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First, Let’s Talk Social-Emotional Artistic Learning!

SEAL is the only method that empowers caring teachers to calm classroom behavior issues and ease teacher burnout by embedding creative social-emotional strategies into their current content without requiring them to implement an entire program that takes up precious class time.

teach SEAL

What SEAL Course is the ONE for YOU?

10 PD Hours, Online Course

$127  $97

Get a meaningful beginning understanding of SEAL and how to implement SEAL into your classroom right away without piling more on top of your plate.

You'll Walk Away . . .

  • Equipped with the essentials to start teaching with SEAL
  • Proactively teaching social-emotional skills through the arts.
There's more! Read on . . .

You'll also walk away: 

  • Embedding creative experiences throughout your day. . . not just piling things on top!
  • Creating opportunities for students to be ready for academic learning.
  • Helping students make meaningful connections to their peers and to you.
  • Making your day more peaceful and enjoyable! #bonus

What You Get:

  • 12 months' access to all the video lessons, activities and SEAL strategies so that you can establish SEAL in your classroom
  • SEAL Foundations course workbook
  • Simple SEAL Integrations Resource
  • 10 PD hours

Plus these bonuses:

  • Access to the online SEAL Teacher Community
    Monthly Q&A Sessions

45 PD Hours, Online Course

$497  $447

Go on the full journey to become a SEAL Teacher as you implement SEAL completely into your classroom. Dig deeper into each Wave of SEAL and get hands-on training in each integration so that you can get the most benefit to yourself and your students.

You'll walk away accomplishing everything from SEAL Foundations plus you'll be:

  • Equipped with SEAL strategies that will become part of your routine.
  • Integrating artistic experiences that work for your schedule, style and students.
There's more! Read on . . .

You'll also be:

  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable in many SEAL integrations.
  • Ready to take on even the toughest days!

What You Get:

  • 12 months' access to all the video lessons, activities and SEAL strategies that will take you on the full journey to becoming a SEAL Teacher
  • SEAL Teacher Certification course workbook
  • Simple SEAL Integrations Resource
  • 45 PD hours or upgrade to 3 graduate credits
  • Get Certified as a SEAL Teacher

Plus these bonuses:

  • Access to the online SEAL Teacher Community
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions
  • Friendly Friday Handbook
  • Quarterly Guest Expert Workshops in the ARTS and SEL
  • Free admission to the yearly Find Your One Word Workshop and Back to School with SEAL Masterclass
  • 11 Video Series: Teach SEAL Remotely
  • Plus ALL the added updates and resources!

How to Get Started Teaching with SEAL

1. Enroll in the SEAL Course that Fits Your Needs

music art

2. Learn Integrated Strategies

teach your students

3. Make a Difference Every Day!

Here are Some Articles Just for Art Teachers…

Healing Through Art

Is art the key to better mental health? Expressing yourself through art has proven again and again to have a positive impact on one's physical and mental health.     What is art therapy? To put it simply, art therapy is: “the application of visual arts in a...

How to Make and Use an Emotional Wheel

  Let's Make an Emotion Wheel!   The Emotion Wheel can be a very powerful tool for students to identify and discuss their emotions.  Inside SEAL: Social-Emotional Artistic Learning, we take the best of what arts integration is and couple it with the need to...

How to Make 3 Origami Hearts

Let's Make Origami Hearts!   Hearts can mean so many different things; love, friendship, kindness.  When you can make your own origami heart for someone, it's even more special. That's why I'm so happy to be bringing my friend Barbara Pearl back to show us three...

Teachers: Find Your Ultimate Why

Why did you get into teaching? Was it because you just love kids? Or maybe you're super passionate about a certain topic or subject that you teach. So many teachers go into this profession with optimism and so much hope. And then, when they get into the job and they...

One Teacher Self-Care Strategy that Works

Drained? Overwhelmed?​ You know teacher self-care is important and here’s a strategy that works! These self care activities for a tough day will help you when you are in a moment of stress and anxiety.  Pull yourself out of that distress with these quick self-care...

