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SEAL Lesson Ideas & Tools

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Lesson & Activity Ideas

Breath in Watercolor

Integrating Self-Awareness and Visual Art


Integrating Self-Awareness, Theater and Photography

The Best Sentence Starter

Integrating Self-Awareness, Relationship Skills, Visual Art and Journaling

River Running

Integrating Self and Social-Awareness, Self-Management and Dance

Family Fishbowl

Integrating Social-Awareness and Drama

Steady Emo Moves

Integrating Self and Social Awareness with Dance and Music

Create and Share

Integrating Relationship Skills and Visual Art

Draw Together

Social-Awareness, Responsible Decision Making and Visual Art

SEAL Tools

Help students define their emotions with this SEAL tool.    Get SEAL Tool

Music is a great way to help your students focus and to give them experiences to learn by.  This SEAL tool can help you to do both!     Get SEAL Tool

These situation cards are ready-made cards you can use to help students practice how to deal with emotions and build relationships through drama-focused activities.   Get SEAL Tool

Use a singing bowl to get students’ attention, to have them focus before an assignment, or to calm them down after a transition.

Use this worksheet to help get great information about your students.  “I want my teacher to know that…” Get SEAL Tool

Use these sentence starters to promote collegiate and respectful discussions in your classroom. Get SEAL Tool



When you take some time to really connect with your students, you will begin to see your students in a different way.  And your relationships with your students will change for the better.

This SEAL tool (Connection Sessions) contains 14 suggestions to fit the time frame you want to work with: small, medium and large!

Get SEAL Tool


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Free SEAL Starter Kit

Get started right away with SEAL with this Starter Kit. Included are how all the social-emotional learning competencies are naturally connected to the arts, 4 SEAL activities, 2 of our most popular SEAL lessons and our best SEAL tool: the emotion wheel. 
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SEAL Teacher Training

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Learn how you can empower yourself to reach and teach your students as you integrate the Arts with SEL in this amazing, online course!  There are options for graduate credit too.