Arts Integration Cannot Replace Arts Ed

Tweet Earlier this week, Katherine Damkohler wrote a post for the ARTSblog website called Arts Integration Isn’t Enough. (Be sure to go and read this post!) It reminded me of a piece I wrote a few weeks back on ArtsEd VS ArtsInt.  In it, I felt the need to not only define each, but to […]

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Flashmob at ISTE

Tweet What a way to start off the summer – a tech in ed convention.  This was, by far, the biggest thing I have been part of!  There were 11,000 people at the ISTE convention housed at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  The buildings covered 4 blocks in the downtown, there were 1000s of sessions and […]

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Summer Mode

Tweet My brain is in such summer mode these last few days. This post won’t tell you much: probably no great insights, no awesome ideas, nothing really, just me being a teacher at the beginning of summer. I feel a little aimless, yet there are so many things I could be doing  (like, say a […]

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Creativity at the Google Event

Tweet Last night I felt like such a VIP!  I was one of only 300 people to attend the Google event in Philly at the Museum of Natural History during the ISTE conference.  Now 300 people may sound like a lot, but out of the nearly 11,000 people here at the conference, I’d say that’s […]

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Poking Boxes

Tweet Ever sit with an object and tried to figure out all the things it could do?  What noises it could make…  How it could move…  What you could pick up with it…  Then you’ve experienced “poking a box.” Ever take a camera and shoot a photo of the same thing multiple times?  What angle […]

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Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

Tweet It’s a procedure on airplanes that attendents review each time passengers board the aircraft:  In case of emergency, put your oxygen mask on first and then assist those around you.   The idea is that if you take care of yourself first, you will be better able to care for your child or another passenger that […]

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Bringing the Joy Back to Reading

Tweet I used to be the kid who got lost in dozens of books in the summertime.  I used any time or place I could to open up my latest Judy Blume or Babysitters Club book: backyard, beach, bedroom, a visit to Gramma’s, the waiting room at the doctor’s office…  I loved to read, to […]

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…but I’m not an artist…

Tweet I hear this a lot and have often found myself saying it as well. But after years of dabbling in this and that, I’ve stopped. After trying things out, failing and still enjoying myself, I’ve stopped. All it took was the right people allowing me to explore my own creative side, teaching me a […]

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Providing for Creativity in Students

Tweet Every year at this time, our fourth grade team starts to prepare our students for their “Fourth Grade Celebration.”  It is not a graduation, but rather a time when the students and teachers create a performance that celebrates their time at the Cashman Elementary School as they prepare for middle school. Our theme this […]

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