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What is SEAL?

SEAL stands for Social-Emotional Artistic Learning

SEAL is a proactive approach to explicitly teach social-emotional skills through the ARTS.

It is the latest branch of arts integration as it couples the naturally differentiating, highly engaging and emotionally charged power of the arts with the high need of developing social-emotional competencies.

We know that Arts Integration is an amazing way to engage our students in authentic learning experiences.  Now, you can learn how to integrate them with Social-Emotional Learning through SEAL!

Welcome to The Inspired Classroom!

My name’s Elizabeth and welcome to The Inspired Classroom!  Our focus here is on YOU, the teachers and parents who are with children everyday.  So – thank you for being here!  That means you know how important it is to teach the whole child.  That includes arts integration, STEAM and SEAL: three things we love to discuss.  Can’t wait for you to see what we have here!


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Free SEAL Starter Kit

Get started right away with SEAL with this Starter Kit. Included are how all the social-emotional learning competencies are naturally connected to the arts, 4 SEAL activities, 2 of our most popular SEAL lessons and our best SEAL tool: the emotion wheel. 
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