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Elizabeth here—I’m so thrilled you joined me for “A Palette Full of Potential: Unlocking Executive Function through Art” at the 2023 Soar to Success Summit! 

As you’ve seen, the arts are a fantastic and authentic way to nurture executive functioning skills in every area of your classroom, all day long. Whether your students are engaged in process art or appreciating the art around them, you’ll be supporting the development of executive functioning skills like emotional regulation, problem-solving, self-control, and decision-making skills—and more!


Here are some resources to get you started 👇

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Situation Cards

FREE DOWNLOAD: Situation Cards

My Situation Cards are like “structured dramatic play” for your little learners! 

Each card describes an everyday situation that students act out in front of each other. Not only do they get to practice handling different scenarios, your students will also learn self-control, empathy, responsible decision-making, and more.

what's included

FREE DOWNLOAD: Looking for more smiles and positivity in your classroom?

Your students are yearning for connection with you! Feeling connected helps them learn. 

Discover 6 simple + creative strategies for connecting with your students that you can use during Circle Time and throughout your day

And if you have extra time, there are 11 bonus activities that all take less than 15 minutes each.

Download “Quick Connections” and start using these no-prep ideas immediately!

HOW-TO GUIDE: Soundtracking Your Classroom

DJ your day and control the atmosphere of your classroom! Playing music throughout the day—or soundtracking—helps students and teachers stay calm and focused during the day. This blog post is a collection of the types of music I use at different times during my day…and what my students have said about how it helps them.

Read “Music to Learn By – Soundtracking My PreK Classroom” here.

FREE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING: Going beyond executive functioning skills

If you enjoyed my Soar to Success presentation “A Palette Full of Potential: Unlocking Executive Function through Art” then you know the arts are a powerful way to strengthen executive functioning skills in young children.

But the arts are capable of unlocking so much more. 

You’ve heard of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). But have you heard of Social Emotional Artistic Learning (SEAL)?

SEAL is my unique method of integrating the arts with SEL. It’s for teachers who want to provide authentic opportunities for children to learn how to develop their social-emotional skills.

Executive functioning skills and social-emotional skills are closely intertwined. In this professional development training, you’ll discover how to support both through the arts.

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👆 Get my #1 process for building community in your classroom that reduces BIG Emotions and brings together even the most reluctant peers in just 20 minutes a week!

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, the creator of SEAL, arts integration specialist, author, veteran teacher of 24 years (and counting!)


Teachers are burnt out by disruptive classroom behaviors and the constant piling up of responsibilities. That’s why I help empower caring teachers with creative social-emotional strategies that proactively address disruptive behaviors and ease teacher burnout through SEAL: Social-Emotional Artistic Learning.

An arts integration specialist with degrees in Education, Music, Arts, Leadership and Learning, I host theinspiredclassroom.com. I’m currently in my 24th year of teaching and 16th year of hosting workshops, retreats, and online courses in arts integration and SEAL. As a teacher myself, I know how important teacher-centered professional development is—and that’s why I strive to provide that in all my work with teachers.

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