High Stakes Testing

Tweet This is my vacation week – February vacation – and I am enjoying it greatly. The thing is, I know that when I get back to work on Monday, everything is going to hit. In fact a couple other teachers and I call it boot camp – MCAS boot camp. We will be in […]

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Skills Our Students Need

Tweet In the last blog, I threw out ideas about how our society is changing and how that is affecting the workforce of the future and the current trends of education. But now, let’s look at other effects this will have on our children or, more accurately, what skills they will need to succeed now […]

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Workforce Preparedness

Tweet At a workshop I conducted just last week, we got into a small discussion about 21st century skills and workforce preparedness. One person echoed a statement I’ve heard many times before: We are preparing students for jobs that haven’t even been invented yet. We do, in fact live in a global society that is […]

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Virtual Professional Learning Networks

Tweet If you live in an urban area, near a university, or work in a large school district you may have access to lunchtime brownbag meetings and idea exchanges. Professional educators with a common interest sit down and share ideas and resources with each other. I am often envious of English teachers who have fellow […]

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Education Yesterday and Today

Tweet The theme of 21st century skills is high on the priority list of things to discuss and understand. In my experiences with professional development and continuing education, the idea of change and closing the global achievement gap is a hot topic. Education is changing, but very slowly and we need to help that change […]

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ebooks, textbooks, whiteboards, and chalk

Tweet We recently had several faculty members retire and as we prepared for the transition and the parties I went through our archived yearbook collection to find some classic snapshots of our retirees. The frightening thing to me was looking at the pictures of our classrooms and instructional facilities from thirty years ago and noticing that not much has […]

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Guest Blogger – Pam Harland

Tweet Pamela Colburn Harland is a librarian, a real library zealot. She currently serves as the librarian at Plymouth Regional High School in Plymouth, NH. Visit her school library’s website at http://prhslibrary.com. She has also worked as a librarian in other school libraries, public libraries, university libraries, and at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s […]

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Norman Rockwell – End Notes

Tweet This is part of the Norman Rockwell integration blog series. To gain access to all the blogs in this series, click the tag “Norman Rockwell”. Doing this blog series, showed me the possibilities of Norman Rockwell’s paintings. The expanse of Rockwell’s works seem limitless – what an amazing collection of masterpieces. They always entertain […]

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Protected: Norman Rockwell – Activity 7 Cause and Effect

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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