Create Calm, Dissolve Distractions & Promote Positivity in Your Classroom!

Unlock the secrets to using the arts to help your students succeed socially and emotionally.

A FREE Workshop for caring, creative teachers who are tired of feeling defeated . . . and are ready to make a change!

    You know that feeling when you can’t get through to a student and it seems like nothing you do works?  

    Or when you have a class that just won’t calm down and focus?

    How about the kids that get overlooked because you are constantly taking care of the day’s issues?

    Sometimes you’re just so frustrated, you want to crumble in a ball and just give up.

    Been there?

    It wears on you . . . but it doesn’t have to!

    Teaching should be empowering and joyful . . . 

    There is hope!

    You spin too many plates.

    In just one hour, you’ll:


    ✔️ Unlock the secret to starting each day with positivity and peace with the proven “Beach Boys” technique.

    ✔️ Simplify SEL integration into your busy day with these 4 easy-to-implement SEAL strategies.

    ✔️ Discover the #1 mistake teachers make when integrating the arts with SEL and learn how to overcome it with this one simple “glue stick” trick.

    ✔️ Get inspired and jumpstart arts integration in your classroom with these practical and easy-to-implement ideas.

    ✔️ Overcome self-doubt and unleash your inner artist with the one question you must ask yourself before giving up on arts integration.


      Discover how the arts can help your students become more confident and successful in the classroom.

      That’s right!  When YOU’RE equipped to help your students with these struggles (in creative ways that integrate into what you already do) then you can really start to feel excited and optimistic in your classroom!

      More smiles, more laughs, more focus and more calm.

      And THAT will help YOU too!

        Watch your students’ social-emotional growth skyrocket with the help of the arts.

        Students experience:

        • Kindness as they create something and give it to someone else.
        • Empathy as they see another’s perspective through drama.
        • Emotion as they listen to music and reflect on the melody.
        • Collaboration as they move with others in their classroom.

        (And this is just the beginning!)

        I would LOVE to tell you more about how you can start to bring these types of artistic experiences into your classroom inside my free online workshop! 

        The 3 Secrets to Integrating the Arts with

        Social-Emotional Learning 

          This FREE Workshop is a

          Must Attend IF

          You have been concerned that your students are anxious and disconnected.

          You long for your students to build self-awareness, manage their behavior and build relationships.

          You want a classroom that genuinely cultivates a community of supportive and encouraging learners.

          You know that good social-emotional skills lead to academic learning.

          You want to teach while maintaining your own mindfulness and sanity.

          (👆That last one is pretty darn important! )

          You want to leave feeling empowered and hopeful!


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            Who am I?

            My name’s Elizabeth Peterson and I love working with caring and creative teachers who want to make a difference in their students’ lives  through the arts.

            As a teacher myself (I’ve been teaching since 1999!) I was able to make these simple changes in my own teaching and everything changed.  My students are engaged and smiling (and I am happier too!)


            It’s time for YOU to take the reigns!

            The positive changes you will make after attending this workshop will give you a refreshed feeling about the work you are doing with your students!

            You will be empowered with these simple tweaks and creative ideas that will help engage your students and reinvigorate your teaching . . . with Social-Emotional ARTISTIC Learning practices!

            If you love the arts and creative teaching, then these SEAL strategies will be just what your students (and you) need.

            I can’t wait to share these 3 secrets with you!

            See you in the workshop,



            Elizabeth Peterson


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