Easy Holiday Origami (How To)

Let's Make some Easy Holiday Origami! These easy holiday origami activities will work perfectly for your classroom. Create a candy cane and tree paper crafts using these simple instructions. This is great for elementary aged students and up. A wonderful DIY activity...

How to Make an Origami Pumpkin

Let's Make an Origami Pumpkin! Fall is here and it’s a great time to make an origami pumpkin! Use this fall activity in your classroom or for your remote teaching.  You can send students the link or do it with them!  Either way, it will be fun to learn how to make...

Back to School 2020 – Let’s Get Real

This school year is like no other. Teachers everywhere are on an emotional rollercoaster as they deal with daily changes and challenges.  Here’s some great advice on how to handle this and keep your sanity by focusing on what’s important.      ...

Origami and Math

Origami and Math Math and origami have a lot in common!  There are just so many math vocabulary terms you can explore and teach while you fold.  In this video, you will learn how to integrate many math concepts as you discover mindFOLDness create an origami box. Have...

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Soundtracking the Art Room

Freebies mentioned inside the AOE podcasts…

Teacher Self-Care List

Soundtracking Your Classroom

This quick reference freebie shows you the 6 Steps to Soundtracking your Classroom, gives tips for picking and playing music and has a link to my favorite playlist for Soundtracking work time for your students.

Learn How to Integrate the ARTs with SEL!

Free Online Workshop

The 3 Secrets to Integrating the ARTs with Social-Emotional Learning Online

Free SEAL Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn:
✔️ The most practical and effective ways to integrate the arts into your students’ social-emotional learning.

✔️ Proven strategies of how to start implementing these ideas even when you are teaching online!

✔️ The key to ANY successful social-emotional learning.

✔️ The important role YOU play in your students’ social-emotional development through the arts.

✔️ Plus – Get a certificate for 1 PD hour!

Here are Some Free Lesson Plans that Integrate Visual Art with SEL!

Breath in Watercolor

Integrating Self-Awareness and Visual Art

Draw Together

Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision Making and Visual Art

Emo Selfies

Integrating Self-Awareness, Theater and Photography

Create and Share

Integrating Social-Awareness, Relationship Skills and Visual Art

This resource will help you advocate for the ARTS!!

5 ways arts & sel

Confidently Integrate the ARTs & SEL!

Transform the culture and learning in your classroom through creative social-emotional strategies!

  • Create opportunities for students to experience and reflect on their learning so that they can effectively build their social-emotional skills.
  • Confidently integrate artistic strategies that build students’ emotional well-being and their ability to manage their behavior!
  • Discover ways to build quality relationships with your students so that they come to your classroom ready to learn.
  • Help your students develop decision making skills through the artistic experiences you provide.
  • Share the benefits of integrating the arts & SEL with other teachers and your administration so that community can be built throughout your school!

Finally, More Articles and Resources to Explore!

Teacher Art Retreat – Plan Ahead, Save Big, Earn Credit

Plan ahead for the Teacher Art Retreat: Save Big and Earn Credit! Teacher Art Retreat eNews 2013, Issue 2 It's time to plan ahead for the Summer Teacher Art Retreat We have great announcements, so read on! This summer's Teacher Art Retreat is promising to be a great...

Arts Integration Cannot Replace Arts Ed

Earlier this week, Katherine Damkohler wrote a post for the ARTSblog website called Arts Integration Isn’t Enough. (This blog is no longer available, so I can't share the link.) It reminded me of a piece I wrote a few weeks back on ArtsEd VS ArtsInt.  In it, I felt...

5 Tools to Help You Integrate the ARTs with SEL

Social Emotional Learning or SEL is something that we ALL need to embrace if we are going to make a difference in our students’ learning.  It's one of those things that every teacher is learning how to incorporate into their everyday teaching.  In this article, I’m...