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Want to know what’s inside the Bonus PreK SEAL Pack?

The Inspired Classroom Team has been hard at work filling it up with all kinds of great resources, including:

  • Emotional SEA Monster Lesson Plan
  • A Guided Visualization (audio) to help students understand the size of problems
  • Fun SEAL coloring pages made just for little hands
  • Special Starfish check-in activity to help littles identify emotions
  • Emotion Wheel for early education
  • … and more!

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Every year, my friend Vanessa Levin of Teaching Trailblazers hosts this FREE annual professional development event for Pre-K teachers and early childhood educators!

Tens of thousands of teachers who attend soak up the wisdom from a variety of experts in early childhood development and education—will you be one of them?

My session is focused on, you guessed it: bringing the arts into early childhood to focus in on executive functioning skills. It’s called “A Palette Full of Potential: Unlocking Executive Function through Art.” Inside Vanessa and I talk about some great ways to bring the visual art, music, dance and drama into the Pre-K and K classrooms so that students are better equipped with some important skills like self-management, self-control and making good decisions.

And the best part? When you sign up for free HERE, you will be in the running to get access to my special collection of brand new early childhood SEAL resources!


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