This doesn’t have to be you!

Arts Integration does not have to be overwhelming!  You do not need to plan and implement a huge project every time you want to incorporated arts integration into you lessons.  Instead, you can use short, creative activities that will allow your students to work with and reflect on the material they are learning.  This way they’ll deepen their understanding, engage many parts of their brain and you will be stress free!

I call these activities “In Your Back Pocket” because they are just that! You can pull them out of your back pocket at any time and use them on the fly.   All the work is done for you.  I’ve provided the objectives for each of these activities and the assessments you need to evaluate students’ use and understanding of the art objective along with whatever content knowledge you are integrating.  All you have to do is pull this out and use it!

Now you can try out my tried and true “in your back pocket” best arts integration strategies!
I have relied on these 4 strategies time and again for a variety of subjects.
Each is complete with ideas for Math, SS, Science, ELA and SEAL and includes objectives and assessments at your fingertips!

Learn 4 Tried and True Arts Integration Strategies you can use Tomorrow! Includes: ideas in music, visual art, dance and drama ideas for science, social studies, ELA, math and SEAL; objectives and assessments for the art and content area; a rubric to use for each strategies

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