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Inspired by Listening book

Arts Integration Books

Arts Integration books in digital and print format.

These books are filled with creative ideas for all classroom no matter what subject or grade level.  You are sure to find something for the teacher and artist  in you!

Articles on Arts Integration

Includes article series “Music for Every Classroom” and others

Professional Development

A list of available workshops, classes and courses in arts integration.

Work ExamplesExamples of Work

from students of all ages and workshop participants


To see other examples of work, click the “Examples of Work” heading.

ARTS INTEGRATION LIVE BINDER – A collection of resources about arts integration including studies, research, standards, lesson ideas and so much more.

GLOGS  are a fun way to showcase information in an online poster format.
I’ve used Glogs with my students and as online handouts at workshops. Go here to view GLOGS I created and used in the past.

Other Resources: