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The (not so) Secret to SEL

One of the most common questions I get from other teachers is, “What’s the most important part of SEAL?” At first, I had to really think.  Is it the artistic experiences?  Or the explicit teaching?  Or being proactive? But real the answer is so simple, it almost seems...

How Arts Can Help Improve Mental Health

Taking a painting class or visiting a museum can improve your health and transform your life. Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, millions of people are turning to art to get opportunities for expression or find a creative outlet.  Attraction to art can also...

Who Is Your Starfish?

Who is your starfish?  I’ve been asked a few times about the starfish that appear behind me in videos and maybe you’ve noticed them too! There's meaning there and I can't wait to tell you more.The significance to these starfish actually have something to do with SEAL:...

Arts Integration Frame of Mind

I remember one year, I had a couple of students who really wanted to put on a play in response to a story we had read.  They asked if they could work during recess and during any free time they had.  My gut reaction was, “No way!  That’s too much work, it’s going to...

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SEAL Teacher Training

SEAL Teacher TrainingInterested in SEAL Teacher Training?

Learn how you can empower yourself to reach and teach your students as you integrate the Arts with SEL in this amazing, online course!  There are options for graduate credit too.