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How Motivational Posters Help Students

Last week, we looked at how positive self-talk can help a student's motivation, attitude and growth mindset.  Today, please welcome a guest blogger to offer ideas of how to utilize motivation posters in your classroom!  ~EMP You might know that 65% of the population...

Positive Self-Talk

What is Positive Self-Talk? The voice inside our own heads is very powerful and something that we can't escape.  What that voice says to us can really affect our mood, our motivation and our growth.  If that voice is always saying things such as, "I bet you couldn't...

My One Word for 2019

Have you completed your ONE WORD activity yet?  I made it just for you.  Think teacher-self care...so important! If, you didn't do it yet, click this image to get the free pdf.  So worth it.   I'm ready to discover my...

One Word for the New Year

Have you seen those “one word” bracelets coming through your FB feed?  I must have said or looked something up at some point to have them come through all the time on mine!  They are actually a pretty cool concept: choose a word that speaks to you, fits your...

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