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When you use any of the buttons on this page to register for the Remote Learning Reboot, you will get the entire experience created by The Institute for Arts Integration & STEAM!

A full day of PD in remote learning for K-12 educators! Participate in hands-on sessions exploring how to engage learners online – all from the comfort of home.

...and Get the Bonuses!

When you use any of the buttons on this page to register for the Remote Learning Reboot, you’ll ALSO get all the extra bonuses from The Inspired Classroom!

What's a Bonus Pack?

The Inspired Classroom is providing special bonuses

for anyone who registers using any button on this page!  As an affiliate with The Institute for Arts Integration & STEAM, we at The Inspired Classroom want to support you even further as you continue to bring your best to your students while you are teaching remotely.


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When you click any button on this page, it will let The Institute know that you are coming from The Inspired Classroom.  That way, you will be on the list to get the bonuses!

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When you get to the Remote Learning Reboot page, register there.  As long as you started from here, you will get the special bonuses!

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Once you register, you will get emails from The Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM.  You will also get an email from The Inspired Classroom notifying you of how to get access to your bonuses!

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Emails from The Institute will come immediately.

Emails from The Inspired Classroom will be delayed a few hours.  That gives us time to verify you registered through our special link.  If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

The Bonuses!

Your Remote Learning Bonus Pack


Remote Teaching Resource Pack

This bonus includes a folder of digital resources you can use while remote teaching.

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This collection of digital resources includes:

  • Fill-outable schedule
  • Writing prompts
  • SEAL bingo board
  • Brain break ideas (for students and teachers)
  • Linked listing of how-to videos for fun integrated activities


Creative Journaling Pack

This bonus includes access to the At-Home Creative Journal AND a 38 minute video workshop on Creative Journaling.

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At-Home Creative Journal

This complete folder of resources includes:

  • Instructions for you (PDF format)
  • Video instructions for you
  • At-Home Creative Journal list of ideas for your students
  • Video instructions for your students and families
  • Family letter
  • Printable journal

Creative Journal (CJ) Workshop

This 37 minute video workshop includes:

  • What a Creative Journal is
  • How a CJ can be used with your students
  • How to implement a CJ remotely
  • CJ examples and ideas
  • CJ techniques to make each one unique


Transitioning to Teaching Online

This bonus includes a 5 part video series of strategies built for teachers like YOU.

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This 5 part video series will serve to give you great ideas mixed in with some needed self-care!  It will give you practical and meaningful strategies of how to go about making (and continuing) your transition to remote teaching a smooth one!

  1. Control and Self-Distancing
  2. Routines and Schedules
  3. Setting Up Systems
  4. Instructional Time
  5. Buddy Systems and Accountability
A Word from


host of The INspired Classroom

” I am so excited to be able to share some of my remote teaching resources with you.  These bonuses will be a wonderful addition to the amazing conference Susan and the team over at The Institute for Arts Integration & STEAM have prepared for you.

Remote teaching is our new reality and together we can make it a great opportunity for ourselves and our students.”

– Elizabeth Peterson

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