The expectations put upon teachers continues to grow and grow. Not to mention the pressure to stick to the curriculum no matter what. But, we all know that you are the expert and you know yourself and your students best. Check out this trilogy of podcasts giving yourself permission to pause, permission to create, and permission to dust off an old lesson. Trust your instinct to protect your teacher self-care and recognize the needs of your students!

Here’s a Sneak Peek:

    • Practice creative teacher self-care by giving yourself the permission to pause to prevent teacher burnout.
    • Use SEAL activities to adjust your teaching based on the needs of yourself and your students.
    • Provide opportunities for students to create to solidify the content you are teaching.
    • You are the expert. You know what works for students. Give yourself permission to pull in resources and lessons that you KNOW work.
    • Take ownership of your own teacher self-care in your classroom.


Permission to Pause

Let’s start talking about Creative Teacher Self-Care and things that you can do inside your own classroom to prevent burn out. Part One of this Permission Trilogy starts with the Permission to Pause!  Listen in and let me know if you will make yourself a pause plan.


Permission to Create

What a great way to prevent and even defeat burn out – by giving your students the opportunity to create something meaningful.  Part Two of the Permission Trilogy continues with Permission to Create.  What is a lesson you could do this with?


Permission to Dust Off an Old Lesson

Do you have a lesson you haven’t done for a while, but you really love?  Listen in to Part Three of the Permission Trilogy where I talk about how you can (and SHOULD) bring an old lesson back to life.


Resources Mentioned:

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