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Giovanna took the course TWICE!

In this interview with Giovanna Foster, a preK teacher in Massachusetts, you learn about what makes the SEAL courses so unique and why Giovanna decided to take the course a second time!

Listen to what other teachers have to say about SEAL!

Praise for the SEAL Method:

“Love the flow of new ideas happening and the inner calm that is giving me strength to deal with the tough spots! It’s all coming from the work in this course!”
Stacie Greenland

Art Teacher

“This course has led me back to my true self and has given my teaching a much needed boost.”

Jennifer G

5th Grade Teacher

“SEAL is an excellent way to incorporate social emotional learning into your classroom without adding another ‘curriculum.’ It adapts to your students and your classroom environment.”

Johanna Ellis

K Teacher

How is this course different than others I’ve taken?  “It’s teacher-focused! This course gave me so many resources and ideas that I knew I could start implementing immediately.”

Martha Robichaud

Teaching Artist

“Signing up for the SEAL course was a first step…in taking a moment to strengthen myself as a teacher but also as a learner. There were moments of feeling awkward and others that felt empowering as I began to partake in activities that helped me become more aware of myself and my own “being.”

Taking the time to focus on my own well-being, putting myself in the shoes of my students and truly working to make connections, be available “in the moment” for my students and strengthen my understanding of social emotional learning has absolutely changed me and my classroom for the better.

Taking this SEAL class and focusing on PD for me – which also helps my students – has been a gift.”

Jill Mailloux

Elementary Teacher

“I have never felt comfortable with my artistic ability. I would avoid creating art. During this course I thought that I would have to fake it until I could make it. I was continually surprised at how I felt as I was completing each activity. Memories would resurface, both good and bad with the music activity.

The meditation and then painting activity brought forth feelings surrounding my cancer that I didn’t realize I was harboring, etc. These experiences allowed me to realize how powerful art experiences would be to my young students. Especially integrated with social emotional learning.

I feel so lucky to have taken this course. You’re an amazing teacher, Elizabeth!”

Kim Dow

First Grade Teacher

“This course has inspired me as a teacher and an everyday person. The teacher-centered aspect, positive atmosphere, open communication, and ready to use strategies have made me feel more hopeful about teaching in this ever changing and challenging world.”
Deanne Carloni

Orchestra Teacher

Kids need an outlet for expressing themselves and their emotions, and the arts are the most effective way to do that. SEAL gave me a framework that’s flexible to use with all K-12 students. Even my non-verbal autistic students participate in SEAL activities and enjoy it.

The impact of SEAL on my students’ success each year has been huge. My students and I connect on a deeper level because of the artistic learning we do. They also connect with each other, which really does create that ‘caring community of empathetic learners’ that Elizabeth talks about.

If building social-emotional competencies is a priority for your district, you won’t find a more effective way to do it than SEAL.”

Stephanie McKenney

K-8 Grade Theatre Arts Teacher

Parents and Students Love SEAL Too!

Student coloring emotions

“SEAL makes me feel calm and happy.”

~ Fourth Grade Student

MS students photos

“I get to see things from other perspectives.”

~ Seventh Grade Student

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