Are you ready to engage your students in Creative Journaling?  They will  record their experiences during this time in history, and do it through the arts!

 Get the resources needed to assign this project for at-home learning, right away for only $11.

Journaling isn’t just about long, wordy passages.  It is about engaging in visual art, music, stories and movement too!

Grab the At Home Creative Journal pack of resources for only $11!

What’s Included?

This is a whole folder of resources!

  • Students keep a journal during this difficult time
  • Creativity plays a part in each entry
  • Easy for families to implement
  • Students’ emotional needs are met
  • Use “as is” for upper elementary and older
  • Younger students and those with special needs can do this with simple guidance from family.

Resources included:

  • Instructions for you (PDF format)
  • Video instructions for you
  • At-Home Creative Journal list of ideas for your students
  • Video instructions for your students and families
  • Family letter
  • Printable journal

Who is this Elizabeth girl and why is she making this resource?

As a teacher who has also transitioned to remote teaching, I want to make sure my students are not only learning the academics we were accomplishing while at school, but also are continuing to be creative, especially during this difficult time.

I know that journaling can be a wonderful way to process emotions as well as keep record of some of the activities students are doing and memories they are making.

A Creative Journal allows for all of that!

My students love these types of activities and having a Creative Journal will be something all our students will be able to look back at in years to come and remember the struggles and silver linings.

Grab the At Home Creative Journal pack of resources for only $11

Your students will be creating meaningful, artistic memories in their Creative Journal as they learn at home!  (And their parents will LOVE it!)