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The Decision to Integrate

(This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Story!) I did it! I finally got a job at my dream STEAM school and everything was going great until the principal approached me to schedule my formal observation. She wants to see a math lesson. YIKES! I cannot blow this. We just started...

A Community of Inspiring Teachers

Have you ever found yourself working towards arts integration, but feeling lost or alone in your journey? Or maybe you have a small fear or doubt that is blocking your ability to integrate a new art form and inspire your students. No teacher...

Why Teacher Professional Development Is Essential

Today’s world can be a challenge for every educator. Technology, best teaching practices and students' needs are always evolving. One way to help educators stay on top of these changes is professional development. This type of continuing...

Feeling Drained? How Teachers Can Motivate Themselves to Keep Going

We've probably all experienced that feeling of burnout at one point or another in our teaching career.  Regardless of how long you've been in the profession, the feeling of frustration and overwhelm can take its toll on you.  Hopefully, you will find these tips from...

Learn more about SEAL, Social-Emotional Artistic Learning!

SEAL Self-Paced Course

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Learn about how the Arts can be integrated with SEL in this self-paced, online course!  There will be options for graduate credit too.