About Kristina Peterson

Kristina Peterson is a certified English teacher and has been teaching at Exeter High School since 2008. She has a B.A. in Literature from the University of Southern Maine and an M.A.T. from George Fox University. She keeps in touch with the ever-changing educational practices through extensive continuing education at UNH. She recently presented at the 2012 National Convention for Teachers of English in Las Vegas about the importance of choice in reading and writing. She co-advises the poetry section of Inkwell (EHS literary magazine), the EHS Writer's Club, Page Turners (a book club), and the annual Poetry Out Loud contest. She blogs for The Inspired Classroom about the importance of maintaining creativity in the classroom and is leading a session at the third annual Teacher Arts Retreat this summer.
Kristina Peterson has written 9 articles so far, you can find them below.

How I Got Stephen King to Hang Out at My School

Tweet How’s that for a Did List item?  Check out this amazing story!  ~EMP I never thought I’d ever write that line. The prolific Stephen King, a man so ingrained in our cultural consciousness, popped into my high school yesterday for a visit. No fan fare. No press. Just Steve, rolling up in his Ford, […]

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Giving Kids Choice in HS Reading Class

Tweet Today, as part of Literacy Month, we have one of our favorite guest posters, Kristina Peterson to share the evolution of what she is doing in her HS English classes in terms of reading.  ~EMP When I first became a teacher I distinctly remember being taught that what my kids read doesn’t really matter […]

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Engaging Readers with Reading – the What, the Why and the How

Tweet Earlier this week, we brought you Kristina’s piece on Writing. Today she reflects on reading and the importance of establishing a love of reading in our students. She concludes with a perspective on assessment. ~EMP The Story: The success I had last year with the reading intervention program Language! was not simply a result […]

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Writing: When Experience Molds Your Teaching – the What, the Why and the How

Tweet This week, Kristina Peterson is back with a two part series about reading and writing and how two experiences have influenced hers as a teacher.  You will enjoy these reflective pieces and I encourage you to add your own thoughts too.  First – Writing… ~EMP The Story: Eleven years ago I created a portfolio […]

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Teaching is an Art

Tweet Kristina Peterson offers us this beautiful piece on teaching.  Enjoy.  ~EMP …then a different question presented itself: “Am I a good teacher?” And he had to answer, “No, I’m not – not always. For teaching is an art: Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t” (Strafford, The Muses Among Us 2003, 70). Once upon […]

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The Creative Process and Revision

Tweet Kristina Peterson is back to share her insights about writing, specifically revision – an important part of the writing process, a creative process.  To read more from Kristina, visit her author page, by clicking her name.  ~EMP I had the distinct pleasure of taking a writing class this past summer with Tom Romano during […]

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One Word

Tweet In Elizabeth Gilbert’s New York Times Bestseller, Eat, Pray Love, she and a friend discuss the fact that every city -and every person- has a word. Rome’s is “sex”, the Vatican’s is “power,” New York’s is “achieve” and L.A.’s is “succeed”. When the friend turns to Elizabeth and asks “what is your word” she […]

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Tweet In a recent yoga class the instructor stressed the importance of detachment in the practice of yoga. She explained that because yoga depends so much upon the effort we are prepared to put into our practice, we need to find ways to constantly detach in order to move more freely into a pose and […]

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Guest Blogger Kristina Peterson

Tweet Kristina A. Peterson is a high school English teacher at Exeter High School in Exeter, New Hampshire. Like many teachers, I was inspired by my own high school English teacher to seek a career in education.  After graduating from York High School in 2001, I pursued a degree in English Literature, with a minor […]

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