

These links are great for an individual who wants to take a SEAL course.

SEAL Foundations

SEAL Teacher Training

SEAL Foundations logo

Link for Groups

Use this link when an administrator or group leader wants to enroll a group of teachers in the school or district into either SEAL Course.

SEAL Foundations logo

Link for Staff SEAL Retreat

Book a SEAL Retreat for your group!  This link will give you the options available to you. 

Use this form to alert our team when you have referred someone!

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How do SEAL Ambassadors Spread the Possibilities of SEAL?


  • Share with your colleagues and administrators how much you love SEAL.
  • Share the possibilities of teaching SEAL.
  • Share your experiences teaching SEAL, taking a course or attending a Retreat.
  • Share your SEAL journey in person and on social media through stories, photos and videos!
  • Share student success stories with colleagues and administrators.
  • Share your knowledge about SEAL at staff meetings and PLCs.
  • Share how you make a difference every day on social media! (Be sure to tag us, we may just repost!)


Join and Follow our social media channels and engage in the posts.  Share our posts and tag us when you create your own posts!



  • Provide your administrator information about our SEAL courses.
  • Tag us when you send out social media posts about SEAL.
  • Invite someone into your classroom to see you teach SEAL.
  • Provide feedback about our courses.
  • Give feedback about opportunities to spread awareness about SEAL.

Step 3: Earn 10% on Successful Enrollments

When someone you have referred enrolls in a SEAL course, you will earn 10% of the profit made!


Here’s how that works:

  1. You alert us that you have referred someone.  (See the contact form below.)
  2. We wait for the enrollment to come through.
  3. Your referred person(s) start the course and we cross reference them to connect them with you!
  4. We wait 7-10 days to make sure the payments went through.
  5. We calculate your 10% from the total amount paid minus the bank and credit card fees that occur.
  6. We send you your earnings via your preferred payment method. (Noted from your application.)

Use this form to alert our team when you have referred someone!

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