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Assisting Kids With Common Reading Issues

Having problems with reading is something that many children go through, but the first thing to understand is that there is not one typical reason why, because it could be for a multitude of reasons. I've seen it many times in my career as a librarian for children at...

Honoring ALL Families

Ah November - Leaves are changing, days are cooler and you can just smell the apple pie baking and the turkey roasting. AND Family. When I think of November, I think of family. It's the true beginning of the holiday season and no matter what comes with it, presents,...

DIY Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards!  Maybe you love 'em... Maybe you hate 'em...  But if you are a teacher or you work in a school, you probably have had to make a few. Now, there are many ways you can go about creating and designing these wall attractions and so many ideas out there on...

One Way to Prevent Teacher Burnout

Everywhere I turn, I see the signs of teacher burnout. In person and online... We are overwhelmed (with student issues, new initiatives and changing standards), overworked (with countless papers to correct, forms to complete and duties to cover that do nothing to help...

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SEAL Teacher Training

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Learn how you can empower yourself to reach and teach your students as you integrate the Arts with SEL in this amazing, online course!  There are options for graduate credit too.