Social-Emotional Learning is a topic that continues to grow and evolve in and around schools.  Binge this trilogy of SEL videos as I discuss the status of teaching SEL in our schools and what is and is NOT social-emotional learning. 


Video #1: Let’s Ban SEL | No more Social-Emotional Learning!


There’s been a lot of talk lately about how some school districts and even some entire states are trying to ban social-emotional learning from the public school curriculum. But do people who are pushing this really understand what they are proposing?

Let’s take a look at some key points to consider when it comes to whether or not social emotional learning skills should actually be taught in our schools.

Video #2: What Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is NOT


Things have been getting a little off track when it comes to Social-Emotional Learning and people are trying to make SEL something it’s NOT. So let’s tackle these things head on. I’m going to address the 5 things people think SEL is, but shouldn’t and discuss each one.

Video #3: What is Social-Emotional Learning? (SEL)


With so much controversy about banning social emotional learning in schools, it’s time to set the record straight. So, let’s talk about what SEL actually is and how it plays out in the classroom.

So, what are your thoughts on SEL?  Add to the comments below and let’s discuss this ever important topic!

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