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SEAL is the hottest idea in social-emotional learning…

Elizabeth Peterson, SEAL

and it’s only for brave, bold, and big-hearted teachers

who refuse to let a single student slip through the cracks.

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A 10-hour professional development program designed specifically for

brave, bold, and big-hearted teachers

who want to strengthen their

students’ social-emotional skills in creative ways—

that actually work.

SEAL Foundations pulls together everything I’ve learned in my 20+ years of arts integration experience as a teacher, author, and consultant into a proven system that’s simplepowerful, and successful.

SEAL is not a prescriptive set of lessons and there are no scripts to read to your class (yay!) because those don’t really work anyway! Instead, you’ll learn all the essentials of SEAL so that you can apply them to any and all aspects of your daily classroom. This means you won’t add to your busy teacher day. You’ll understand how to integrate all of it.

You’ll learn a proactive approach to explicitly teach social emotional skills through the arts.


SEAL emphasizes building relationships and community in your classroom. Your students will stop melting down and start communicating about their feelings…all of which increases their readiness for learning.

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