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Be a SEAL Teacher!






Don’t your students (and YOU) deserve the best environment to learn?

Have you been concerned that your students are anxious and disconnected?  Do you wish you could teach your students while maintaining your own mindfulness and sanity?  Do you know that sharing artistic experiences with your students is the most affective way to help them build self-awareness, manage their behavior and build relationships with others?  Do you want a classroom that genuinely cultivates a community of supportive and encouraging learners?

Many teachers struggle with student behaviors and social-emotional needs that can negatively effect a student’s ability to learn.  

This SEAL course will give you the strategies you need to build a caring and creative learning environment!

I get it!  I live this!  I’m a teacher too!

Since I’ve invested time in SEAL, my students (and I) are happier in the classroom. 

You can be too!

SEAL strategies can help your students (and YOU)

build a calm, collaborative environment to learn!



Non-Credit SEAL Course

Sometimes you just want to learn new strategies. This course can be used for recertification.

2 Graduate Credits SEAL Course

Sometimes you need an extra couple of credits to move on the pay scale.

 Both ways you learn great SEAL strategies!

Getting Started is Easy!

Easily register with The Inspired Classroom.  If you are earning 2 grad credits, you will also register with Adams State University.

Once you are registered, you will get access to all things SEAL!  Learn these amazing strategies through Teacher-Centered PD that is engaging and inspiring for you!


Change the learning environment in your classroom or space by bringing Social-Emotional Artistic Learning experiences to your students!

Free SEAL ebook

Get started right away with SEAL with this introductory ebook.  Included are how all the social-emotional learning competencies are naturally connected to the arts.  This ebook also includes 2 of our most popular SEAL lesson plans and 1 of our best SEAL tools: the emotion wheel. 
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