Your students are struggling.  You’re overwhelmed.

The arts can help!

The 3 Secrets to Integrating the Arts with SEL


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    Unlock the Power of the Arts and Develop your Students’ Social-Emotional Skills

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    Your Students are Struggling

    … and the ARTs can help!

    Your students are struggling with their social-emotional well being and the Pandemic continues to weigh on your teaching.

    The arts are the best way to teach our students about social-emotional development.  

     With the arts, students experience things in SEL!

    They experience:

    • Kindness as they create something and give it to someone else.
    • Empathy as they see another’s perspective through drama.
    • Emotion as they listen to music and reflect on the melody.
    • Collaboration as they move with others in their classroom.
    • (And this is just the beginning!)

    These are not things you can simply read about or passively watch on a screen to understand.  These are real experiences that the arts provide.

    And I would LOVE to tell you more about how you can start to bring these types of experiences into your classroom inside my free online workshop!

    In just one hour, you’ll learn:


    ✔️ The “Beach Boys” technique you must use before you go into the school building each day—it will set you up for a day of positivity and peace.

    ✔️ The 4 embedded SEAL strategies that you can easily make a part of your busy teacher day.

    ✔️ The #1 mistake some teachers make when they first start integrating the arts with SEL—and how pretending you’re a glue stick can help you avoid it.

    ✔️ Ideas for jumpstarting arts integration in your classroom right away—you won’t want to wait to implement these.

    ✔️ And finally, the one question you must ask yourself if you find yourself thinking, “I’m not a very good artist though, I don’t think I can do this…”—it will totally change your mind.

      This FREE Workshop is a

      Must Attend if…

      You have been concerned that your students are anxious and disconnected.

      You want to teach while maintaining your own mindfulness and sanity.

      You long for your students to build self-awareness, manage their behavior and build relationships.

      You want a classroom that genuinely cultivates a community of supportive and encouraging learners.


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        Who am I?

        My name’s Elizabeth Peterson and I love working with caring and creative teachers who want to make a difference in their students’ lives  through the arts.

        As a teacher myself (heading into my 23rd year!) I was able to make these simple changes in my own teaching and everything changed.  My students are engaged and smiling (and I am happier too!) 


        It’s time for YOU to take the reigns!

        The positive changes you will make after attending this workshop will give you a refreshed feeling about the work you are doing with your students!

        You will be empowered with these simple tweaks and creative ideas that will help engage your students and reinvigorate your teaching . . . with Social-Emotional ARTISTIC Learning practices!

        If you love the arts and creative teaching, then these SEAL strategies will be just what your students (and you) need.

        I can’t wait to share these 3 secrets with you!

        See you in the workshop,



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