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How to Make and Use an Emotional Wheel

  Let's Make an Emotion Wheel!   The Emotion Wheel can be a very powerful tool for students to identify and discuss their emotions.  My name is Elizabeth Peterson, and I'm the creator of SEAL: Social-Emotional Artistic Learning where we take the best of what arts...

How to Make 3 Origami Hearts

Let's Make Origami Hearts!   Hearts can mean so many different things; love, friendship, kindness.  When you can make your own origami heart for someone, it's even more special. That's why I'm so happy to be bringing my friend Barbara Pearl back to show us three...

The Power of the Pause

Check out this 'Powerful' tool! Are you a remote teacher, or having to assign some sort of virtual work this school year? Then I have just the thing!  It's called The Power of the Pause.  This amazing self-care, management, and self-awareness tool will serve you in...

Teachers: Find Your Ultimate Why

Why did you get into teaching? Was it because you just love kids? Or maybe you're super passionate about a certain topic or subject that you teach. So many teachers go into this profession with optimism and so much hope. And then, when they get into the job and they...

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