6 Simple Strategies

to connect with your students

without feeling like a therapist!

You’re a teacher and you have content you need to teach.

And yet sometimes, you feel like all you do is put out emotional fires! 🔥🔥  Thing is, you’re NOT a THERAPIST… you’re a teacher!

Well, what if you could make some simple tweaks to what you do so that you can genuinely connect with your students in ways that make sense for the classroom?

Connect with your students!

You can!  Learn how by downloading the free activity guide:

Quick Connections

✔️ Strengthen the connection between your students and you!

✔️ Learn 6 simple strategies that are quick and creative.

✔️ Experience the smiles and positivity in the classroom that comes with building relationships.

✔️ No fancy print outs or difficult directions, just start using these ideas immediately!

Just fill in your info, and we’ll send you this resource right away!

What’s Inside the Guide?

what's included


✔️ 6 simple strategies to connect with your students in ways that are appropriate for the classroom

✔️ Easy to follow instructions on how to use them and why it’s important (Advocate for this important work!)

✔️ Bonus: Have more than 5 minutes to connect? We’ve got 11 more strategies to try!

Why this works . . .

When your students enter your classroom, they are yearning for connection.  My students are too!  No matter what age or subject we teach, our students want and need to feel connected.  This is what helps them to learn!

That doesn’t mean you have to be a therapist in the classroom.  Instead, when you add in these simple strategies to make connections and build relationships, your teaching gets easier and more enjoyable!   

It’s all about transitioning your students into the classroom and keeping them there, engaged and ready to learn!

I created this guide for YOU, the caring, creative teacher who wants to connect with your students in ways that are appropriate for your teaching.

As an arts integration specialist and current teacher, I am passionate about empowering other teachers to ease any feelings of burnout and feel confident that they are making a difference in students’ lives every day.

That’s what I want for you!

A page right out of the SEAL Teacher Training course, this guide will help you take the next steps towards positive connections!


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