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10 Tips for Cultivating Students’ Love of Reading

When we read good books, they stay with us for our entire lives. The problem for teachers is often giving their students the impetus to turn the first page! With the growth of social media and internet platforms in general, this can seem harder than ever. But this...

3 Ways to Create a Safe Community for Learning

Let me READ this article to you! Just click play! Taking the time to build a sense of community in your classroom is paramount to your students' success.  Why?  <<<Spoiler Alert>>> It helps with everything!  All year! When students feel like they are...

BTS Story – Advocate for Arts Integration with Ice Cream!

Ah...  back to school time!  Well, at many schools that means parent info nights and ice cream socials. What a great time to talk curriculum and advocate for a year of arts integration and creativity!  Here's Julie's story of how SHE can advocate for arts integration...

Success with SEAL

As with any method you adopt or course you take, you want to make sure it is worth your time, energy and effort.  I get it!  I'm a practical girl and if what I'm doing isn't really helping me personally or professionally, then I don't really want to spend the time on...

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SEAL Teacher Training

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