The Importance of Collegiality

Tweet This past Wednesday, I went out with 8 other women, all but one are teachers , to an Italian restaurant to enjoy some great food and discuss the book we are reading together in our online book group .  It was an amazing time!  We dined, wined, smiled, laughed and dined some more… and […]

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Don't Let Your Cheese Get Moldy

Tweet In his parable, Who Moved My Cheese? (G.P.Putnam’s Sons, 1998), Spencer Johnson exposes many human behaviors as four characters (two mice and two Littlepeople) live in a maze searching daily for their cheese.  Cheese is used as a metaphor for things we work for, need, and desire in life.   It makes us happy. The […]

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Cheese, Fear and Laughing at Yourself

Tweet Fear The Unknown. Taking that first step. Fear Can be debilitating. There are fears in life and fears  in education.  A fear of trying something new, changing with the times,  giving it your all (even if it’s different) and giving something time to work.  Chances are, if your reading this you may not be […]

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One Word

Tweet In Elizabeth Gilbert’s New York Times Bestseller, Eat, Pray Love, she and a friend discuss the fact that every city -and every person- has a word. Rome’s is “sex”, the Vatican’s is “power,” New York’s is “achieve” and L.A.’s is “succeed”. When the friend turns to Elizabeth and asks “what is your word” she […]

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Summer Endeavors

Tweet When I say summer, you say _____________________! break, rest, work, play, classes, beach, reading, vacation, travel, workshops, professional development, sleeping in, going out, family, finally, These are some of the responses I’ve received from teachers.  So, I say… all of the above! So many educators do quality work (and play) during the summer and […]

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The Best of Both Worlds: Part Three

Tweet A few days after FCAT, my principal sent around an email advertising the 2010 Lee County Student Film Festival.  I asked my class if they would be interested in making a movie.  They were astoundingly enthusiastic about it.  They decided they wanted to make an animation, a stop motion animation like we made together […]

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The Best of Both Worlds: Part Two

Tweet Glasser-Sterling has a much wider scope then I have described it, so when I say I used as much as I could…it amounted to not much, considering the scope of it as a whole.  So, I changed my classroom rules.  Instead of follow directions, stay on task, and show respect, they became: be prompt, […]

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The Best of Both Worlds: Part One

Tweet Sorry, nothing about Miley Cyrus in this blog post. I am not reviewing the Star Trek episode of the same name, but the uncoincidental use of that as my post title, may not be lost on Star Trek fans that choose to read my words. In reflecting back on this school year, I find […]

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Recycling Workbooks

Tweet This is my last week of school… in fact, tomorrow is my last day!  So these last two days have been all about cleaning: cleaning out cubbies, desks and shelves, cleaning up materials, putting things away, boxing up books, Cloroxing surfaces and, for me, the most painful – recycling workbooks! Let’s talk recycling workbooks […]

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